Easily Create Retro VHS Effects in Final Cut Pro (10 Templates)

Final Cut Pro 18/08/2021 4 min read

VHS players may be long out of fashion but the aesthetic they created has only grown stronger in the years since their existence. The fuzzy picture, the grainy static, the slightly off-color tones – these are things that will immediately make your video feel retro. In this tutorial, we will go through creating your own basic VHS effect in Final Cut Pro. But if you have a tight deadline, you can also use one of our top 10 VHS templates for Final Cut Pro. 

Part 1: Learn to Create the VHS Effect in Final Cut Pro

In this tutorial, we’ll be outlining how to create and use a VHS effect Final Cut Pro in the simplest fashion possible. There is a method of implementing this without having to rely on any plug-ins.

  1. Click the File tab and hit New > Project to load your video into the project timeline.
  2. To begin adding a VHS effect, you may want to alter your workspace to have better control of the visuals. Go to Window > Workspaces > Color & Effects.
  3. Customize your workspace by clicking the box in the top right-hand corner and switch the View to Vectorscope or Waveform. You will be able to monitor color adjustments from there.
  4. Adjust the colors by clicking on the magic wand beneath the Video tab. You will click Show Color Inspector
  5. To get a closer appearance to the authentic VHS look, increase the Saturation
  6. You can also alter the RGB levels, to add a natural blur of colors that will emulate that aged tape look. 
  7. From there, go to the Effects tab and click Add Noise. Set the Blend Mode > Soft Light
  8. Now add the Sharpen effect and according to your clip, set the Amount to about 5.0.
  9. Drag the Gaussian Blur effect onto the video and set the Amount to around 2.5.
  10. For additional detail add the Prism effect, like the RGB blur look, and set the Amount to about 4.0.
  11. If you want to add a slight jitter to the video, use the Earthquake effect and set the Amount to a minimum of 1.5.
  12. Last but not least, you can add a VHS overlay, we will be using this Retro VHS pack template. Once you choose the VHS style you like and add it to your timeline, set the Blend Mode to Screen.

Part 2: 10 Vintage and Retro Style VHS Effects for Final Cut Pro

There are a number of VHS effects for Final Cut Pro that will help you emulate camcorder looks of the past simply by downloading and applying to your footage in the editing suite. Below we’re going to outline 10 vintage style VHS effects templates that are incredibly simple to add to your project. 

1. VHS Style Opener

This retro-style design includes impressive transitions that will take your viewers back to the past. With dynamic glitchy text animations, add a cool look to your next event promo or opener to your YouTube channel. 

Download VHS Style Opener Now

2. VHS Effects V2 

This downloadable pack helps you create cool, modern VHS effects that you can apply and render in 4K. The effects here simply cannot be missed for a new-age take on classic VHS.

Download VHS Effects V2 Now

3. VHS Effects

With 10 dynamic VHS effects in this pack and controllable display panels, it is one you will definitely use for many projects. This pack is especially easy to use and is recommended for first-time editors.

Download VHS Effects Now

4. Transition Pack: VHS 

These 9 unique animated transitions for Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion will allow you to create vintage effects. These are perfect for creating openings, closings, and adverts like trailers, teasers, and commercials. 

Download Transition Pack: VHS Now

5. VHS Modern Opener 

Create eye-catching retro intros, promos, teasers, and more in both 1080p and 4K using the VHS Modern Opener. Adding an old-school look and feel with glitchy text, simply cannot be missed.

Download VHS Modern Opener Now

6. Retro VHS Pack 

This VHS template is both 1980s heavy and oriented, as opposed to any other era of VHS goodness. You can easily drag and drop some damaged VHS overlay effects into your timeline and over the footage to produce a rough VHS that look authentic to that era.

Download Retro VHS Pack Now

7. VHS Effects

This particular pack of VHS pack effects will grant you the ability to edit with the classic aesthetic in 4K resolution using 10 brand-new effects. You’ll be able to mesh old styles with new visuals and use them to engage your viewers.

Download VHS Effects Now

8. VHS Stuff 

This pack is especially great for use in music videos, high-speed advertisements, promotional material for events, and much more. It features 8 scenes with fully animated backgrounds and 1 scene with a logo, all at your disposal.

Download VHS Stuff Now

9. Retro Styles and Camera Screens

This pack is perhaps the best at helping you capture the old-school camcorder effect in Final Cut Pro. This choppy videotape look is easily implemented into the timeline and can give your VHS-style edits the cutting edge.

Download Retro Styles and Camera Screens Now

10. VHS Styles 

The VHS Styles pack offers you ten unique effects you can apply to your video with the click of a button. You can easily adjust the severity of the VHS effect to give yourself a dated look that will outdo the average retro-styled video.

Download VHS Styles Now

Let’s face it, that late 20th-century era of entertainment was classic and its aesthetic has lived on for a reason. To recapture the essence of that period with these VHS effects, you’ll be one step closer to revisiting the past. Applying a VHS effect to footage is simply one of the most stylish things a video editor can do and it is not that difficult either! 

Final Cut Pro VHS effects are sure to impress anyone with a taste for retro styles. If you are looking for additional VHS effects for your next video, we have an awesome list prepared for you!

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