How To Check FCPX Version and Product Compatibility (Tutorial)

Final Cut Pro Motion Array 26/02/2020 2 min read

When you download a template from our marketplace, you should see that there is a particular version number that is associated with it.  This indicates the version of FCP used to create the template, and therefore the earliest version you’ll need in order to run the template correctly.   While it’s best to have the versions match exactly, at the very least you want to make sure your version is not from earlier release. So updating to the most current version would still be the better solution.  So how do you check your version, and update it if it’s not matching?

To check your version of FCPX, go up to Final Cut Pro, and click “About Final Cut Pro”.  You should see a series of 3 numbers separated by periods. For example, our version is currently sitting at 10.4.8.  If it’s at all unclear, the previous version before this would have been 10.4.7. And the version after this would be 10.4.9.

If your version number is lower than what your template requires, then this means that you need to update FCPX in order to use the template.  Thankfully this is really simple. A really simple way would be to go to Apple, and then click on the App Store which we can see has an available update. If you don’t see this option, you can simply click on your App Store icon and search for available updates. All you have to do now is click update to bring FCPX to the current version available. Thankfully updating FCPX is free, so there’s very little reason not to do so.  

We hope that you enjoyed this quick tutorial helpful.  And we look forward to seeing all the amazing videos you create with our templates.

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