Celebrating 500,000 Products in Our Marketplace

Motion Array 16/07/2020 2 min read

Today Motion Array is very happy to announce 500,000 products in the Marketplace, which means there’s a lot of reasons to celebrate. From video templates to stock music and sound effects to footage and images; we continue to increase our numbers daily.

We could not have accomplished this without our awesome and talented contributors who regularly submit their work to their Motion Array portfolios without fail. You are what makes Motion Array never skip a beat!

From 0 to 500,000 files

For over 7 years, Motion Array’s main goal has been to help filmmakers and enthusiasts to create awesome videos. And making sure we produce products, as well as platforms, that meet every film genre needs. And now with 500,000 files to choose from – you will find exactly what you are looking for!

Exciting Times to be a Motion Array Contributor

Motion Array represents contributors from over 20 countries worldwide; from graphic designers and videographers to mixed media artists and photographers. Making sure our offering never lack originality and creativity, all submissions are vetted and engage our users for a first-rate partnership.

We also promote many contributor submissions on our blog articles, as well as weekly newsletters that also provide a lot of ideas for our users.

Huge Announcement for Motion Array Users

As we keep adding on average 20,000 products weekly, our users can always come back week after week and never see the same results! All of our marketplace categories always have more to offer.

From After Effects to Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro to DaVinci Resolve, our collection of templates and presets, as well as plugins, help users experience the true one-stop subscription service.

Motion Array has been providing incredibly useful and tasteful presets, graphics and music for several years now. It’s my only source for commercial music and never misses a beat (see what I did there?). Good stuff and well worth the yearly membership. – Scott

We look to half a million files as an important stepping stone! Thanks to our contributors for making Motion Array’s Marketplace a space for constant inspiration and artistry.

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