40 Funny Stock Photos for Creating Hilarious Online Posts

Photography 30/06/2021 11 min read

Visual storytelling is a powerful form of expression, and it’s no longer limited to movies or television anymore. Creating unique, engaging, and even humorous online content is a nearly essential skill these days, and these funny stock photos speak for themselves. 

If you’ve got a unique idea for a clever post, chances are you’ll need the perfect funny photo to accompany it. So unleash your inner comic with these funny images, and maybe get some inspiration along the way!

Part 1: Top 40 Hilarious and Funny Stock Photos 

1. Having Fun In Autumn

This one is perfect for any fun fall content! If you are looking for photos of a family or young couple photos being silly and in love, this will also add a bit of a hilarious twist.

Download Having Fun in Autumn Now

2. Old Woman With a Calculator

Sometimes we forget the wisdom of our elders or just ignore them. With this photo, you can definitely remind your audience grandma knows best, and she won’t let it go this time!

Download Old Woman With a Calculator Now

3. Using a Hairdryer

We all need to let our emotions out when the day seems to have turned on us. This photo is great for the times clients or coworkers were a bit too much!

Download Using a Hairdryer Now

4. Business Man Defending Himself

Competition at work is always fierce, and some are more prepared for the challenge than others. This might be just the right kind of fun and play when presenting company numbers or announcing team-building activities.

Download Business Man Defending Himself Now

5. Crazy Cook

We might all wonder what happens at the kitchens in posh restaurants. Chefs usually have a cooking style of their own, but maybe next time you might not want to complain!

Download Crazy Cook Now

6. Air Guitar With Broom

This funny stock image is proof that you can rock out while cleaning your sock (drawers) out. But no one beat Mrs. Doubtfire! Use this photo for your next big social media announcement.

Download Air Guitar With Broom Now

7. Funny Couple in Underwear Store

All couples have moments where they need some advice. Or maybe your spouse is just too keen to win the Halloween costume contest this year!

Download Funny Couple in Underwear Store Now

8. Business Woman On The Phone

Once in a while, we all need to make work-life a bit more balanced and relaxed. Maybe remind your HR team casual Fridays nowadays might include some additional accessories!

Download Business Woman On The Phone Now

9. Little Dog In Pink Clothes

This photo is just the right amount of chic and posh, with a bit of spice! Definitely boldly going where no Yorkie has gone before.

Download Little Dog In Pink Clothes Now

10. Funny Face

This is a moment when others think having kids is a great idea, yet really don’t know how much birthdays mean they better get what they want. You don’t want to know what comes next!

Download Funny Face Now

11. Young Man Eating Spaghetti

People were not joking when they said that a way to man’s heart is through their stomach. But this is a reminder it also passes through the mouth; no utensils needed!

Download Young Man Eating Spaghetti Now

12. Dog Disco

When your best friend knows what you need on a Friday night! We really don’t deserve dogs, especially one this creative and cool!

Download Dog Disco Now

13. Head Through The Wall

Remember the times we were curious if walls can really hear us? Well, now we can put a face to the wall.

Download Head Through The Wall Now

14. Cows Kissing

This wholesome, sweet, and funny stock image of a cow kissing another cow will really moo-ve you. Why would anyone say it was a moo point anyway?

Download Cows Kissing Now

15. Manager With Small Bicycle 

When we wonder what our bosses do behind their doors in their big offices. If you thought golfing or a hot tub, you should think again! 

Download Manager With Small Bicycle Now

16. Potty Training

There comes a time in life where you think some things should never have to be faced again. But remember it should not stay in the livingroom!

Download Potty Training Now

17. Little Boy Lying On A Lawn

School’s out, but you might miss the cool cold grass where you scored many goals! But the warmth of the sun and the sweet, sweet delight knowing you’ll never have to do another math problem again. See you next year!

Download Little Boy Lying On A Lawn Now

18. Couple Walking Along Market

If you are looking to promote your product in a creative way, why not creatively put it within the context of a funny photo. This is perfect for a fashion brand looking to showcase their new traveler t-shirt collection or just a fun post about traveling tips for couples.

Download Couple Walking Along Market Now

19. Playing With Smoke Flares

Although moms and dads worry their daughters might be too whimsical, there are moments in life when you realize their future calling is right in front of your eyes. Cheerleader squad? 

Download Playing With Smoke Flares Now

20. Rollerwoman In Yellow

If you think doing the splits for pilates class would be hard, put on some rollers and music and let gravity do the rest! Make sure you have one person supervising. 

Download Rollerwoman In Yellow Now

21. Couple Having Fun In New Home

So what is the first thing that you would do to christen your house? Well, some might just put their boxes to good use!

Download Couple Having Fun In New Home Now

22. Food And Health Protection

A still-life portrait of life giving you lemons in 2021. No wall can stop or let you run away from making lemonade this year!

Download Food And Health Protection Now

23. Man With Supermarket Cart

If you are looking to encourage online shopping for your ecommerce brand without being too salesy, use this funny photo with a catchy phrase. Must…use…expiring…coupon!

Download Man With Supermarket Cart Now

24. Man Helping His Friend Move Out

When they said it might be better to hire professionals, you decided offering pizza to friends would be a better incentive. But who said you can’t play hide and seek while packing? A perfect photo of how not to move!

Download Man Helping His Friend Move Out Now

25. Funny Chihuahua At Home

When you thought mommy was hot and perfect to sleep next to but then realize she might be a bit too clingy! We might need to renegotiate some of our boundaries. The best photo to show how not to smother your puppy!

Download Funny Chihuahua At Home Now

26. Dog Lying Comfortable In Bed

Sometimes we all have to come to the realization that dogs are the king of the house. They all just wait for the right moment to steal your throne! Learn how to set better boundaries with your pet from this photo.

Download Dog Lying Comfortable In Bed Now

27. Hanging Out At Office Building

When you can’t get time off from work because your boss is on holiday, but your coworkers know exactly what you need to feel better. You canceled skydiving, no problem! Definitely a great teamwork photo.

Download Hanging Out At Office Building Now

28. Men Fooling Around With Girlfriend

When you really want to know what they want for dinner, you gotta get closer and more intimate. Well, make sure you have some snacks with you just in case! A great photo for relationship advice posts.

Download Men Fooling Around With Girlfriend Now

29. Viewing A Picture With A Funny Face

When people ask you to take a photo, make sure you don’t overdo the directions. Who cares if the photo turns out bad? At least you are not in it. Use this photo when showcasing that some wedding photographers need more experience.

Download Viewing A Picture With A Funny Face Now

30. Funny Grandpa DJ

When you ask grandpa to help with the wedding, he might just have the right grooves to make it epic. Or get ready for an interesting experience that no one will forget! This photo is a great reminder that some things are worth spending your money on your wedding day.

Download Funny Grandpa DJ Now

31. Pregnant With Donut Eyes

When you can’t eat what you want but you can buy it and make a photoshoot! Who said pregnant women can’t enjoy donuts? They should always use food for baby photoshoots. A great find to use when giving moms great tips on social media posts!

Download Pregnant With Donut Eyes Now

32. Smiling Child In A Bathtub

Always beware when your child is too quiet, especially in the bathtub. Some kids can get really creative and others act out scenes for the next best sci-fi movie! Definitely a good option when sharing posts about quality time with kids.

Download Smiling Child In A Bathtub Now

33. Shocking News

When teaching grandpa to use new technology, make sure they know YouTube might have too much visual information. Nobody wants to know from where they put extra hair on your head!

Download Shocking News Now

34. In A Hurry

Some love to play charades until you realize your friend was showing you their new moonwalking dance! Just make sure to be impressed. 

Download In A Hurry Now

35. Superwoman Ironing Laundry

When your husband had other ideas about role-playing, make sure he helps you finish all the chores. There might be some dessert waiting at the end! This photo is just ready to use in your next meme. 

Download Superwoman Ironing Laundry Now

36. Woman Opening Gift Box

When your friend is truly surprised by the gift you got them, you might want to catch their reaction to remember the moment. Just make sure you got the date right! Perfect choice for a post on what not to get from Amazon.

Download Woman Opening Gift Box Now

37. Food Delivery Man Fail

When the promise is 30 minutes or your pizza is free, all delivery men do not let even a broken car slow them down. As they say, rain or snow, all things get delivered. No one said it had to be hot right?

Download Food Delivery Man Fail Now

38. Yawning Businessman

When you wonder if your boss knows this is the 100th time he has told you this story, just make sure you keep smiling. It has been proven yawning is contagious, maybe even over the phone? Great photo to use when sharing business tips and tricks online.

Download Yawning Businessman Now

39. Constipation Concept

We all have those moments our bottoms want to help us break the silence. Remember hands work best when you cover your mouth!

Download Constipation Concept Now

40. Alarm Clock

You had big dreams for your day until you realized once you snooze, you always lose. Now is the time to cut your losses and break up with your alarm clock! 

Download Alarm Clock Now

Part 2: Creative Ways to Use Funny Photos on Social Media

Great! You found a funny photo to use in your next social media post. But now what? How do you make your post stand out from all the other hilarious and engaging posts? Take a look at some of these amazing tips and tricks to create amusing posts for your followers or help you grow your brand image with a freshly witty touch. 

1. Keep to a Font Theme

  • Decorate your funny stock photos with images, texts, and branding – a little flourish can go a long way!
  • Be sure to use a font that’s easy to read, as opposed to heavy cursive or windings. If you want to switch it up, use different fonts within the same family (ex. Serif with Serif)

2. Format Your Photos for Social

  • For example, horizontal graphics look great on Stories, whereas square graphics fit perfectly in your feed.
  • Adding a background to your image can help it fit in nicely with your feed, while also catching your audience’s eye.

3. Create Cohesive Sequences in Your Feed

  • Stock photos often come in sequences or themes of their own – play around with a collection of funny stock photos to create a quick-witted visual story!
  • Blending funny stock photos with your own collection is a great way to personalize your humorous feed.
  • Meme it up! A photo with a clever caption written directly on it, or a “meme” is a fantastic way to connect with a younger audience.

4. Choose Photos that Allow you to Add Overlays 

  • Photos with ample negative space or a monochrome background are excellent for overlaying with text, effects, or even another similar photo.

Think Ahead: Match your call to action to your post goals.

  • Entertain: If you’re looking to entertain your audience, leaning into relatable but wholesome humor is absolutely the best way to go.
  • Educate/Inform: If you’re looking to educate or inform your audience, take a break from the trending infographic style and lean more into pairing a funny stock photo with an informational lesson.
  • Provoke: Pair a funny stock photo with a thought-provoking caption.
  • Inspire: Who says humor can’t be inspiring? Pair a silly meme with a serious call-to-action. This can attract more viewers to your post, and help you reach your goals.

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