Choose the Right Motion Array Subscription Account for Your Needs

Motion Array 30/09/2021 4 min read

Now, even more than before, editors and filmmakers need to have all their tools at their disposal to take their videos to the next level. This is where Motion Array is definitely a worthy choice where everything is right in one place to get templates, plugins, stock video, royalty-free music, and much more. 

Getting Started with Your Motion Array Account

To get started with your Motion Array subscription, you can head over to the pricing page and see the flexible options and benefits you will receive the moment you sign up! 

The main thing to remember is that if you are a freelancer, you can consider the single-user plans, but if you work together on projects with a small or larger group, you need to consider our newest team plans. Once you narrow down the option that best suits your current workload and needs, it is a simple click away to start downloading and using all the assets available on the Motion Array marketplace. 

The Free Account

With the Free account, you get access to hundreds of professionally created templates and plugins right at your fingertips! ou can easily select the category from the marketplace according to the editing software you use and then select the free assets filter to see all the specific options available to you. 

You also get to download and use Motion Array’s Shifter plugins for Premiere Pro for free! A total of 7 custom-made and popular native transitions for post-production that will easily create cool elastic movement effects between clips or titles without spending too much time.  

The other benefits that come along with any Motion Array account are the access to working better with your clients and project teammates with the video review platform, as well as showcasing all your great freelancer projects with an easy-to-use portfolio site builder. Using these 2 great tools, you can easily impress your clients and get great referrals and word of mouth. With the free account, you only get 1-month trial access to both tools, which is definitely useful when you are in between projects and jobs.  

If you are just starting out as a freelancer or possibly doing video editing and films as a hobby, you can definitely start off with the basic free account and make sure to always use the Free assets filter when using the marketplace. You will also get updates on premium templates or presets we offer for free every 2 weeks so you can grow your skills! 

The Monthly Account

One of the popular ways many of our current users love to get the most out of Motion Array is by signing up with a monthly account. With this paid subscription at $29.99 USD per month, you get unlimited downloads and full access to our professional tools mentioned above. As long as you keep your monthly account active, you can either use the marketplace on your browser or you can download and use our Marketplace Extension For Adobe which helps you stay in After Effects or Premiere Pro while editing and using the templates, plugins, and presets directly in the software. 

You also get access to all the Motion Array plugins for Premiere Pro, which alone make the monthly cost worth it. You will get access to 42 premium plugins: from Distorter to Slicer, from Chromatic Aberration to RGB Offset, and from Grunge, Glitch to Luminous! And with the 7 free plugins, that’s a total of 49! 

With the month-to-month subscription, you can always go back to the Free account option if projects slow down or you are taking a longer break! This account is perfect for anyone with flexible schedules and also using different software for their work requirements. You will also get customer emails on new templates that our staff picked and also links to tutorial videos or articles to create your own custom work!

The Annual Account

If you are working on several projects at the same time and growing your brand, you will need consistent access to resources that will help you speed up your edits and elevate your creative juices. Then the Annual account is the right option for you. You also get to save over $100 to sweeten the deal and get everything that the Monthly account offers.  

If you are also looking to work with 2 or more editors, colorists or clients, using the Annual account, you can also get access to our new team plan where you get an extra 10% off per user. We also provide the flexibility to add members on a prorated basis after the initial sign-up. For team plan rates to be applied, you need to sign up with 2 separate accounts when you start using Motion Array. 

No matter how you decide to start your membership with Motion Array, make sure you consider the cost, as well as the projects and workload you have lined up. From beginner hobbyists to full-time editors, each and every account is designed to make sure you get the most of the marketplace, review, and collaboration tools all in one place.  

Your Motion Array membership is your license to use templates, plugins, presets, stock music, photos, and videos in any of your creative work. We’re adding lots of new resources every day, so the value of your membership will only continue to grow!

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