Introducing Motion Array Music Kits

Motion Array 28/07/2018 3 min read

We are excited today to announce our newest creative asset at Motion Array. Introducing Music Kits.

As most of you already know, we have a wide range of professional stock music selections in our library. In fact, we have thousands of royalty free music tracks, with more being added daily.

If you need a jangly indie rock tune, we’ve got you covered.


Indie Pop Rock King

If you need an adrenaline-fueled action piece for a trailer, we’ve got that too.


Heavy Epic Trailer

But you already know this. Let’s talk about what’s new.

Music Kits Give You More Flexibility

Most of the time, you can find the perfect piece for your project, drop it in, and go. Maybe you want to chop it up a little, but most of our music is ready for action out of the box.

Sometimes though, you need a little more flexibility. Maybe you are working with something a little more long-form and you need more high points and low points. Maybe you want to drop in different instruments, and take out others. Maybe you just like to have total control of your project and your music.

This is where Music Kits come in.

Music Kits go way beyond the normal stock track alone. They are audio toolkits that contain things like loops, stings, transitions, and more. They also include completed demo tracks to give you a head start on your project.

Here are a few examples of the initial set of Music Kits just launched.


Action Trailer Music Kit


Corporate Music Kit

Get Started Using Music Kits Today

These kits give you access to great stock music tracks, with the flexibility to make them yours. It’s like having the composer at your fingertips, without any extra cost, or a template for music.

And like all of our royalty free music tracks and all of our other assets, the Music Kits are yours forever once you download them. Use them for any project, commercial, or personal. The sky is the limit.

We hope you like our new Music Kits, and we’ll have plenty more coming. Let us know what you think of these and what types of Music Kits you’d like to see in the future. Leave us a comment, so we can make Motion Array better for you.

And be on the lookout for loads more professional creative assets and new features from Motion Array!

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