Top 10 fire elements for videos in 2023

Fire has captured human attention for as long as anyone can remember. From explosive action sequences to mesmerizing visual effects, the element of fire has become a powerful tool for filmmakers and content creators, adding intensity, symbolism, and sheer visual spectacle to their work. 

Discover the top 10  latest fire elements from Motion Array. From templates to footage to motion graphics, we’ve got you covered with a fire element for any project. Ready to turn up the heat?

1. Energy fire logo

Give your next video project the energy it deserves with this logo template. Simply add your own logo and turn it into a dynamically animated reveal with fire and energy effects. This template contains 1 logo placeholder and 1 text placeholder. You can customize the color. You can use it in your vlog, TV show, and much more. Grab it today!

Download Energy Fire Logo

2. Fire logo

Add some drama to your logo reveal with this stylized After Effects template. The template features a realistic fire animation and is perfect for grabbing your audience’s attention. 

Download Fire Logo Reveal

3. Fire transitions

Get your audience’s pulses racing with these fire transitions. This stunning template for Premiere Pro lets you show realistic flames with smoke.

Download Burning Fire Transitions

4. Motion graphics

These motion graphics are so realistic you’ll really be feeling the heat. This template pack features a collection of 10 explosion elements. You can even customize the colors and other settings to fit your video project. 

Download Realistic Explosions Pack

5. Monster Transitions

Keep your audience on the edge of their seat with this motion graphics template, featuring a collection of 123 transitions. You can play around with the colors to suit your project and pop the transitions in at any stage of your video.

Download Monster Transitions

6. Fuel the fire

There’s no better way to set the mood than with a catchy soundtrack. Add some fuel to the fire with this instrumental, rock-influenced soundtrack

Download Fuel the Fire

7. Bonfire and windstorm loops

Want to add a realistic sound effect to your project? No need to head out into the elements. We’ve recorded this high-quality SFX set of 3 distinct and powerful bonfire and windstorm ambiance loops with raging fire elements and intense wind noises. 

Download Bonfire and Windstorm Loops

8. Slow-motion fire footage 

Turn up the drama, then slow things down with this fire background. Keep the flames burning with this slow-motion fire footage.

Download Fire Background in Slow Motion

9. Cooking with fire

The saying goes, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. But now you don’t have to. Keep your cooking videos looking hot, hot, hot with this slow-motion shot of a chef with flaming stir fry on Phantom Flex 4k at 1000 fps. 

Download Chef with a Flaming Stir Fry

10. Sparkler

Get the party started or celebrate a special moment with this still image of a woman holding a sparkler in her hand. 

Download Woman Holds Sparkler In Her Hands