Motion Array Membership Goes Unlimited

Motion Array December 1, 2018 2 min read

Now Offering Entire Stock Media Marketplace For Just $16/Month

Starting December 1st, Motion Array will be transitioning to an unlimited subscription model, effectively turning its stock marketplace into the largest source of video templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects on the web that is available for unlimited downloads.

Through its new unlimited subscription, known as Pro 365, users will be able to access the full gamut of what Motion Array has to offer for just $16 per month. This includes Motion Array’s library of 178,000+ motion graphics templates, plugins, stock videos, and royalty free music files, as well as its cloud-based video review system and video portfolio-hosting platform.

When asked what motivated the change, Motion Array co-founder, Eri Levin, said it was just as much about increasing accessibility to Motion Array’s marketplace, as it was a show of the company’s strength. “We have the greatest platform of resources and tools for video and filmmakers on the web, so our number one goal has always been to make Motion Array a ‘must have’ for all creatives in this field. Now that we’re able to achieve this in our product line, we are so excited to make Motion Array extremely affordable so we can empower all creatives in this field from Youtubers and motion graphic designers to professional video editors and budding filmmakers who are just starting out.”

But of course, opening up its products and services to more of the market isn’t the only upshot of Motion Array’s Pro 365 subscription. Priced at just $16 per month, Pro 360 brings Motion Array into direct competition with industry heavyweights, Envato Elements (whose unlimited subscription can cost up to per month $33/month) and Storyblocks (which offers a comparable option for $65 per month). As of this release, Motion Array will have approximately 10X the motion graphic and video templates than Envato Elements hold.

This two-pronged approach of undercutting on price and opening up unlimited access to its Premiere Pro and After Effects motion graphics templates is a bold move that is sure to have many thinking about signing up for membership. And with Motion Array now branching into DaVinci Resolve products, the time for that has probably never been better.