How to Use Motion Array Native Transitions for Premiere Pro

Motion Array Premiere Pro 14/05/2019 2 min read

Motion Array has a range of native transition plugins for Premiere Pro that you can download and use in your own and your client projects. Before you go any further, you must have the plugins ready to use in Premiere Pro. We’ve created a tutorial on how to download and install our transition plugins.

Part 1: What is a Native Transition in Premiere Pro?

Many Premiere Pro transitions that you download will sit on the video track above the footage you want to transition. Our native Premiere Pro transitions allow you to drag and drop the effect directly to the clips you want to move between. Essentially, they work in the same way as any pre-installed Premiere Pro transition. This simplifies the editing process for you!

Part 2: Motion Array’s Native Transition Plugins Tutorial

Step 1: Adding a Transition

Before you add any transitions, you need to edit your clips in the sequence. To use these transitions, the clips need to be next to one another on the same video track.

  1. In the Effects panel, navigate to the Motion Array folder under Video Transitions.
  2. Search through the transition options until you find the style you want. They are all named relevant descriptive names that will give you an idea of what the transition will do.
  3. Drag and drop the transition to the break between two clips.

Step 2: Customize your Transition

Each of the transitions available will have its own set of parameters. You can access these by highlighting the transition on the timeline and going to the Effects Control panel. Let’s look at some customization examples.

  1. You can easily edit the duration of your transition by typing in a new time in the Duration parameter. 
  2. The Alignment setting allows you to change where the transition begins between your two clips. You can choose Centre at Cut which will place it the transition halfway between the two clips, using an equal portion of each in the transition. Start at Cut and End at Cut will move the transition to begin or end of the cutting point.
  3. You can also manually adjust the Alignment of your transition by going to the right of the Effects Control panel. The effects sequence will show you where in the footage, your transition begins and ends. Just grab the transition box, or the cut line and drag it to change the position.
  4. You can choose the direction of any transition that has movement on and off-screen. Click the dropdown menu to select from options such as Left to Right and Top to Bottom.
  5. Other parameters that may be included in your transitions Effects Control panel are Bounce, Blur, Grain, and Color.

Motion Array’s native plugins for Premiere Pro is a handy addition to your editing tool kit. Not only do you get a variety of new transitions to try out, but the customizable parameters of each also give you endless options, styles, and looks.