7 Reasons to be Using Motion Array’s Review

Motion Array 05/02/2019 4 min read

The process for collaboratively reviewing videos has always been a big ‘ol pain in the posterior. It’s long, tedious, and typically requires you to communicate about your projects via a completely separate medium like email or instant messenger service. Annoying much?

We wanted to build something better: Review. So, how is our system different? In a nutshell, it provides a place for talented video creators such as yourselves to share, collaborate, and source feedback from clients on your videos all in one place and in real-time.

Yep, it’s pretty spiffy. So spiffy that you should probably abandon whatever fuddy-duddy method you currently use to collaborate on projects and jump ship to Review like, immediately!

Still not 100% convinced? That’s cool, we get it. Maybe these seven reasons here will help you make the switcheroo.

Why You Should Use Review for Client Feedback

1. Simplified Video-Sharing

File Sharing

As soon as you’ve imported a video to the Review system, you’ll be able to grant instant access to whoever you want by simply emailing them a link to the video on your very own custom Review page. No longer will you need to upload your videos to clunky third-party websites or send them out as mammoth-sized email attachments just to give your clients a sneak peek.

Worried about security? Don’t worry, we got covered on that front too. Review offers password protection on all videos uploaded to the system so all those content thieves…well they can just eff off.

2. Cloud-Based Collaboration

Cloud-Based Collaboration

With Review, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with cloud-based collaboration. From faster, more efficient communication, to greater accessibility, to never having to worry about losing that project you were THIS close to finishing….because it would’ve already been saved. By us. On our end.

3. Frame-Accurate Comments

Frame-Accurate Comments

Okay, this one’s a biggie. When giving feedback or making suggestions, clients who have access to a video will now be able to match their comments to specific frames throughout that video. Say whaaaaaaat?

Being able to instantly identify where and how you’re videos need fixing means you’ll finally be able to say “See you bye!” to all the miscommunication and time-sucking back-and-forth that slow down projects and make you want to pick up a cushion and scream every last ounce of your burning frustration into it.

4. Fully Customizable Interface

Customizable Interface

Want to wow your clients with a splash of company branding? Or maybe you want to redesign your interface to something that better represents your personal style? Well with Review, you can do all that on more. It’s fully customizable interface lets you tweak and tinker to your heart’s content. Noice!

5. Faster Progress Tracking

To help keep clients and collaborators in the loop, Review also features handy little check boxes that come attached to each comment as a way for you to indicate to others whether a requested edit has been made yet. This added element of transparency will enable both you and your clients to maintain better oversight of where a project is up and what remains to be done.

6. Supports Multiple Video Versions

Multiple Video Versions

For anyone who likes to play around and create multiple versions of a video—whether it be for funsies or to present clients with multiple options—you’ll be pleased to learn that Review allows you to upload however many versions of the same video to its system as you want. Please, be our guest!

7. Seamless Integration with Portfolio 

Portfolio Integration

Because Review comes fully integrated with Motion Array’s portfolio-hosting platform, you’ll also be able to seamlessly transfer completed videos from Review directly onto your video portfolio website for all your adoring fans and future clients to see. No coding or importing necesito!

So, How Did We Do?

Have we managed to convince you that Review is the best thing since Beyonce surprise appearance at the 2016 Super Bowl? If not, then maybe these two words will help: IT’S FREE!!!

Small Disclaimer: Review is technically only free for Motion Array members. But becoming a member is easy. You can just sign up here. Then you’ll be able to access Review. For free. So in a roundabout way, yeah, it is free. For everyone.

Regardless of whether or not we managed to convince you of the many merits of Review, we do hope you at least give it a spin around the block. At a minimum, it’ll help shave a few extra minutes off each of your video projects, and at best, it’ll help improve the way you work forever and ever!