Motion Array Wrap-Up 2021: Top 20 DaVinci Resolve Templates & Macros

DaVinci Resolve Motion Array 22/12/2021 5 min read

As 2021 winds down, we have decided to take a moment and look back at our top downloaded assets from our marketplace. We will be publishing a series of articles from all of our options available. One of our top categories is DaVinci Resolve, with templates and macros from amazing creators at Motion Array! These stunning sets are available to download today, so if you’re looking and expanding your editing capabilities, check out our top 20 wrap-up countdown.

Top 10 DaVinci Resolve Templates from Motion Array

In this amazing list of resources from logo reveals to title animators, as well as intro templates, create your next best videos for YouTube faster!

#1 Clean Click Logo

Created by  HU Shahir

Kicking off our top 10 most downloaded templates is this clean and stylish logo indent featuring 2 text and 1 logo placeholder. The minimalist style and customizable color palette make this ideal for businesses and content creators.

Download Clean Click Logo Now

#2 3D White Logo

Created by  Moysher

Our 2nd most popular DaVinci Resolve template goes to The 3D White Logo template with another clean and minimalist approach to logo indents. The graphic representation of lines and circles creates a unique and abstract background, suitable for a range of brands and project styles.

Download 3D White Logo Now

#3 Title Animator – Number Reveal

Created by  Hakuna Matata

The Title Animator Number Reveal is a stunning indent featuring 8 cool, technical-looking animations. Your logo dissolves on screen through a fluttering of numbers, giving the impression of a moving data cloud.

Download Title Animator – Number Reveal Now

#4 Scribble Grunge Logo

Created by  Atamotion

At number 4 is the Scribble Grunge Logo template, ideal for filmmakers and photographers branded indents. The speedy and grunge style animation includes extreme film flicker and grain, with great colorful scribbles.

Download Scribble Grunge Logo Now

#5 Mystical Titles

Created by  Renname

Mystical Titles takes the 5th spot on our top 10 list with this magical and mysterious style title pack. The template includes 13 text layers with 4 different effects; bold, clean titles with a mystical smoke outline background.

Download Mystical Titles Now

#6 Title Animator – Bold Glitch

Created by  Hakuna Matata

The Title Animator Bold Glitch project includes 8 stunning animations, ideal for music, events, and sports videos. The squared glitch creates a beautiful flickering pattern across your titles and is sure to wow your viewers.

Download Title Animator – Bold Glitch Now

#7 Grunge Distortion Logo

Created by  Atamotion

The Grunge Distortion Logo Indent is a stylish graphical design featuring flickering shapes, scribbles, lines, and dots. The pile of animated flourishes speeds through to land on your logo briefly before glitching away again.

Download Grunge Distortion Logo Now

#8 Lower Thirds

Created by  Leany

Just missing out on the top spot, this Lower thirds pack includes 9 clean and minimalist lower thirds with a two-tone color palette. The neat and speedy animations are ideal for professionals and businesses working with interview footage.

Download Lower Thirds Now

#9 Logo Photo – Opener

Created by  Hakuna Matata

The most downloaded DaVinci Template is the remarkable Logo Photo Opener, featuring 6 media and title placeholders. Using a series of wipes, the kinetic animation pulls you through several shots before landing on your logo.

Download Logo Photo – Opener Now

#10 Fantastic Space Intro

Created by  DuneFilm

And finishing off our top 10 list is the Fantastic Space Intro, including 14 editable text layers and a stunning Sci-fi design. The beautiful space backgrounds allow for simple floating text elements, with digital glitch transitional effects.

Download Fantastic Space Intro Now

Top 10 DaVinci Resolve Macros from Motion Array

In this amazing list of resources from titles to icons and elements, as well as transitions, create amazing animations and effects in your videos!

#1 Simple Titles

Created by  rajanpugazh

The Simple Titles Macro for Davinci Resolve takes the 10th spot with 4 stylish and clean title designs. The simple design is ideal for businesses and corporate projects, with effects that can be used as full-screen titles or lower thirds.

Download Simple Titles Now

#2 Social Media Icons & Transitions

Created by  Hakuna Matata

The Social Media Icons and Transitions pack includes precisely what the title suggests; 9 animated social icons and 9 smooth, dynamic transition macros. Ideal for DaVinci Content Creators, this pack covers all your like, follow and share needs.

Download Social Media Icons & Transitions Now

#3 Leany Lower Thirds

Created by  Leany

The Leany Lower Thirds Macro is ideal for businesses and corporate video creators looking for clean and smooth lower third elements. With a slight lean to your titles and a two-tone color palette, these minimalist lower thirds are super easy to customize.

Download Leany Lower Thirds Now

#4 DR Toolkit Elements And Titles

Created by  wegmann

The DaVinci Resolve Elements and Titles pack is the perfect starter set for any Macro beginner. Including 5 titles, 5 logo indents, and a range of graphical flourishes, this toolkit gives you a little bit of everything you need.

Download DR Toolkit Elements And Titles Now

#5 Drag-N-Drop Glitch Transitions Vol.1

Created by  Vivat

Not dragging its heels at number 5 is this macro pack which includes a range of drag and drop glitch transitions, ideal for music and events videos. The full range of effects includes VHS, RGB, and digital glitches.

Download  Drag-N-Drop Glitch Transitions Vol.1Now

#6 Motion Titles Pack

Created by  iamkoltunov

Sitting comfortably in fourth place is The Motion Titles Pack featuring 9 modern text animations suitable for a range of creative and business projects. The text whips on with a jagged blur, surrounded but small paragraph text glitches for a unique looking design.

Download Motion Titles Pack Now

#7 20 Clean Callouts

Created by  Vivat

At number 3 we have a set of 20 gorgeous callout animations, with a variety of copy spaces for your messaging. The simple framing and color palette allows for easy branding, making this ideal for business and documentary use.

Download 20 Clean Callouts Now

#8 Map Route KIT

Created by  Enduro

Narrowly missing out on pole position, the Map Route Kit is a unique and stylish answer to plotting directions across a map. Including a range of straight, curved, and dashed lines, the simple Macro allows you to pick two points on your map and swiftly animate a route between them.

Download Map Route KIT Now

#9 Clean Minimal Titles Vol.2

Created by  Vivat

And the 9th on our list comes the Clean Minimal Titles Vol.2 pack, featuring 12 unique and stylish text animations. The kinetic animation works perfectly for full-screen title cards, lower thirds, and typography videos.

Download Clean Minimal Titles Vol.2 Now

#10 Split Transition Presets

Created by  rajanpugazh

Last but not least is the Split Transition Presets pack, containing 20 dynamic wipe and tracking effects. The speedy animations include a range of designs and layouts, with trendy blur and zoom effects.

Download Split Transition Presets Now

So, that’s our list of top DaVinci Resolve Templates and Macros; we hope you’ve found something to suit your latest project. If you’re a DaVinci user and want to find even more awesome templates to use in your projects, check out these handy guides to DaVinci Resolve opener templates and top macros from Motion Array.