Motion Array Wrap-up 2021: 20 Most Well-Liked Final Cut Pro Templates

Final Cut Pro Motion Array 30/12/2021 4 min read

This past year we took it upon ourselves to show beginner editors in Final Cut Pro a lot of unique components you can add to your next project. But now we want to showcase by far the best and most liked Final Cut Pro templates from 2021 as part of our wrap-up series. From unique text and fun transitions to fast-paced modern openers, there’s something on this list for every creator out there. If you don’t have these in your arsenal, download them today!

20 Finest & Favorite Final Cut Pro Templates from Motion Array

#1 Glitch Sport

Looking for an epic lead-in with dynamic transitions? In the first spot, the most liked template made with 10 editable text layers and 10 templates, Glitch Sport might be the addition you need to take your project to the next level.

Download Glitch Sport Now

#2 3D Photo Animator

If you’re looking to truly impress your audience, at number 2, 3D Photo Animator is the Final Cut Pro template for you. Fit with three detailed tutorials, you can use the 30 camera animation presets, 15 face masks, and 15 perspective masks to create a stunning project.

Download 3D Photo Animator Now

#3 Silhouette Openings

At number 3, the Silhouette Openings was made for those looking for a modern opening sequence that will leave your audience wanting more. With 3 different aspect ratios and no plugins needed, it’s the perfect addition to your project. 

Download Silhouette Openings Now

#4 Zoom Transitions

Creative, fun, and cinematic, the Zoom Transitions features a collection of dynamically animated transitions. Whether you want to elevate a television show, commercial, or family project, this Final Cut template can help. Definitely, one to have when you need easy-to-use transitions and perfectly positioned at spot number 4.

Download Zoom Transitions Now

#5 Sunbeams 

Let a little light into your next video with Sunbeams. Featuring this template at spot number 5, it is a collection of gorgeous, realistic sunbeams and light rays. This easily-adjustable template will brighten your project and give it a real professional polish.

Download Sunbeams Now

#6 Beautiful Slideshow

Whether you’re creating a family slideshow or putting together a travel blog presentation, at number 6, the Beautiful Slideshow is for you. This template pack features 10 different media placeholders and editable text layers where you can easily slip in your own content. 

Download Beautiful Slideshow Now

#7 Stomp Promo Opener 

Fast, modern, and sleek, Stomp Promo Opener builds excitement during the first few moments of your next corporate presentation. We can see why it is the 7th most downloaded asset for editors. Whether you’re talking fashion, travel, or sports, this fast-paced and stylish Final Cut Pro template can help you deliver.

Download Stomp Promo Opener Now

#8 VHS Effects

Throwback to the ‘80s and ‘90s with VHS Effects. Perfect for adding a retro feel to your next project, peaking our list at spot number 8, this pack is complete with old-school timestamps, vintage black and white, and classic blur effects. 

Download VHS Effects Now

#9 Unique Typography V. 2

Unique Typography V. 2 was made for creators looking to add some new text into the mix of their video projects. At number 9, it features 14 stylishly animated templates that you can add to your project and make it your own.

Download Unique Typography V. 2 Now

#10 Camera Focus Effects

With 15 unique and customizable focus effects, at number 10, the Camera Focus Effects will give your project a real dreamlike feel. These are easy to use — you just need to drop it in and adjust the project to your liking.

Download Camera Focus Effects Now

#11 Fast Zoom Transitions

Halfway past our list, the Fast Zoom Transitions features 7 different speedy effects that you can drop into your next project. Whether you’re building an opening sequence or creating a fast-paced commercial video, this template is a great addition.

Download Fast Zoom Transitions Now

#12 Trendy Urban Promo

At number 12 of the most downloaded templates, the fast-paced with a cool flair Trendy Urban Promo is a good addition to your modern project. This FCPX template is easy to use, you just need to edit the text and drag-and-drop your own media.

Download Trendy Urban Promo Now

13. Logo Reveal Pack

Perfectly matched with your next corporate presentation, the 13th spot template, Logo Reveal Pack, is a great way to showcase your brand. There are 3 different reveals to choose from, so you can make it your own.

Download Logo Reveal Pack Now

14. Social Titles

Flat and dynamic, Social Titles is the perfect template for adding a little spice to your project’s text. This flat, dynamic template can be matched to your brand, so you’re fit to show it off in your next YouTube video or commercial. We can see why it is on our list at number 14.

Download Social Titles Now

15. Film Grain Effect

High-quality video is great, but sometimes you want to purposely add a little grain to the project — that’s where at number 15, the Film Grain Effect comes in. With 8 unique effects, you can add a stylish look to your footage. 

Download Film Grain Effect Now

16. VHS Modern Intro

As we are nearing the end of the list, at number 16, the VHS Modern Intro is a good template choice if you’re looking for something flashy and modern. Whether you’re putting together a fashion commercial or a YouTube video, you’ll find something trendy that works for you.

Download VHS Modern Intro Now

17. Titles Transitions

On the 17th spot on our list, the Titles Transitions features 6 different templates that you can add to help spice up the transitions in your project. From swipes to slides, these templates are easy to add and use.

Download Titles Transitions Now

18. Bounce Text Animations

For a quick addition of fun titles that will add a little lightness to your presentation, you should check out Bounce Text Animations. At spot 18, with 30 in and 30 out animations, you truly can make something that’s on-brand. 

Download Bounce Text Animations Now

19. Multi Screen Frames Pack

At number 19, this multi-screen template can add an engaging dynamic to your presentation. The Multi Screen Frames Pack delivers you over 50 split and multi-screen designs that you can add to your next project. 

Download Multi Screen Frames Pack Now

20. Simple Instagram Stories

Social media is a great way to show off your video footage, and on the last but not least spot, the Simple Instagram Stories make that easier. With 5 stylish templates, you can customize, stylize, and show off to your audience. 

Download Simple Instagram Stories Now

So there you have it! The best 20 templates countdown for 2021 will for sure spice up your video projects and speed up your edits. Motion Array is the best place to find great resources for FCPX. Regardless of what you’re looking for, light leaks to text animators, templates can help add a little extra oomph to your project. 

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