5 Inspiring Stop Motion Animation Websites

Motion Design 26/06/2019 3 min read

Stop motion animation has been around since there was animation. And the advancements have been crazy. For instance, the movie “Kubo & The Two Strings” uses 3D printing to make more efficient and realistic models.

There are all kinds of techniques and styles available, so if you are interested in trying your hand at it, it’s worth checking out some stop motion websites for ideas.

Here are some online stop motion animation resources you should be looking at.

Top Stop Motion Resources to Check Out

1. Dragonframe Blog


Dragonframe makes image capture software for stop motion. So, they are kind of authorities on the matter. And they keep a very nice blog around the subject.

On their blog, Dragonframe highlights the latest and greatest stop motion animation videos of all types. They include images, video, and a short write up on each one. It’s a great source of inspiration and a good way to find out what’s trending in the world of stop motion animation.

2. StopMotionAnimation.com

Stop Motion Animation

Here’s a thought, if you are looking for stop motion animation resources, why not look to StopMotionAnimation.com?

StopMotionAnimation.com is a community site for all things related to the technique and art form. They have free tutorials like the “The Original Stop Motion Handbook” in web page form, videos that serve as inspiration and a message board that users can sign up for and take part in.

They even have their own list of resources to buy tools and supplies for creating stop motion animation of your own.

3. Into Film

Into Film

Into Film isn’t a stop motion animation site. It’s a site about filmmaking in general. But they do have one particular resource worth checking out for any wannabe stop motion animator.

That’s the “Introduction To Stop Motion Animation” PDF available for free download. Definitely pick this one up if you are new to the art.

And then hang around Into Film to learn more tips on the art of filmmaking.

4. AnimationResources.org

Animation Resources

Animation Resources is a site dedicated to all sorts of animation techniques. They discuss theory and techniques and even have a community program through the site.

But they also talk a lot about stop motion animation and the history of the art form. By searching for “stop motion” on the site, you can get a list of their extensive blog posts on the subject and learn more about the roots of stop motion.

5. AnimateClay.com

Animate Clay

While there are tons of ways to create stop motion animation, clay is one of the most well known, thanks in large part to Aardman Animation and their movies like Wallace & Gromit.

AnimateClay.com is a resource specifically for claymation. They have a large tutorial section, news, resources for purchasing supplies, and even a podcast dedicated to animating with clay.

It’s a great resource if clay animation is your stop motion tool of choice.

Stop motion animation is a beautiful art form that can be a lot of work but can also be really rewarding. And there is no limit to the ways one can create stop motion. You can build elaborate clay sculptures, you can cut out paper, you can rearrange lego bricks, or use people in your animation.

But whatever you decide to do in stop motion, be sure to check out these sites for a little creative help and inspiration along the way.