Announcing the Motion Array Halloween Challenge Winners

Motion Array 08/11/2021 3 min read

We are truly thrilled that the Motion Array Halloween Title Sequences Challenge brought so much talent together.

All the submissions that made it through definitely impressed our judges! It was a tough call, but we are excited to share our top 3 winners.

And now without further ado, here are our winners:

1st Place: Etienne Portas

Etienne took us through his creative process:

To begin with, I am a massive fan of the horror/thriller genre. But unfortunately, I believe horror films and series can quickly fall into clichés and redundancy when they refrain to show the “monsters”/horror too much. I do agree that it is a defining trait of the genre and that a great amount of terror lies in not knowing and not seeing but pushed too far and it can quickly become anti-climactic.

So for this title sequence, I wanted to focus on a different kind of terror. One that would take root not in the shadows by withholding knowledge from the viewer but instead in broad daylight, when everyone can see.

Concretely speaking, there are two noticeable parts in the title sequence: the first one is through the lens of the media reporting incidents across the nation and slowly coming to terms with the scary events unfolding. I am a big fan of the Zombie genre, and I always loved the initial confusion during an outbreak so that’s a feeling I wanted to convey. To do so, I created custom voice-over soundbites to fake news reporters panicking, a presidential announcement, etc., and use the template Dark Atmosphere Intro for its great newspaper compositions.

The second part is probably more aligned to the modern conception of the witch, with elegant and powerful women but always somewhat concealing or hiding. Using the Distorted Glass preset was key to helping me add some depth and eeriness to these collages.

As for assets, all the assets were from Motion Array, mainly After Effects templates. Here is a list of them:

Judges’ decision: Etienne’s creative usage of black and white images with a great story intro won him first place. Also, the smart usage of Motion Array templates and presets all together showed originality. 

Congratulations, Etienne! You take home the following prizes:

  • iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.
  • 1-year subscription to Motion Array

We can’t wait to see the amazing work you will create in the future!

2nd Place: VM Designx

VM Designx explained their theme: 

“CRANIUM” – a Halloween-inspired title sequence.

You were told that life ends when you die, but what happens beyond the grave? Death is just the beginning of one’s existence as Cranium delves into the journey to immortality.

All the assets were from Motion Array, mainly an After Effects template plus stock motion graphics:

Judges’ Decision: We really enjoyed VM Designx’s sleek usage of music and Motion Array assets, as well as the eye-catching final look.

Congratulations, VM Designx! You also take home a great bundle to continue growing your skills:

  • iPad Mini
  • 1-year subscription to Motion Array

Remember to keep us in the loop as you create new impressive videos.

3rd Place: Cyril (CJ) Lawrence

Cyril took us through his creative process:

I started by selecting the music for my edit. Thanks to Motion Array’s vast library of music to choose from, I found exactly what I was looking for! I wanted the video to have a demonic and eerie vibe which I personally like from movies like Evil Dead. I applied the red tint to symbolize blood and gave the rest of the video a b/w look to highlight the red tint more. The text templates I found on Motion Array were a perfect fit to complement the b/w clips. Overall, I enjoyed working on this sequence and it came out how I wanted it to be!!

Judges’ Decision: We were impressed by CJ’s whole concept – the usage of completely different assets to create a very cohesive title sequence.

Congratulations, Cyril! You also win an amazing resource to make more videos in 2022:

  • 1-year subscription to Motion Array

We hope this encourages you to continue sharing your creativity with your friends, followers, and us.

Again, congratulations to the 3 top winners! And thanks to everyone for participating and doing a great job of showcasing true filmmaking spirit and creativity. Follow us for more contests and giveaways!