Motion Array’s Short Film Contest Submissions

Filmmaking Motion Array 03/06/2020 < 1 min read

Check out all the amazing submissions already submitted by some very creative filmmakers! Take a peek and don’t forget to leave a comment on the Review page for each submission you liked.

Do you think you can create something more creative? Why not submit your own and get your chance to win the prize!

Imagination Creates Reality

By Thomas Obewu

Existential Changing Table

By Chris

The Desk

By Neal Chopra

Aqua Vita

By Markiian Mirosh

Piper's Adventures "The Problem"

By Alec Tello

RomyVisuals - On top of my desk submission

By Milton Semper

Pizza Quarantina - A stop motion Film

By Ashley Golder

The Broken Bottle

By Jon Mishner

Eco Forces

By Mindus Renato


By Sergio Yáñez

Don't Press Pause

By Justin Lovett

Save Me

By Medet Amanov

Melody in Her Voice

By Emile Mena

Wicked Friday Night

By Mark Jackson

" ___ "

By Daniel Oshodi Alagoa

Free Desk*

By Keith Macri

The Encryption

By Curtis McMillian

The Space Brothers

By Andy Head


By Joel Bourdess

WFH/Desktop Contest

By Andy Brown

Motion Array Video Contest

By Jeffery May


By Beca Byrnes

Lizard Love

By Jules Bianchi

Poker Night

By Nick Mortimer

At Gabriella's Desk

By Steve Gray

The Letter

By Emilio Merone

The Thief

By Vijay Varman

Never Delete the Default Cube

By Jack

On Top of My Desk

By Ryan Armstrong

The Breakfast Nook

By Will Crespo

Rose Noire

By Amanda La Trobe


By Yancy Greene

Out of the Desk, one Way or Another

By Mari Wash

Alone Together

By Sam Mallory

" Why not "

By Bogdan Predko

Monday Mourning

By Michelle Farley

The Good, The Bad and The Tabl-e

By Alistair Nazareth

What happens on my desk...

By Jordan-Leigh Campbell

Cat vs. Zucchini

By Julie Pechanek

Temporary Displacement

By Michael Calobrisi

Glitch Short Film

By Jaime Hernandez


By Eric Tung

"Finders Keepers"

By Libby Stadstad


By Avery Kwong


By Alvaro Ron

On My Desk : Surface Moments

By Tamar Mankassarian

Beyond the Workspace

By Brian Carano

Working from Home

By Christo Vutev

Stand Together

By Brianna Barrett


By Sean Cannon

2020 desk contest

By Macey Merdinian


By Dylan Nguyen

Desk Remodel Broll Session

By Brandon M.

Eric 'Clock News

By Eric

Soon - A Short Film

By Ricky Rain

The World is Beautiful and Painful

By Blake Robinson

Cleaning My Desk

By Gerald Rosenau

Grant The Scout Ant

By Jonathan Bush

The Magical Desk

By Sam Garcia

Dedeviled - “On My Desk“

By Cristian Jimenez

Work Flow - On My Desk

By Landon Mauricio

The Art of Deliberate Creation

By Katie Shay


By Golden


By Vincent Augusto

Tata's Counter Top

By Annmarie Gomez

Basic Hygiene Awareness

By Eesh & Krish

Dog Park

By Daniellele Blanc

Art Doesn't Stop

By Dillon Clancy

Neto, Quarantined

By Topher Gonzalez Avila

I Dream of Jenny

By Jeff Schattner

Jack "People"

By James Mercede


By Alexa Minjarez

How Via Got Ahead

By Dean Mitchell

Sharing a Desk

By Cameron Bennett

The Neighbors


By Dave Yi

Answer Bot

By Kian McKellar

Wonder Woman Audition

By Breeze Xue

Last Saturday Night (Warning: Graphic Content)

By Ian Rayburn

On My Desk - Budweiser

By Laurel Ketelhut

Jake Against The Machine

By Shawn Stephens

Welcome Home

By Londan Showell

"On Top of my Desk"

By Jeffrey Harvill

Hackerman: Adnonymous

By Brian Chen, Samuel Schrag, Abishek Singh

The Virus

By Derek Buckingham

Not a Gamer

By Romar Evangelista

"On My Desktop"

La Papa

Mined Game

By George Petrov

2 Minutes of Eternity...While Working from Home

By Todd Kettler


By Josees Murria

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