Motion Array Wrap-Up 2021: 25 Hottest Premiere Pro Templates & Presets

Motion Array Premiere Pro 23/12/2021 5 min read

The holidays are all about celebrating family, friends, as well as the past year. So we’re looking back at our top downloaded Premiere pro templates and presets our amazing users have used in 2021. From titles to transitions, editors have access to a vast range of animated assets for their projects. So, sit back and enjoy our most popular Premiere Pro resources and even Premiere Rush templates.

Part 1: Top 15 Premiere Pro Templates from Motion Array

We’re going to start with our top 15 Premiere Pro templates. These handy assets come in a ready-to-use project format – just open the project, and you’re all set to customize away!

#1 Mini Glitch Pack Free

Created by  Moysher

Starting off our top 15 list is the incredible Mini Glitch Pack, which includes 6 transitions, 3 titles, 3 logo effects, 8 SFX, and 25 Glitch elements. Filled with glitchy goodness, this pack is the perfect FREE glitch starter pack.

Download Mini Glitch Pack Free Now

#2 Seamless Transitions Package

Created by  VFX media

At number 2 is the Seamless Transitions Package, which includes 60 great Premiere transitions. The massive range of styles includes whips, stretches, and blurs, ideal for fast-paced slideshows and showreels.

Download Seamless Transitions Package Now

#3 Minimalistic Typography Pack 2

Created by  Minimal Movie

The Minimalist Typography Pack 2 takes the 3rd spot, with a selection of 9 full-screen titles. The dynamic animation and clean design make this set ideal for business presentations and slideshows.

Download Minimalistic Typography Pack 2 Now

#4 Adobe Premiere Transitions

Created by  Tyler

The Adobe Premiere Transitions pack offers 10 stunning digital glitch transitional effects, ideal for music and events videos. The unique collection includes RGB, Venetian Blind, Scanline, and Film Reel style glitches.

Download Adobe Premiere Transitions Now

#5 Cinematic Reel

Created by  VideoMaker

Sitting at number 5 is the Cinematic Reel Slideshows template, including 22 media and 12 title placeholders. The swift and smooth transitions move your viewers from clip to clip with beautiful floating title elements.

Download Cinematic Reel Now

#6 ​​YouTube Pack

Created by  Mirs

The YouTube pack is a must-have for YouTubers and digital content creators. The pack includes everything you need to market your YouTube channel, including subscribing buttons, opening titles, lower thirds, and loads more.

Download Youtube Pack Now

#7 Big Stretch Intro

Created by  MA

At the 7the spot is the Big Stretch Intro template, ideal for opening titles, short promotions, and quick social updates. With big, colorful graphical elements and fun stretching titles, this project is sure to grab your viewers’ attention. 

Download Big Stretch Intro Now

#8 1000 Elements Graphics Tool Pack

Created by  ABCfootage

If you’re looking for a pack with everything, you can’t go wrong with this set of 1000 graphic elements. The project includes slides, call-outs, titles, icons, logo animations, infographics, shape elements, device mockups, and more!

Download 1000 Elements. Graphics Tool Pack Now

#9 Free Instagram Stories

Created by  DUXASTIK

The Free Instagram Stories takes the 9th spot on our most downloaded list, with 10 unique portrait video designs. Each design is different, but all feel clean and bright, with fun kinetic animation, ideal for businesses and influencers.

Download Free Instagram Stories Now

#10 Corporate Opener

Created by  Zhoomart

The Corporate Opener is ideal for business promotions, presentations, and opening titles. The modular design offers a clean, professional look, with 15 video/photo placeholders and 22 editable title layers.

Download Corporate Opener Now

#11 Modern Title Overlays

Created by  RIOGraphics

At spot 11 is the Morder Titles Overlay pack, including 16 stylish and modern full-screen text designs. If that wasn’t enough, each design comes with RGB split controls, allowing you to mix and match styles to create unique looks all of your own.

Download Modern Title Overlays Now

#12 5 Free Ink Transitions

Created by  Digital Wind

The 5 Free Ink Transitions set is a fantastic option for artists, photographers, and videographers’ showreel creation. Each of the 5 designs provides a unique pattern of ink plumes dissolving from one clip to the next.

Download 5 Free Ink Transitions Now

#13 15 Light Leaks Transitions

Created by  And911

Light Leaks are an incredible way to highlight the beauty in your shots, and this set of 15 transitions does just that. With a range of color styles and directions, you can match the tones in your image to the beautiful light effects.

Download 15 Light Leaks Transitions Now

#14 MultiFrame Kit

Created by  DSVIDEO

If you’re working with a split-screen, then the MultiFrame kit is exactly what you need. With 89 layouts, including 2, 3, and 4 frame designs, this template offers adjustable borders and will work with any transition; split-screen has never been easier.

Download MultiFrame Kit Now

#15 Free Premiere Pro Title Templates

Created by  Tyler

Last but not least, on our most downloaded templates is this awesome freebie pack of Premiere Pro Title Templates. The 10 full-screen text designs are clean and modern, with an easy color controller for branding your titles.

Download Free Premiere Pro Title Templates Now

Part 2: Top 5 Premiere Pro Presets from Motion Array

Motion Array also offers thousands of Premiere Pro presets as well as tutorials on how to use them. Check out this guide to installing and using these assets across all of your projects.

#1 Motion Parallax Effect

Created by  Alexey_P

Top of our most popular list is this set of 8 Stylish Parallax effects, each with a unique movement and a blur vignette. The beautiful effects work best with wide-angle shots such as landscapes and abstract imagery. 

Download Motion Parallax Effect Now

#2 14 Creative LUTs

Created by  MA

At number 2 is the 14 Creative LUT pack, a collection of stunning Orange & Teal style color effects. Each effect offers a unique look with varying saturation, ideal for creating a Cinematic quality to your landscape and architectural shots.

Download 14 Creative LUTs Now

#3 Liquid Glitch

Created by  VideoMaker

The Liquid Glitch set is an incredible collection of effects, including 5 effects in 4 variations with In, Out, and Through animation methods. The trendy, gloopy title animations can be used together to create 60 unique effects.

Download Liquid Glitch Now

#4 VHS Look Presets V2

Created by  RIOGraphics

VHS Look Presets v2 takes the 4th spot on our top 5 and includes 10 stylish ready-to-use VHS presets with 33 titles, color, and distortion assets. The organic designs are ideal for recreating a VHS look for your period projects.

Download VHS Look Presets V2 Now

#5 Film Roll Presets

Created by  Tyler

Finishing off our Top Premiere Pro Presets list is this fun and energetic film roll set. Featuring 7 unique designs and movements, these organic-looking effects are ideal for recreating vintage film transfer and end of roll effects.

Download Film Roll Presets Now

Part 3: Top 5 Premiere Rush Templates from Motion Array

Premiere Rush is an incredible tool for creating quick digital messages for social media. Motion Array offers a range of Premium Rush templates, so as a bonus, let’s look at our top 5 Rush downloads.

#1 Typography Titles – Clean V1

Created by  Minimal Movie

Top of our Premiere Rush Templates is the incredible Typography Titles set, including 12 clean and modern designs. Ideal for content creators and businesses, the full-screen titles are sure to impress your viewers.

Download Typography Titles – Clean V1 Now

#2 Light & Scratch Transitions

Created by  Red Feather

The Light & Scratch transitions pack includes 16 beautiful In and Out transitional effects with subtle color styles. The flickering Bokeh effects and film scratches offer depth while highlighting the color and light in your clips.

Download Light & Scratch Transitions Now

#3 Subscribe Buttons

Created by  tarazz

Perfect for content creators using Premiere Rush, the Subscribe Buttons pack offers 8 unique and playful animated elements. The clean and stylish graphics include Subscribe, Follow, and Bell Notification assets.

Download Subscribe Buttons Now

#4 8 Minimal Titles

Created by  Animark

Whether you’re creating long-form content with title cards or single slide stories videos, the Minimal Titles pack is a fantastic option. The set includes 5 professional designs with dynamic animations for headline messaging.

Download 8 Minimal Titles Now

#5 Instagram Stories Pack V4

Created by  Minimal Movie

Finishing off our Top 5 Premiere Rush templates is the incredible Instagram Stories Pack. The 10 designs include sales information, welcome posts, and about us templates, each with a bright and dynamic design.

Download Instagram Stories Pack V4 Now

Motion Array offers thousands of templates and presets for Adobe After Effect and Premiere Pro. We’re proud to support editors and content creators with high-quality animated assets to help them save time and impress their viewers. And if you’re looking for more Premiere Pro templates, why not check out this handy list of intros.

Thank you to our users and creators alike for keeping us inspired and on our top game to provide the best templates and resources for our industry!