30 Free & Paid Festive Christmas Background Images for Vibrant Designs

Photography 16/11/2021 9 min read

Whether you’re looking to create your own Christmas Cards, party invitations, seasonal sales messages, or social posts, you can’t go wrong with a creatively designed stock asset. Find the perfect background for your festive projects with our list of 30 incredible images.

Part 1: Top 30 Jolly & Merry Christmas Background Images

1. Free Bokeh on Dark

The Bokeh on Dark image is a fantastic composition used as both a background and an overlay. Featuring large blue and green bokeh spots, the gentle style can be used for many projects.

Free Bokeh on Dark Download

2. Free Classic American Cookies

What could feel more festive than a huge plate of warm cookies? Sat on a silver workbench, the pile of delicious-looking treats includes chocolate chips and colored candies, with a second plate of brownies in the background.

Free Classic American Cookies Download

3. Bokeh Light Circles

The Bokeh Light Circles offer a gorgeous golden array of bokeh lights, ideal for backgrounds and overlays. The soft focus and festive color palette give a warm and friendly feeling to your image.

Download Bokeh Light Circles Now

4. Shinny Green Background

The Shiny Green Background image is a scattering of green glitter across a dark background. The striking image has plenty of space for your messaging while offering a unique and magical feel.

Download Shinny Green Background Now

5. Bokeh and Red Glitters

The Bokeh with Red Glitters background offers an enormous depth of focus over a surface of red glitter, creating soft-focus light reflections in the foreground. The background drifts to a Christmassy red gradient, ideal space for your messaging.

Download Bokeh and Red Glitters Now

6. Illuminated Merry Christmas

The Illuminated Merry Christmas image is a bust and bold photo with plenty of Christmassy colors. The swirling neon Merry Christmas message takes up a large portion of the image, leaving little space for your text.

Download Illuminated Merry Christmas Now

7. Glittering Gold Dust

The Glittering Gold Dust is a fun image of raining glitter piling at the bottom of the frame. The black background makes this composition that’s great for overlays and backgrounds, with a warm, subtle look.

Download Glittering Gold Dust Now

8. Pink Bokeh Background

The Pink Bokeh background is a fun and friendly-looking image featuring a rose-colored background with iridescent bokeh lights. The consistent background makes this image ideal for presentations and slides with lots of information.

Download Pink Bokeh Background Now

9. Christmas Festive Pink Background

The Christmas Festive Pink Background is the ideal composition for party invites, with a soft, friendly tone. Featuring a pale pink background with white bokeh lights, the frame includes bright pink masks, baubles, and confetti. 

Download Christmas Festive Pink Background Now

10. Christmas Pink Pattern

The Christmas Pink Pattern is a simple composition featuring a solid, pale pink background scattered with iridescent Christmas baubles and glitter. The design leaves a central space with no decorations for your messaging.

Download Christmas Pink Pattern Now

11. Table Setting for Christmas Dinner

The perfect (albeit a little impractical) Christmas table design is depicted stunningly in the Table Setting for Christmas Dinner image. The brown table against the red and green color palette feels natural and Christmassy, with a scattering of pine cones and decorations.

Download Table Setting for Christmas Dinner Now

12. Christmas Gift Background

The Christmas Gift Background is a fun and stylish image, ideal for short and bold messages. The wooden table center is embraced by gift wrapping elements, including scissors, ribbons, parcels, and baubles.

Download Christmas Gift Background Now

13. Christmas or New Year Celebration

The Christmas or New Year Celebration image would work for any celebratory event and is ideal for party invitations. Featuring a soft pink background with a scattering of gold and pink stars showing from the Rose bottle of wine.

Download Christmas or New Year Celebration Now

14. Christmas Baubles and Snowflakes

The Christmas Baubles and Snowflakes image is a striking white-on-white style piece. Featuring a white waffle background with scattered white decorations, shadows, and negative space creates a contrasting composition.

Download Christmas Baubles and Snowflakes Now

15. Branches of A Christmas Tree

The Branches of A Christmas Tree composition is, as you might imagine; to the left, a close-up focused shot of lush green pine branches. To the right, a scattering of golden bokeh gives the impression of Christmas lights.

Download Branches of a Christmas Tree Now

16. A Red Christmas Gift

The Red Christmas Gift image is an elegant background, which could quite easily be masked to create a wreath-like frame. The bottom of the image features pine branches and red baubles intertwined around a shiny red gift.

Download A Red Christmas Gift Now

17. Boxed Christmas Decor

The ideal image for Seasonal Greetings, the Box Christmas decor design includes a wooden crate filled with green and red decorations. A single string of lights leads the empty silvery space scattered with colorful bokeh lights.

Download Boxed Christmas Decor Now

18. Christmas Composition With Copy Space

The Christmas Composition with Copy Space design is an organic and natural feeling festive photo. Featuring a wooden table set with a tray of pine branches and cones, surrounded by tree-shaped cookies, cinnamon sticks, and cloves.

Download Christmas Composition with Copy Space Now

19. Christmas Decorations

The Christmas Decorations composition is a striking and bold statement of red and slivers. The close-up tinsel offers a variety of shiny red tones, while the see-through Christmas bauble contains a single detailed white snowflake.

Download Christmas Decorations Now

20. Christmas Gifts And Decorations

This icy grey and blue image are ideal for seasonal business wishes, menu cards, and invitations. The cold grey surface is fantastic for a longer copy, while the blue wrapped gift box and frosted pine branches add a winter feel.

Download Christmas Gifts And Decorations Now

21. Christmas Frame

The Christmas Frame image is a striking, bright red composition with a beautiful matte finish. Including red ribbons, pine branches, and golden bauble decorations, this composition is sure to catch the eye of your social media followers.

Download Christmas Frame Now

22. Christmas Frame with Golden Gift

The Christmas Frame with Golden Gift image includes a beautifully wrapped golden gift amongst pine branches and baubles. The dark organic black background makes this image ideal for title cards and invitations.   

Download Christmas Frame with Golden Gift Now

23. Christmas Ball In Snow

Featuring 3 small baubles in red and gold perfectly lined up across the grey/white bokeh background, the Christmas Ball in snow composition is a stylish and bold composition. The soft color palette with plenty of surrounding space makes this image highly editable.

Download Christmas Ball In Snow Now

24. Christmas Balls On Snow

This stunning wintery scene is sure to grab your viewer’s attention with its striking use of silver-blue tones. Composed of two frosted matte baubles in a bed of fluffy snow, the iridescent tinsel background offers a hint of warmth.

Download Christmas Balls On Snow Now

25. Flatlay With Christmas Decor

The Flat Lay Christmas Decor image is a fun and playful feeling composition, with a central copy space ideal for greetings cards. The white background is surrounded by pink and gold baubles, snowflakes, ribbons, and pinecones.

Download Flatlay With Christmas Decor Now

26. Golden Snowflakes

The Golden Snowflakes composition is a beautiful and elegant photo, ideal for corporate season’s wishes and new years celebrations. Featuring a grey-toned surface, the semi-circle of golden snowflake decorations frame the copy space.

Download Golden Snowflakes Now

27. Christmas Balls And Snowflakes

This simple composition features a grey-toned surface with carefully placed golden baubles, snowflakes, and stars. The photo is so well composed it feels like a digital design, with a soft color palette that won’t detract from your messaging.

Download Christmas Balls And Snowflakes Now

28. Christmas Pattern Background

This Christmas Pattern Background offers a warmer climate with its beach, blue stained wooden background. The deliberately placed pattern of candy canes, orange slices, and pine branches give you Christmassy beach vibes.

Download Christmas Pattern Background Now

29. Christmas Golden Background

This seasonal treat features a stunning golden Christmas Bauble with gold and sparkling green foliage. Sitting on a rose gold surface scattered with golden stars, the copy space background is a simple golden bokeh effect.

Download Christmas Golden Background Now

30. Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar image shows star-shaped cookies on a wooden table, covered with a dusting of powdered sugar. The bright red advent calendar cards showing 23 and 24 tell you Christmas is near, with plenty of room for your messaging below.

Download Advent Calendar Now

Part 2: 5 Creative Ways to Use Christmas Background Images

1. Party Invitations

If you’re planning a festive party, you can quickly get your guests in the mood with a bespoke invitation. Choose an image that suits what you want the event to be, with enough space for all the critical information.

We used the Flatlay With Christmas Decor photo for this design!

2. Family Announcements

Christmas is the time to send those family updates, letting everyone know about the year just gone and your hopes for the one to come. Use overlays and frames to create a unique look for your announcements this year.

We used the Christmas Balls And Snowflakes photo for this design!

3. Company Client Christmas Cards

Sending a Christmas card to your clients might seem like a hassle, but your happy customers will surely appreciate the effort. Whatmore, with stock assets, you can create a digital greeting that can be sent to everyone, saving your time and money, with added green points.

We used the Christmas Frame with Golden Gift photo for this design!

4. Christmas Dinner RSVP

Suppose you want your guests to RSVP to your event, what better way than with a beautifully designed RSVP postcard. Like an invitation, your RSVP should include all the critical information, with room for the recipient to confirm.

We used the Christmas or New Year Celebration photo for this design!

5. Christmas Calendars

Whether you’re an online content creator or a business, creating a fun digital advent calendar can engage your audience. Try creating social posts for each day, giving away offers, tips, or helpful information.

We used the Pink Bokeh Background for this design!

Be it sending your seasonal greeting digitally or looking for printed materials; you can’t go wrong with a bespoke touch. Stock assets can be used for a vast array of festive greetings, invites, calendars, and announcements, so why not create the perfect composition with one of these stunning backgrounds.

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