Motion Array Featured on the Studio Sherpas Podcast

Motion Array 09/05/2019 2 min read

Motion Array got some podcast love courtesy of Studio Sherpas and their awesome podcast!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Studio Sherpas is a resource for creative business owners, particularly video producers who need a little help running a more efficient business.

Co-founders Ryan Koral and Matt Davis are both industry vets who run their own production companies, and who both realized there was a hole in the world of business resources for guys like themselves. So, they created Studio Sherpas.

Studio Sherpa Podcast

You won’t find courses for video editing or lighting at Studio Sherpas. Instead, you’ll find things like budgeting calculators and sales packages for wedding videos. These are things that you can’t find all that easily and can help you as a business owner or freelancer to get back to being creative.

As it turns out, Ryan and Matt are also fans of Motion Array. After all, Motion Array aims to help video producers save time and get back to being creative.

Along with everything else that the Studio Sherpas guys have going on, they also produce a great podcast to help listeners learn even more about the industry. And they recently sat down with Motion Array co-founders Tyler Williams and Eri Levin to discuss what Motion Array is all about and how it got started.

It was a fun conversation that included some juicy industry talk, a little Motion Array history, and a lot more.

Take a listen to the podcast below. And when you are done, head over to to find out more about them.

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