5 Inspiring Design Podcasts to Boost Your Creativity

Motion Design 22/08/2019 3 min read

We have an occasional recurring series highlighting podcasts that are great for different types of creatives, like Podcasts for Motion Graphics Artists.

Today we are shifting the focus to designers. These design podcasts are geared toward graphic designers in general, but they all may be worthwhile to anyone in a creative field as they cover a range of topics about working in the industry, design principles, and achieving a work/life balance.

If you are a designer or a creative, take a listen to these podcasts and you might just learn a thing or two.

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1. Design Matters

Design Matters

Design Matters is a long-running, catch-all podcast about the world of design. Millman is a designer and writer herself, who has developed a really well-rounded interview show geared for designers.

Although Millman has interviewed some of the most well-known designers of our time, like Stefan Sagmeister, she also interviews illustrators, musicians, writers, and the like to cover a broader range of the design and creative worlds in general.

The podcast has been going strong for 14 years, and boasts that it is “the world’s first podcast about design.” Definitely worth checking out for any creative out there.

2. Let’s Make Mistakes

Let's Make Mistakes

Host Mike Montiero brings the magic to this designer’s podcast with his gruff demeanor and quick wit.

Montiero is the founder of Mule Design, a popular interactive design studio in San Francisco. He brings in designers (often interactive, but not always) who discuss everything from specific design techniques, to design thinking and an assortment of other topics.

The episodes are insightful, but also a lot of fun to listen to and enjoy just for kicks.

3. Adventures in Design

Adventures In Design Podcast

Another design interview podcast with an attitude is Adventures In Design, hosted by Mark Brickey. Full of banter and random conversations, Adventures In Design never has a dull moment.

Guests talk shop about process and techniques, but also spend time discussing pop culture topics like Game Of Thrones with just as much fervor.

It’s 2 parts fun, two parts intensity, and 2 parts design talk. This is 6 parts, that make one good podcast.

4. Design Details

Design Details Podcast

Design Details is a great design interview show from Spec.fm. Spec has a bunch of podcasts dedicated to web and product design and development.

Design Details focuses mainly on designers in the web, mobile, and product space, and they do a great job of getting guests who work on a plethora of products that you probably already know and love, like Twitter and YouTube.

Interviews are well produced and insightful. And listening to designers talk about projects that we all know with adds a sense of familiarity to the show.

If you listen to Design Details and like it, be sure to check out the other great Spec.fm podcasts.

5. The Deeply Graphic Design Cast

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast is a fun podcast coming out multiple times a week, with each episode covering a different design topic.

Although every episode has valuable information for designers, it’s great to be able to filter through and find topics that are particularly interesting to you.

Topics include things like personal branding, project organization, and design trends. There is a little something for everyone in this lively and often updated podcast.

Designers come in all shapes and sizes and work on all sorts of projects, but these 5 design podcasts have something useful for just about any creative out there. They are also fun to listen to when you need a break from a particularly tough problem or a really annoying client.

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