Producer Spotlight: WolfSound

Motion Array 11/05/2019 3 min read

For our new creator spotlight, we are highlighting the great stock music of WolfSound, with the working name of creator Nick Tzios.

Tzios has a rich history in music both as a composer and a musician in rock bands. And he does know how to rock. Many of his two dozen-plus tracks on Motion Array have a rock vibe to them. But he’s got a wide range of skills, also posting tracks in genres like dubstep and hip-hop.

We caught up with Tzois to find out a little more about how he got started in music, and his favorite beer, Spoiler alert……none.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Nick Tzios. I’m a 33-year-old composer from Thessaloniki Greece. I’ve been in the music scene for 15 years as a guitar player, and now as a sound engineer and composer.

For the last 4 years, I’ve focused on making trailer music and sound designs for films and television. I’m currently working with some of the top publishers around the world, such as ReallySlowMotion, Colossal Trailer Music, Sub Pub Music and many more.

In the early years of my journey as a musician, I was a guitar player in many rock and hard rock bands, and I decided to stop appearing in live venues in 2014, with my best gig as an opening act for the great 80’s hard rock band, Dokken!

Now I spend most of my time inside my studio, creating sound designs and royalty-free music.

How did you get started as a musician?

I think I was a difficult child! My parents signed me up for piano at the age of 9. Six months later, I dropped it. Then they signed me up for flute..I also dropped it!

“After 3 years of unsuccessful experiments, I decided to buy an electric guitar, and that was it. :)”

I started practicing hard rock music by ear and by parents saw that I was good at it, so they didn’t bother to spend more money on courses in classical music. At age of 18 started a band with my school buddies.

How many instruments can you play?

Now I play all types of guitars and bass guitars, drums, ethnic percussion, and piano in my own strange way. Haha.

What do you like most about producing music for Motion Array?

Man, I love the Array guys! I mean the communication between us is so smooth. Not only Eri and Tyler, but everyone in the Motion Array community I’ve talked with is F@cking AWESOME!

Also they provide some cool messages when they accept your music for sale. 😀

How is it different than doing custom music tracks for other clients?

It’s really different actually. A client who needs custom music always has something specific in his mind. The revisions are endless!

With royalty-free music, it’s different. They listen to your track and if it fits with their project, they buy it. If not, then move to the next song.

Can you give some advice to a starting music producer?

I’ve seen so many young producers/composers giving up because their music is not as good as the big guys out there.

“Well, you have to believe in yourself and not give up.”

My music was crappy when I started producing and I think everyone’s first attempts to compose are the same.

Music production can be really hurtful for your wallet but when you earn your first money you’ll find your way. Also, the best weapon out there is YouTube. It’s like a universe of knowledge. You will find so many tutorials that will make your life easier! 🙂

What else do you like doing when you are not producing music?’s only music! Always has been and forever will be until my ears stop working.

Favorite beer?

Not a beer fan! 😀 Maybe some Jack and honey, I don’t know.

Anything else you want us to know?

Music is the best thing humans created! And when you do it as a job, it’s perfection.

Thanks to Eri and Tyler who gave me this opportunity to work with them! Cheers brothers 🙂

Check out some of the great work that Nick Tzios (WolfSound) has available in the Motion Array library:

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