Vimeo Channels For Motion Graphics Inspiration

Motion Design 22/12/2019 4 min read

The world of motion graphics is vast, to say the least. Artists and studios around the world are turning out great work each week. There are several sites dedicated to showcasing motion graphics.

Because of this, there are several great channels on Vimeo dedicated to just curating great motion graphics content. Some are more general motion graphics channels and some are very specific, highlighting things like demo reels.

Here are some of the channels you should follow on Vimeo to feed your mo-graph addiction.

Purely Motion Graphics

The Purely Motion Graphics channel is one of the most followed on Vimeo dedicated to the art of motion graphics. With a 7 year history, this channel has racked up nearly 20,000 followers.

Moderator Juztn doesn’t overload the channel with videos. Instead, he posts a more limited amount of videos for general inspiration. Over the 7 years of the channel, he’s added around 430 videos covering a wide range of styles and a good overview of the landscape of design over the past 7 years.

Motion Soup

With 6 years of history, Motion Soup is another long-standing general motion graphics channel worth following. Motion Soup was created by the Design Media Group at Red River College.

This channel has a larger selection of pieces to inspire, topping out at nearly 1,200 videos. The selection covers a range of 2D and 3D pieces from various studios and individual artists.

Nice Type

There are several channels on Vimeo dedicated specifically to the art of type animation. And Nice Type is likely the most popular with almost 32,000 followers and close to 900 video examples.

Matthew Buchanan, a designer and typographer, started the channel 8 years ago to highlight what he considered the best in type design and kinetic type animations. He also takes submissions via Vimeo message.

The content here ranges from simple and clean type layouts to polished 3D and experimental type animations.

Kinetic Typography Channel

Originally created by Marco Papale, Kinetic Typography Channel is another great resource for type animations and layouts.

Over its 7 year history, KTC has amassed over 8,000 followers and a collection of almost 300 videos.

The focus here is much more on a specific “kinetic type” style videos where large amounts of text animate on and off-screen, often to quotes from movies or in the form of lyrics videos for bands. This is a great resource if you are looking for this specific type of inspiration.

Wine After Coffee

Jorge Conedo Estrada is one of the most respected motion graphics designers working today. He’s developed his own unique voice and we even featured him in our post 10 Motion Graphics Designers To Follow On Twitter.

Along with his many other endeavors, Estrada created the Wine After Coffee Vimeo channel 5 years ago, and it now serves as a daily showcase of curated work with over 31 moderators taking part.

In terms of content, anything and everything can be found amongst the almost 3,500 videos. The only criteria seem to be that it’s well made, creative, and generally unique.


Another one of the resources we previously featured for motion graphics inspiration was Motionographer. Justin Cone started Motionographer years back as a blog and showcase for great work.

Much of that great work is featured directly on the Motionographer Vimeo channel. With 8 moderators including Cone, Jorge Conedo Estrada, and Buck art director Jon Donaldson, you can expect a high level of curation from this channel.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to see here. There is a growing collection of over 1,500 videos to browse from the experimental and envelope-pushing to top-notch 3D, and elegant flat design animations.


Animade is a well-respected animation and digital design studio out of London. But they also have a popular Vimeo channel called Animade where they highlight not only their own work but the work of others that they find to be inspiring.

The team of 7 moderators from the Animade studio have built a library of nearly 700 videos for their roughly 3,000 followers to enjoy.

Although not entirely based on a certain style of animation, it’s clear that the Animade crew enjoy lots of videos with a hand-drawn or 2D feel, as these types of pieces make up a lot of the curated selection.

Analog Motion Graphics

In the world of slick 3D renders, and precise 2D graphic animations, there is a special place for those that use their hands and real world elements like paper cutouts and ink and water as a base for their graphic creations.

Artist, director, and composer Gabriel Shalom has made it a point to highlight just such creations with his Vimeo channel called Analog Motion Graphics.

The collection of around 175 videos added over the past 6 years features all kinds of experimental ideas from stop motion techniques to experiments with sound waves and liquids. Although not strictly motion graphics, as much of the collection includes some form of live action video, this is a unique and inspiring look at what can be done when combining crafts, science, and real-world art to the design and motion graphics landscape.

Everything Animated

Everything Animated is a Vimeo channel that covers everything animated. Over its 8 year history, channel creator and character animator Aziz Kocanaogullari, has amassed a massive collection of almost 3,500 videos and an even more massive audience of more than 35,000 followers.

This is a big collection with something for everyone. It’s a great channel to get lost in while looking for all types of inspiration. There is no shortage of ideas and unique perspectives showcased here, although you will find more pieces built around character animation then type or straight graphics.

As with several of these channels, Everything Animated also accepts submissions through an email address located in the channel description.

All of the channels above are a great way to dive into the rich world of motion graphics and animation. They are worth following to get your daily inspiration and keep up with trends. But if you want to dig even further into loads of great animation content on Vimeo or find more channels to follow, visit the Animation Category page on Vimeo. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.