Top 20 Final Cut Pro LUTs for Masterful Color Grading

Final Cut Pro 18/03/2021 5 min read

Filmmakers commonly use LUTs to heighten the color grade of their videos. They bring out a variety of colors and tones that are often flattened and buried when videos are processed in-camera. By applying Final Cut Pro LUTs to your timeline videos, you will be able to bring out a more intense color grade and apply a professional visual flair to any video project you’re working on. 

We put together our top 20 Final Cut Pro LUTs that are easy to use for a smooth and fast post-production workflow!

Part 1: 20 Incredibly Useful LUTs for Your Final Cut Pro Projects

1. Hollywood LUTs 

The Hollywood LUTs pack is ideal for photo editors and filmmakers. This download will give your video a strong, bold look that adds the professional look and feel of Hollywood blockbusters.

Download Hollywood LUTs Now

2. Film Looks LUTs 

The Film Looks LUTs pack is perfect for all movie buffs. With 17 different color presets, you can capture a distinct look that is great for music videos, films, and more. 

Download Film Looks LUTs Now

3. Cinematic LUTs 

This 10 pack of cinematic LUTs will bring out the potency of colors in your footage. Easily give your videos a modern and elegant look that will impress your audience.

Download Cinematic LUTs Now

4. Color LUTs

This 4K pack of LUTs were explicitly designed for social media videos like travel vlogs, wedding, or Instagram Stories. With over 120 color corrections and filters, we have you covered for all your color grading needs!

Download Color LUTs Now

5. Pro Film LUTs

The Pro Film LUTs pack for Final Cut Pro is designed with modern cameras in mind. Download this template to upgrade your videos that may appear flat or colorless and become more natural and vibrant.

Download Pro Film LUTs Now

6. Adventure LUTs

Adventure LUTs are great for showcasing the great outdoors and offering highlights to exterior locations. You’ll really bring out the color in your travel videos by adding these LUTs that will intensify the saturation and brightness. 

Download Adventure LUTs Now

7. Wedding LUTs

These 10 LUTs will give your video a more elegant look, especially if you don’t want the intensity that other LUTs may offer that would throw the look of your video for a loop. This pack is specifically designed with wedding settings in mind.

Download Wedding LUTs Now

8. Action LUTS 

These modern LUTs are great for action and moving shots. They have been perfectly sculpted for videos containing fast motion content.

Download Action LUTS Now

9. Film Color Grading LUTs

Film Color Grading LUTs will help you achieve the motion picture texture better than many other Final Cut Pro LUTs offered on this list! These especially shine well in trailers and music videos.

Download Film Color Grading LUTs Now

10. Cinematic Color LUTs

Cinematic Color LUTs for Final Cut Pro will aid you in capturing the style of modern filmmaking. However, they are not limited to that! Use these LUTs for photo compilations, action videos, and more.

Download Cinematic Color LUTs Now

11. Universal LUTs 

The Universal LUTs pack is one of the best starter LUT packs for Final Cut Pro because of its flexibility. You can apply these to any sort of video of your choosing and bring out the natural colors.

Download Universal LUTs Now

12. Horror Movie Trailer LUTs

Elevate your dark movie trailer or themed video with this pack designed for scary movies. You will capture the color tones of modern horror movies. 

Download Horror Movie Trailer LUTs Now

13. Blockbuster LUTs

Blockbuster LUTs will give you an authentic big-budget color tone that produces the look of feature films released for the big screen. Simple to use and works at any resolution!

Download Blockbuster LUTs Now

14. Vintage LUTs

These vintage LUTs for Final Cut Pro inspire classic tones and instill an iconic look to your videos. They can assure your project has a timeless, older feel to it in its color scheme. 

Download Vintage LUTs Now

15. Film Color Grading

This film color grading pack offers 23 different LUTs that will set your natural footage apart from all the others. All presets are professionally crafted and will give your viewers a more visually pleasing experience.

Download Film Color Grading Now

16. Orange and Teal LUTs

Orange and teal naturally draw the eye and are frequently used for that exact reason in movies and movie posters. The clashing blend intertwines into a visual spectacle, and these LUTs for Final Cut Pro will help you achieve that look.

Download Orange and Teal LUTs Now

17. Cyberpunk Color Grades

If there’s one kind of aesthetic that is in fashion at the moment, it is of the ‘cyberpunk’ variety. This pack gives you 26 different LUTs you can apply in Final Cut Pro.

Download Cyberpunk Color Grades Now

18. Film Emulation Grades 

Emulating film when shooting on or working with digital video is a great way to improve your project’s visual appearance. These LUTs will help you capture that alternative, classic format by reproducing the tones and color of the film.

Download Film Emulation Grades Now

19. 100 Instagram Filters

This LUTs pack takes a different approach and offers specifically Instagram filters you can apply to any video. By loading these into Final Cut Pro and utilizing them, you can set your video’s style apart from many others. With over 100 to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this pack!

Download 100 Instagram Filters Now

20. Duotone Color Grades

Duotone Color Grades are perfect for projects intended for film and television. You can bring out some powerful looks that are ideal for documentaries, openers, short films, and social media posts.

Download Duotone Color Grades Now

Part 2: Getting Started with LUTs in Final Cut Pro

  1. Apply the LUT to your video before making any adjustments in Color Correction.
    • Don’t forget though, LUTs cannot fix videos that are underexposed or overexposed. 
    • If you need to fix lighting issues within your footage, we recommend adjusting the White Balance, Tint, and Exposure before you apply the LUT. This will also make the LUT you apply look better.
  2. Combining LUTs together can achieve a visually distinct and unique style.
    • Decide if you will be using the LUT to correct the color, or if you want to achieve a creative look.
    • Be sure to consider how you can match LUTs to the mood of your footage.
    • Use LUTs with masks to create a technique of blending warm and cool tones.
  3. Do not forget to export your customized LUTs.
    • If you like the final adjustments you made to your LUTs for a specific theme, export it and save it for any future projects with the same style. To learn more about using and exporting LUTs in Final Cut Pro, read this article.

LUTs are one of the best ways to improve your footage naturally with little effort. By using Final Cut Pro LUTs you can make your footage pop and look cinematic.

All the LUT packs that have been detailed in this article can give you a wide variety of different looks and styles you can use for your project with the Final Cut Pro. Release a sterling and visually striking video that will captivate all viewers!

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