Motion Array and Station 22: A Case Study

Motion Array 16/11/2018 3 min read

As a growing company that is focused on giving the best customer service possible, we like to check in with some of our members from time to time to see what kinds of projects they are working on and how Motion Array can be useful to them.

We also just love connecting with creative people and showing off the cool projects they create. We recently had a chance to chat with long-time Motion Array member Noah Clark, owner of Station 22 in Culver City, California. Here’s what he had to share about Station 22, their creative process, and his review of Motion Array.

Interview with Noah Clark of Station 22

Station 22’s work utilizing After Effects templates, and the like, from Motion Array.

Tell us about what you do specifically.

“My name is Noah Clark, and I’m the owner and lead creative director at Station 22. I founded Station 22 about twenty years ago and it has grown from a one-room shop in my garage, to a large creative facility located in Culver City California. We now have over twenty people working with and creating content for Station 22.”

Tell us a little about the work you do at Station 22.

“Station 22 is a full-service creative agency, meaning we plan, script, shoot, direct, edit, composite, mix and deliver all under one roof! We work on everything from national commercials and feature films, all the way down to independent productions, corporate video and DRTV spots.”

Tell us how you came across Motion Array and decided to join.

“We offer multiple services under one roof, which means that we need the ability to generate ideas to show our clients something quickly. We came across Motion Array on a fluke. We were searching for after effects templates that could be easily modified to generate high-end looking effects in a short period of time. Most of the services that we found were either too expensive or just poor quality.”

“After reviewing the sampling of what Motion Array had to offer, it became clear that we could repurpose elements of these templates, and suit them to our clients needs at a price that was affordable. So the cost of doing business through Motion Array offered a great deal of value versus similar services.”

Tell us how you use Motion Array for your projects.

“We use Motion Array in a variety of unique ways. Since we are so adept at using after effects as a motion graphics creation tool, it sometimes makes sense to save time and show a client three different versions of what their motion graphics might look like quickly. Instead of taking the time to build these effects, we often use Motion Array’s extensive project gallery to quickly handpick a variety of effects nested in their project sequences. We can then drop in the clients’ creative and quickly generate a slick-looking animation or storyboard in under 30 minutes. So in this way you can say we use motion array as a pre-vis tool.

Secondarily, some projects just don’t have budgets that justify creating unique and engaging motion graphics, but of course, would benefit from having them. We often turn to Motion Array for this very reason. Motion Array offers so many high-quality templates and we can just drag-and-drop our clients’ pictures and videos into with little to no tweaking and use them as is. Everything from lower thirds, photo montages, transitions, and logo comps are easy to browse through and modify to our clients’ needs.”

“Overall the quality of the projects mixed with the ease of use and value offered, makes using Motion Array a no-brainer for our company.”

Station 22 is truly a full-service creative house who does everything from pre-production through editing and motion graphics. They have a lot of really great work and great clients under their belt.