2020’s Top 15 Final Cut Pro Intro Templates To Download Today

Final Cut Pro 24/02/2020 4 min read

If you’re looking for a range of intros for your video project, then you may want to consider some Final Cut Pro video intro templates. Not only can these templates save you a ton of time creating complicated compositions from scratch, but some templates can even exceed your editing capabilities. Let’s look at our top 15 FCPX video intro templates.

Part 1: Top Final Cut Pro X Intro Templates

1. Stylish Intro

The Stylish Intro is a fun and dynamically animated typography template. Exciting bouncy text elements, with fast funky transitions, make this intro perfect for promotional films, vlogs, and music videos.

Download Stylish Intro Now

2. Strips Opener

The Strips Opener is a graphic style intro video, with both horizontal and vertical line effects and transitions. The quick animations and graph paper look make the intro feel technical and structured, perfect for explainer videos, showreels, and company portfolios.

Download Strips Opener Now

3. Dynamic Sports

The Dynamic Sports intro is an energetic and clean looking promo template. The impressive color effects, graphic flourishes, and split-screen transitions are sure to impress your viewers and clients.

Download Dynamic Sports Now

4. Cinematic Opener

Cinematic Opener is the perfect template for showreels, promotional videos, and slideshows. The beautiful light-ray style wipe transitions move seamlessly from one shot to the next, while the modern, clean looking text elements give plenty of space for messaging.

Download Cinematic Opener Now

5. Sport Promo

Sport Promo is a modern, dynamic template, with smooth 3D text animations and a stylish design. The simple color palette makes the opener easy to brand, while the graphic flourishes add a contemporary feel. Perfect for fitness businesses and exercise promoters alike.

Download Sport Promo Now

6. Fashion Opener

As the name suggests, the Fashion Opener is the perfect intro video for fashion based videos, but it would also suit any video with fast, snappy messaging. The dynamic transitions are continually moving between shots and the dramatic text animations, making this opener a powerful visual piece.

Download Fashion Opener Now

7. Hip Hop Urban Opener

Hip Hip Urban Opener is a funky upbeat template, perfect for trailers, teasers, showreels, and title sequences. The fast flamboyant transitions give this piece a cool artistic feel, while the dynamic text animations and elements are just what you need for your next upbeat project.

Download Hip Hop Urban Opener Now

8. Hip Hop

The Hip Hop intro is a fast-paced, modern feeling template. The snappy transition animations and funky graphical flourishes make intro perfect for showreels, music videos, and Youtube Channel intros.

Download Hip Hop Now

9. Clean Intro Titles

Clean Intro Titles is an artistically designed, elegantly animated intro sequence. The contemporary text animation and stylized transitions make this intro a stunning promotional tool. Use for presentations, marketing campaigns, and promotion content.

Download Clean Intro Titles Now

10. Happy Slideshow

Happy Slideshow is a beautiful and emotive template design, perfect for travel videos, wedding highlights, and photography showreels. The modern smooth transitions and simple text elements create an elegant feel, and the colorful light leaks add a touch of class.

Download Happy Slideshow Now

11. Stomp Intro

Containing 15 text and media placeholders, you might think Stomp Intro is a longer video piece. However, the super snappy transitions and bold text animations make this opener incredibly versatile, perfect across a range of video types where you want a dramatic intro.

Download Stomp Intro Now

12. Moments

Moments is an eye-catching and unique template that would suit many different video types. Smooth sliding transitions move between media, and modern, minimal title animations display short punchy messaging. 

Download Moments Now

13. Upbeat Opener

The Upbeat Opener has a stylish and modern design with a fast-paced transition effect and cool graphic flourishes. This template is perfect for showreels, promos, trailers, and corporate slideshows.

Download Upbeat Opener Now

14. Move On

Move On is a fast and flashy video intro template, perfect for creative storytelling, movie title sequences, and Youtube intros. The smooth wipe transitions are highlighted by the flashing strobe effect, with graphical flourishes adding a contemporary feel.

Download Move On Now

15. Dynamic Stylish Intro

The Dynamic Stylish Intro is an exciting and bold template, perfect for events videos, promos, and product launches. The vast text elements and funky typography make this opener both eye-catching and memorable.

Download Dynamic Stylish Intro Now

Templates for FCPX are created in Apple Motion, but you don’t need to use Motion to take advantage of these intros. If you want to discover more about using Final Cut Pro Templates, check out this handy guide.

Part 2: Getting Started Using Final Cut Pro Intro Templates

When choosing the right intro templates, there are several things to consider. You might have found one that looks awesome, but does it fit with your video or brand? Check out our top tips for using Final Cut Pro Intro Templates.

Find the right template

When we talk about the right template, it needs to fit several parameters. For some editors, there might be a cost aspect; for others, they are looking for a specific number of media placeholders. One thing that all editors should be looking for in a template is that it works with your video project; a good intro will give the viewer an idea of what they are about to see.

Keep it short

A template may look super cool and fit perfectly with your video, but that doesn’t mean you should use all of it. Audiences want to see your content, not a long intro. Keep your intros short, so you don’t lose your viewer’s attention.

Music is important

Music is just as important as your visuals and messaging. If the track you choose does not fit with the pace and style of the opener, it will feel disjointed. You can always retime the template to fit the music track you choose.

Final Cut Pro Intro Templates are a great way of creating exciting openers for your videos project, without taking massive amounts of time and effort. Now you know where you can get some new openers to play with, and some top tips for using them, dive right in and give it a go.

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