4 Motion Graphics Podcasts You Have to Follow

Motion Design 15/06/2019 4 min read

We’ve been creating a series of posts highlighting podcasts for various creatives over the past several weeks. So far, we’ve covered Podcasts for Video Editors and Podcasts for Filmmakers. Be sure to check out those great options.

But today, we’re going to highlight some of the great podcasts geared toward and hosted by motion graphic designers and their work. Let’s get started.

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1. The Collective Podcast

The Collective Podcast

Perhaps, the most well-known of the “mo-graph” podcasts is The Collective, hosted by renowned artist and animator Ash Thorp. You may remember Ash Thorp from our interview with him.

He’s worked on titles for major movies like Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, and X-Men First Class. He’s got exciting personal projects like the movie Lost Boy, and he teaches an online course at the website Learn Squared.

Never busy enough, Thorp also hosts the podcast The Collective, where he sits down with creatives from around the world each week to discuss everything from inspiration and technique to work-life balance and computer specs.

Although not strictly motion graphics-based, Thorp does bring a lot of his own experiences to the interviews and many of his guests including title designer Raoul Marks and animator Casey Hupke make a living in the world of motion graphics.

The podcast is a deep dive into every part of the life of a creative, and often motion graphics designer, and a must-listen for anyone in the field.

2. Animalators

Animalators podcast

A brand new podcast that follows a similar formula to The Collective is the Animalators podcast, hosted by motion designer Zac Dixon.

Dixon is the creative director and co-founder of Identity Visuals out of Nashville, TN. Along with a great body of work that he’s built, he loves learning from other great artists and wanted to create an interview show to learn and share more.

In the first few episodes, Dixon interviewed Colin Hesterly and Allen Laseter, two accomplished animators with great insight and backgrounds.

Zac and his guests cover their origin stories, their body of work, and a range of topics related to the world of animation and motion design. The podcast is well-produced and at about 45 minutes, it’s in-depth without being too long.

Animalators is a bi-weekly podcast and will hopefully have many more episodes to come.

3. Life With Motion

Life With Motion Podcast

Continuing the thread of conversational podcasts is Life With Motion. Hosted by Eric Darnell, owner of Less Films out of Florida. Life With Motion is another great interview show highlighting many of the great artists in the motion graphics industry.

Darnell does a great job of finding artists and animators who maybe aren’t world-famous, but who are creating great work and are an integral part of the industry.

Episodes of Life With Motion are a little shorter than the above podcasts, coming in at around 20 minutes. They are a little quicker to get through, but they still cover a range of topics around the industry and the artist’s work.

4. Greyscalegorilla Podcast

Greyscalegorilla podcast

Another well-known name in the mo-graph world is that of Nick Campbell, a.k.a Greyscalegorilla. Nick is well known because of his extensive series of training videos and tutorials for After Effects and Cinema 4D at greyscalegorilla.com. He’s also released a series of Cinema 4D plug-ins to make animation easier.

Over the years, Campbell has hosted and on-again-off-again podcast with sometimes a few episodes a year and sometimes a few years off.

Early episodes were largely educational with Campbell picking a topic and explaining his experiences with it. Topics like pricing, managing too many projects, and looking for mentors were all covered and quite useful to artists looking for advice.

In the past few months, the Greyscalegorilla Podcast has been rebooted with Campbell interviewing prominent motion graphics artists, sometimes on video and sometimes audio-only.

Campbell has sat with legendary artist GMUNK (Bradley G Munkowitz), as well as David Brodeur and Mike Senften. With hopefully more to come.

Nick and guests cover a range of topics that not only include their backgrounds, but also technical discussions, and off-topic conversations about other interests of the artists. Campbell and his guests are well versed and a lot can be learned from these artist conversations.

Motion graphics artists are an integral part of the creative community and they are finally getting some attention in the podcast world. These are just some of the great podcasts we found highlighting mo-graph artists and their work. Let us know what motion graphics podcasts you listen to in the comments below.