Introducing the Grunge Transition Pack for Premiere Pro

Motion Array Premiere Pro 22/05/2019 3 min read

Plugins are an essential part of speeding up any video editor’s workflow. They can save you time and energy by introducing a drag-and-drop solution without sacrificing quality and customization. In short, they can get you 90% of the way to you need to go in a single mouse click without taking away creativity.  

Here at Motion Array, we’re a big fan of plugins, which is why we are so excited to introduce our new Grunge Transitions for Premiere Pro!

Part 1: Check Out the New Grunge Transitions

Now available are 5 different grunge transition styles:

1. Ink Drop

An enjoyably messy transition that brings your next image into the frame as if it were being dripped onto your screen bit by bit. It captures the attention of your audience both with a sudden jolt as well as a slow bleed into the next clip.   

2. Paint Splat

Similar to the ink drop, your image transforms in a way that makes you feel like it’s liquid dripping onto the frame. However, this paint splat stands out by eliminating any bleeding and simply dripping aggressively until the canvas is completely covered.

3. Brush Stroke

A sporadic moving texture similar to a paint brush that scribbles away the underlying frame to reveal the new image. Using this transition will make it feel like you’re scratching away your image to find what’s underneath.

4. Ink Cloud

This is the most fluid of the 5 transition styles and draws inspiration from ink moving through water. It brings a pleasing movement from image to image which still retains a bit of chaos and disorder.  

5. Paint Roll

This transition literally feels like the frame is being painted over the frame with another piece of footage. Give your videos a sense of progression while still retaining a messy and disorderly vibe.  

Each of these styles impacts the transition between your clips in a different messy, grungy way. Not only that, but each style has between 5-6 variations to choose from. We’ll do the math for you, that’s a total of 26 unique transitions within this pack! And that’s not all! Each of these variations is fully customizable within your Premiere Pro interface!

Part 2: How to Get Started

How to Install

If you’ve never used plugins before, you might be daunted by the process of installing them, but fear not! It’s such a simple process!

When you download our plugins, there will be an installation folder that will have an option for either Mac or PC. Double click and the installation wizard will walk you through the 3-click process. And if you want us to help you out too, we’ve got a video outlining the process.

How to Edit

Here’s the best part. When your transitions are installed they can be found within your video transitions folder in their own neatly labeled bin! No more working through messy or complicated templates, just a simple drag-and-drop interface from a convenient location.

Changing and keyframing position, scale, orientation, and more couldn’t be easier! When you click on the transition itself on your timeline, you’re brought right to the parameters that you can edit within your effect controls window, making these transitions as easy to edit as literally anything else in Premiere!

Part 3: How Much Are They?

You might ask, “Okay, how much is this going to cost me?” Well, we’re happy to answer that if you already have a paid Motion Array subscription, they’re completely FREE! Take them and use them to your heart’s content!

If you’re currently on a free Motion Array account, you can still download and try out these plugins with a watermark attached to them. We believe that you should be able to try before you buy.  

Your time is valuable, so you should spend it being creative! By using these Grunge Transitions for Premiere Pro you’ll be able to make your videos look amazing in no time at all! So what are you waiting for? Download them and try them out for yourself!