Create the Ideal Facebook Cover Photo: Top 13 Template Designs & Tips

Photography Motion Array 17/02/2022 4 min read

Facebook Cover Photos are a fantastic way to introduce your brand and message to your visitors. What’s better, however, is a bunch of photos edited together into a stylish and trendy Facebook Cover Video. In this tutorial, we’re going to take you through our 13 favorite Facebook Cover templates, with some tips for getting the most from them.

Part 1: Top Eye-Catching Facebook Cover Photos & Videos

1. Facebook Cover 

This stunning AE Facebook Cover template includes 12 media and 19 text placeholders for a fast-paced, modern header. Ideal for creative businesses and marketing agencies, the bold style is sure to stand out.

Download Facebook Cover Now

2. Facebook Cover – After Effects

Facebook Cover 2 is a stylish and slick-looking After Effects header video featuring 6 media and 8 title placeholders. The smooth slide, zoom, and spin transitions keep the footage in constant motion while bold title elements share your message.

3. Promo for Facebook Video Cover

The AE Promo for Facebook is a corporate-style Facebook header featuring 10 media and 2 title placeholders. The video moves swiftly with fantastic use of split-screen and wipe transitions, with subtle titling to add your brand.

Download Promo for Facebook Video Cover Now

4. Facebook Cover Video

The Facebook Cover Video project includes a massive 33 media and 14 title placeholders in a fast-paced blast of visuals. Flicking quickly through your media using a mix of wipe and film reel style transitions, the titles become the focus of your headers.

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5. Cover Promo Facebook

The Cover Photo Facebook After Effects project includes 30 media and 13 title placeholders. The stylish template features speedy zoom and spin transitions, with full-screen title animations for powerful, punchy messaging.

Download Cover Promo Facebook Now

6. Facebook Promo Cover

The Facebook Promo Cover is a beautifully designed After Effects project with 23 media and 15 title placeholders. The speedy composition features bright color bar wipes for easy branding, ideal for photographers and artist showreels.

Download Facebook Promo Cover Now

7. Facebook Cover

This Premiere Pro Facebook Cover is a neat and stylish template with 9 media and 11 title placeholders. Ideal for modern businesses, the trendy composition includes speedy wipes, alpha text, and bright, colorful flourishes.

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8. Facebook Cover Video

The Facebook Cover Video template for Premiere Pro is a dark and grungy look with 3d motion titles. The stylish graphical design fills the screen as a spotlight drifts across your footage, creating depth to the scene. 

Download Facebook Cover Video Now

9. Facebook Cover Video – Premiere Pro

The Facebook Cover Video template for Premiere Pro is a stunning sequence filled with trendy filters and color tones. The slanted wipes feel unique and modern, while the simple zoom titles offer plenty of copy space.

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10. Facebook Cover Video 2

The Facebook Cover Video 2 template for Premiere Pro offers a unique design ideal for music, art, and photography pages. The modern style features a glitchy transition with double-exposure effects and subtle titles.

Download Facebook Cover Video 2 Now

11. Cover for Facebook – Premiere Pro

The Premiere Pro Cover for Facebook includes 11 media and 13 text placeholders in a modular design. The design includes bright color bar wipes with unique glass slide video effects and subtle floating titles.

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12. Facebook Cover

The Facebook Cover template for Final Cut Pro is a trendy and dynamic animation ideal for modern businesses and content creators. The bright and colorful title design makes this template easy to brand with short, bold messaging.

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13. Facebook Video Banner

The Facebook Video Banner for Final Cut Pro is a beautiful project ideal for photographers and artists. The fullscreen media placeholders feature subtle wipes and split-screen effects, with simple, bold titling and stunning light leak effects.

Download Facebook Video Banner Now

Part 2: Smart Tips & Techniques to Create Amazing Facebook Covers

Keep It Clear & Simple

Facebook Covers are a fantastic way to introduce web visitors to your brand and core offering. Adding too much information to your Facebook Cover can be confusing and distracting for your viewer; keep it clear and simple.

Brief Text

As you can see from the templates, most Facebook Covers deal with short, bold titles, ideal for your visitors to gather information quickly. Adding too much text to your cover videos can result in the video becoming overlong; find short, punchy messaging for your videos.

Show Off Brand Personality

Your Facebook Cover should also include your Brand Personality, and you can add this through the use of fonts, colors, and animation style. Think carefully about how you want your viewer to perceive your brand, and find a template that matches.

Share Brand News

Facebook covers are also a fantastic way of displaying Brand News, and they can be updated as frequently as you want. Try adding brand news, event information, and other topical elements to your headers; just remember to update once the information is out of date.

Match Your Profile Photo

Another vital element of your Facebook page is your Profile Photo. Many brands use their logo in their profile image, but it should still match the style and design of your cover video. Match background colors or flourishes to create consistency between your branded elements.

Think Mobile

A lot of users will be visiting your page via mobile, so it is important to consider these users in your design. Mobile versions of Facebook will crop the edges of your video, so only the central portion is viewable; as such, you should ensure your titles are center-aligned and preview your header to make sure it fits.

Facebook cover photos and videos are a fantastic way of customizing your page look and feel, as well as attracting more visitors. With a range of templates, you can quickly put together an engaging cover video to show off your brand, message, and images. If you’re interested in more ways to promote your brand, check out these incredible video marketing templates.