How to Install Motion Array FCPX Templates (Tutorial)

Final Cut Pro Motion Array February 26, 2020 3 min read

So you’ve downloaded our FCPX template. It should be in a zip file so simply double click to unzip the download, and all the materials you wanted are ready for use. But what do you do with it to make it work inside Final Cut? Let’s walk through the process.

Part 1: How to Work with Templates

Simply drag and drop the template into the appropriate folder on your computer. It’s really simple, but first, keep this Finder window as it is easy to have the template ready to import. So with the Finder window selected, create another window by hitting Command + N. This new window should pop up and place your downloaded template into a specific folder. 


To get to this folder, navigate in the side of the Finder window to Movies.  If you don’t have it for some reason, just try Go > Home > Movies. 

Then look for a folder called “Motion Templates”. When you go inside this folder you should see these 4 folders present:  

  • Effects
  • Generators
  • Titles
  • Transitions

If you don’t have this folder present, that’s okay, but you’re going to want to do the following.


Part 2: How to Create Folders Manually

You’ll need to create this folder manually. Create a new folder by hitting Command + Shift + N. Now, name this folder “Motion Templates.localized”. And make sure it’s found within the Movies folder.  This “.localized” ending is very important for it to be recognized by FCP, but keep in mind that it will be hidden automatically so you won’t actually see it in the future.


Now inside this new folder create 4 additional folders and name them:

  • Effects.localized
  • Generators.localized
  • Titles.localized
  • Transitions.localized

Again, that localized ending is essential but it will be hidden from view in the future.

Part 3: How to Place Templates

Okay, so now this is where you’re going to take your template and place it into the appropriate folder. It might feel slightly challenging to figure out which templates would go in which folder, but there’s a very simple way to determine this.  

Once you navigate past the Help section of your downloaded template, you should see a file with your template name. Right click on this file and select “Get Info.” It will have a file type suffix at the end, for example “.moef”. There are actually 4 different types of suffix endings, which each correspond to the 4 folders you could place them into.  

  • Files with .moef will go into the Effects folder
  • Files with .motn will go into the Generators folder
  • Files with .moti will go into the Titles folder
  • Files with .motr will go into the Transitions folder

So because our template has the suffix “.moef”, we know to place it into the Effects folder.  But before we do, let’s add one quick touch to make our lives even easier. If we create a folder first in our effects called “Motion Array”, and then keep all our Motion Array effects in this folder, they’ll show up in a labelled folder within FCPX!  And now when we drag and drop them in, that’s it! That’s how simple it is to install your template.

Over in FCP you should see it load up, but if you can’t find it, simply shut down FCP and start it back up again to find it installed. This might be a little different from other methods you’ve seen in the past, but this method is intended to ensure that even if you update your software, your templates will remain inside FCP without having to re-install them.

If you would like to upgrade your toolkit, make sure to check out Motion Array. Our extensive library of Final Cut Pro add ons, effects, and plugins include everything you need to create top-notch videos.