Motion Array Wrap-Up 2021: 25 Best Royalty-Free Music & Sound Effects

Motion Array Royalty Free Music 22/12/2021 5 min read

Welcome to our 2021 list of top downloaded royalty-free music and sound effects. We’ve put together our most popular audio assets, as downloaded by our fantastic community of editors. Find out what other creators are using, and build a library of trendy sounds for your projects.

Part 1: The Best 15 Royalty-Free Music from Motion Array

#1 Let It Rock Right Now!

Kicking off our 15 most popular tracks, Let It Rock Right Now, is a funky, and modern track with a hip hop style. Including brass, piano, and cool boom-bap beats, this track is ideal for modern, fast openers and slideshows.

Download Let It Rock Right Now! Now

#2 The Streets Are Waiting

The Streets Are Waiting track comes as 2.16 min and 31-second versions, ideal for creating long and short cuts of the same video project. The track features overdrive guitars with a simple melody, edgy bass, and punchy beats.

Download The Streets Are Waiting Now

#3 Glory And Success

Glory and Success is taking the 3rd spot, an inspiring and hopeful soundtrack featuring fast synth keyboard notes, guitars, and strings. The clean sound offers an excellent bed track for promotional business videos and corporate slideshows.

Download Glory And Success Now

#4 Presentation Of New Business

The Presentation of New Business track is another inspiring business score, ideal for your presentations and promotions. The muted guitars and high piano notes offer your video music a summery, relaxed feel.

Download Presentation Of New Business Now

#5 Inspirational Epic

Sitting at number 5 is The Inspirational Epic track which comes in 4 different lengths; ideal track for charity and brand awareness campaigns where you want to inspire your audience. The strings and choir-like vocals build throughout the track for a magnificent finish.

Download Inspirational Epic Now

#6 Explore Together

Explore Together is an upbeat corporate style track featuring percussion, strings, and piano. The speedy track changes phase rapidly, creating an easily editable track. Whatsmore the pack comes with 4 varying length versions, ideal for cross-platform campaigns.

Download Explore Together Now

#7 Energy Source

Available in a 1.57 and 37-second version, the Energy Source track is an energetic, rock score, ideal for promotional, events, and sports-based video projects. Featuring a catchy guitar riff, punchy bass, and dramatic percussion, Energy Source is sure to grab your viewer’s attention.

Download Energy Source Now

#8 Motivational Speech

The Motivations Speech track is available in 3 lengths, including 1 loopable track, and features a piano melody backed by an orchestral score. The inspiring and hopeful sound makes this piece ideal for business promotions and presentations.

Download Motivational Speech Now

#9 Everlasting

Available as a full-length (2.45min) and trailer (24 seconds) version, the Everlasting track is a unique rock and orchestral score mix. With a guitar base tune and dramatic synth keyboards, this track inspires and motivates your viewers. 

Download Everlasting Now

#10 Your Little World

Number 10 on our most downloaded list is Your Little World, another track perfect for business presentations, showreels, and promotional videos. Simple strings back up the keyboard and guitar mix as the track progresses and builds emotion.

Download Your Little World Now

#11 Epic Rock Trailer

The Epic Rock Trailer is ideal for sports and events-based video projects, with a dramatic guitar flair and deep bass. The glitching drum beat gives this track a modern and edgy feel, perfect for high performance and action shots.

Download Epic Rock Trailer Now

#12 Soft Mirror Of Water

The Soft Mirror Of Water track offers a simple piano with muted guitar and understated percussion. The steady beat and plucky drum sounds give the track an ethereal feel, calming and serene. 

Download Soft Mirror Of Water Now

#13 Pumping Muscles

As the title might suggest, the Pumping Muscles track is ideal for sports and action-based video projects. Featuring a gritty guitar riff, fuzzy bass, and strong percussion, this track takes the 13th spot of our most popular music tracks.

Download Pumping Muscles Now

#14 The Power Of Inspiration

The Power of Inspiration track is a stunning score of Virtuoso Violins, building a dramatic percussion ending. The high-end sound makes this track ideal for corporations and institutions looking to use video to promote services and products.

Download The Power Of Inspiration Now

#15 The Key

Last but not least is The Key, a free business track ideal for corporate promotions and showreels. The subtle and modern-sounding track comes as a full-length and trailer version, featuring a steady percussion with a synthy keyboard and guitars.

Download The Key Now

Part 2: 10 Most Downloaded Sound Effects from Motion Array

#1 Whoosh Transitions

At the top of our most downloaded sound effects is this incredible set of 7 digital whoosh sound effects. Ideal for animated movements and transitions, the varying pitches and speeds give you a whole range to choose from.

Download Whoosh Transitions Now

#2 Swoosh Transition Sound Effect

The Swoosh Transition Sound Effect set takes the second spot, including 5 fun, cartoon-style swoosh effects. This set is ideal for speedily animated infographics, titles, and transitions, similar to the whoosh pack.

Download Swoosh Transition Sound Effect Now

#3 Free Nature Sounds

Bring the sounds of nature to your video projects with this incredible free track. This summery track is ideal for ambiance and background sounds, including crickets, birds, a gentle river, and nighttime bird songs.

#4 Cinematic Wind

Many people have been looking for wind effects this year, as it takes the 4th spot on our most popular list. This incredible set includes 4 different types of cinematic wind, from howling abyss to rain forest style.

Download Cinematic Wind Now

#5 Whoosh Sound Effect Free

Whoosh sound effects certainly are widespread, with this free pack being the second whoosh pack on our list. This set includes 6 speedy effects with varying degrees of dampening toward the end.

#6 Motion Infographic Sound Effects Pack

Sitting at number 6 is the Motion Infographic Sound Effects pack containing 15 short, unique sounds. The collection includes twinkles, swooshes, beats, and bubbles, ideal for building your infographics sound effects library.

Download Motion Infographic Sound Effects Pack Now

#7 Cinematic Whoosh Impact Sound

In 7th place is more Whoosh sound effects, this time with a range of impact sounds, ideal for movement with a sudden stop. The pack includes 10 effects varying in length and pitch; fantastic for titles and transitional SFX.

Download Cinematic Whoosh Impact Sound Now

#8 Glitches

If you’re using visual glitch effects in your videos, then this is the set for you. Containing 10 unique electric style glitch sounds, this pack is ideal for sci-fi and tech-based video projects or creating Glitch Audio Transitions.

Download Glitches Now

#9 Hybrid Dark Cinematic Swoosh And Risers

The Hybrid Dark Cinematic Swoosh and Risers is a fantastic set of unique and hi-tech sounds, ideal for animations and video games. Featuring 4 effects of different lengths and pitches, it’s no surprise these stunning SFXs take 9th place.

#10 Interface Sound Effects

Finishing off our most downloaded list at #10 is a set of 10 Interface Sound Effects. Ideal for infographics, video games, and app sounds, the collection of pings, dings, and pops are best used for indicating user actions.

Download Interface Sound Effects Now

So that’s our list of most downloaded music and sound effects for 2021. Motion Array has thousands of options available to download; if you’re looking for more audio for your video projects, why not give our library a browse.