Motion Array Wrap-Up 2021: 20 Most Liked After Effects Templates

Motion Array After Effects 23/12/2021 4 min read

Welcome to our list of 20 most popular Motion Array After Effects templates for 2021. Templates are a great way of saving time on your animations and creating compositions beyond your skillset. You can also learn how to create more advanced effects to use in your new projects. Get ready to count down the best and favorite AE templates of the past year. Download your favorite templates today!

Top Downloaded After Effects Templates from Motion Array

#1 Neon Logo Reveal

Created by  ScorpD

We kick off our list with the bright and sharply animated Neon Logo Reveal, which features striking glowing flickers and a full-color controller to alter the colors to your needs seamlessly. Add some distinguished class to your events, commercials, slideshows, and YouTube videos. 

Download Neon Logo Reveal Now

#2 Typography

Created by mr. freeman

At #2 on our most downloaded After Effects Template is this stunning Typography template, with a modular build to create your designs. The clean and modern designs include trendy graphic flourishes and kinetic typography.

Download Typography Now

#3 Free Parallax Opener

Created by  GR-44

The Free Parallax Opener template is ideal for showreels, slideshows, and introduction sequences. The smooth animation pulls your viewer into your clips with your messaging floating center-screen.

Download Free Parallax Opener Now

#4 Modern Clean Typography

Created by  Anstsmn

The Modern Clean Typography pack includes 19 editable text layers, each with unique and energetic animation. The full-screen titles are ideal for creating typography videos but can also be used for title slides and, with some resizing, lower thirds.

Download Modern Clean Typography Now

#5 Simple Promo

Created by  Koshyhar

While it might be called Simple Promo, this smart little template offers a wide range of slick transitions with 1 logo placeholder, 3 media placeholders, and 4 editable text layers. Easily match the style to almost anything with the intelligent color controller. It is ideally suited for sports highlights, presentations, fashion shows, and so much more. 

Download Simple Promo Now

#6 ​​3D Face Animator

Created by  Blinque

The 3D Face Animator is a robust template for creating profile shot animations with a Parallax style. The project divides your photos into controllable layers, which creates a faux-3D motion effect.

Download 3D Face Animator Now

#7 Fast Upbeat Promo

Created by  Cherrito

Energetically animated with minimalist style, the Fast Upbeat Promo template offers a modern approach for your slideshows, intro, social media updates, and presentations. If you’re working with just still images, this template can work wonders for your portfolio as well. 

Download Fast Upbeat Promo Now

#8 Free Modern Fast Promo

Created by  Motion’s Eleven

Versatile and kinetically animated, this high-energy After Effects template features a range of modern transitions and slick text animations to impress your audience. Easy to use for video and images alike, energize your event promos, TV show openers, portfolios, and slideshows with this must-have template. 

Download Free Modern Fast Promo Now

#9 Bass Typo Opener

Created by  RealVFX

Our 9th most popular After Effects template is the Bass Typo Opener, including 14 text, 13 media, and 1 logo placeholder. The striking and bold title animations with energetic media transitions make this ideal for events promotions and title sequences.

Download Bass Typo Opener Now

#10 Mini Glitch Pack Free

Created by  Moysher

The Mini Glitch Pack After Effects template is fantastic for all your glitch effects needs with 21 glitch elements, 6 transitions, 8 sound effects, 3 logo reveals, and 3 title animations. Instantly add style and energy to your sports highlights, live events, slideshows, commercials, and social videos with this dynamically animated template.

Download Mini Glitch Pack Free Now

#11 3D Photo Motion Animator

Created by  salnicoff

The 3D Photo Motion Animator template is an incredible asset for any editor working with photos. The pack includes 3D Parallax-style masking layers, weather conditions, boomerangs, and looping tools.

Download 3D Photo Motion Animator Now

#12 ​​Street Sports Opener

Created by  Dantexru

The Street Sports Opener template contains 12 photo/video placeholders and 8 editable text layers in a modular structure. The colorful and bold design offers unique graphic flourishes, glitch effects, and energetic transitions.

Download Street Sports Opener Now

#13 Free Animated Instagram Stories

Created by  Blinque

The Free Animated Instagram Stories pack includes 5 stylish designs with a modern, trendy look. Ideal for businesses and content creators, the unique portrait videos have plenty of space for copy and easy color customization options.

Download Free Animated Instagram Stories Now

#14 Light Logo

Created by  Vladimir Korostelev

The Light Logo is a simple but powerful template for creating titles and logo effects, containing just 1 placeholder layer. The clever After Effects layers turn your logo/title instantly into a smokey light show with a mystical vibe.

Download Light Logo Now

#15 Giant Typography

Created by  RKMotions

Taking the 15th spot on our most liked AE templates countdown is the Giant Typography pack. The project includes 16 bold and dynamically animated full-screen title animations, ideal for headlines and short messaging.

Download Giant Typography Now

#16 Free Dynamic Colorful Slideshow

Created by  Blinque

The Free Dynamic Colorful Slideshow is the 16th most popular template of 2021, and we can see why. The template includes 23 media and 19 title placeholders that whip by in an energetic and stylish design.

Download Free Dynamic Colorful Slideshow Now

#17 Text Kit

Created by  Motion Array Originals: The Creators

The Text Kit includes 20 title animations and 10 prebuilt text stack scenes, ideal for individual title slides and typography videos. The clean and trendy design with dynamic animation allows you to build kinetic text compositions of your own.

Download Text Kit Now

#18 Glitch Logo

Created by  DUXASTIK

The Glitch Logo template is a fantastic techy-looking indent that works with most single-color logos. The digital glitch effect is fast, blurring through your RGB colors before landing on your logo – ideal for creatives and tech companies.

Download Glitch Logo Now

#19 Neon Shock Title/Logo Reveal

Created by  Malcolm Smith

Vibrantly animated with bold lettering, this electrifying template adds lightning shocks for added impact bringing your words to life with a thunderous effect. The Neon Shock is ideal for movie titles, music videos, trailers, and a powerful logo reveal.

Download Neon Shock Title/Logo Reveal Now

#20 Retro Vintage Opener

Created by  NixMotion

If you’re looking for some fashionable retro chic for your video projects, then Retro Vintage Opener is the perfect template that has everything you need for that old-school feel. From film reels to quirky animation, this will give your title sequences, trailers, and live event videos that extra edge.

Download Retro Vintage Opener Now

Motion Array has thousands of downloadable After Effects templates for every type of project. Now you’ve seen 2021’s top 20 AE resources, why not browse through these incredible intros and teaser templates. You can also check our tutorial on how to use Motion Array AE templates.

Thank you to our users and creators alike for keeping us inspired and on our top game to provide the best templates and resources for our industry!