18 Best Snow Background Images for Christmas Cards (+Tutorial)

Photography 15/11/2021 6 min read

Tis’ the season to be creating festive messages for your followers, subscribers, and clients, and what better way than with a bit of Photoshop magic. We’ve put together a list of our top Snow images, ideal for your Christmas greetings, along with a step-by-step guide to adding Titles and Snow Overlays in Adobe Photoshop.

Part 1: Top 18 Snow Background Images for Your Holiday Projects

1. Snow Waves Texture

The Snow Waves Texture background is a beautiful shimmering composition featuring gentle waves of fresh snow. The blue/white tone makes this image ideal for a wintery scene for text and graphic elements without distracting.

Download Snow Waves Texture Now

2. Blue Winter Bokeh Lights

This composition offers a range of winter blue-colored bokeh lights with a subtle gradient. The glinting particles are ideal for backgrounds but could also be a fantastic overlay by playing with the Blend Modes and Opacity.

Download Blue Winter Bokeh Lights Now

3. Christmas Ball in Snow

This composition is ideal for creating seasonal greeting cards of your own. Featuring a single golden Christmas tree bauble on a bed of white feathery snow, the grey/white bokeh background is the perfect place for your message.

Download Christmas Ball in Snow Now

4. Light and Shadow in Snow

The Light and Shadow in Snow photo is a fantastic composition featuring pockets of snow hit by the sun. The high contrast light and shadow offer a chilly, icy feeling to the image, ideal for the winter season.

Download Light and Shadow in Snow Now

5. Card with Small Snowman

This gorgeous photo is the perfect image for your seasonal greetings. Featuring a plush snowman sitting atop a pile of snow, with a soft blue snowflake blizzard background ideal for your messaging.

Download Card with Small Snowman Now

6. Christmas Balls on Snow

The Christmas Balls on Snow features two ice-blue matte decorations sitting on a blanket of feathery snow. The background has tinsel feel with iridescent blues and greens shimmering through the subtle falling snow.

Download Christmas Balls on Snow Now

7. Snowflakes Silhouettes on Snow

The Snowflake Silhouettes on Snow image is a simple but stylish composition that could be used across a wide range of video and design projects. An icy blue background has been sprinkled with soft snow, leaving behind large snowflake impressions.

Download Snowflakes Silhouettes on Snow Now

8. Dune of Snow

This stunning image features a massive dune of fresh snow, bright sunny blue skies, and white fluffy clouds. The idyllic scene is ideal for seasonal messages as well as photo slideshows and header images.

Download Dune of Snow Now

9. Blue Gift Box in Snow

This bird’s eye view shot of a beautifully wrapped gift sitting in snow is designed with plenty of negative space for your messaging. The Christmassy red bow perfectly offsets the cold blue of the wrapping paper.

Download Blue Gift Box in Snow Now

10. Winter Background With Snowflakes

The Winter Background image is a blizzard of blue and white particles, ideal for backgrounds, textures, and overlays. The fantastic feathery particles create a blue vignette with plenty of options for messaging.

Download Winter Background With Snowflakes Now

11. Blue Christmas Surface

Another fantastic image designed for your seasonal messages, the Blue Christmas Surface picture, is a clean and minimalist design. To the left of the shot is a swirl of blue, silver, and white Christmas Baubles to add a festive touch.

Download Blue Christmas Surface Now

12. Red Heart Lies on White Snow

The Red Heart Lies on White Snow picture is a striking and bold image ideal for title cards and simple messaging. The bright red glossy heart element sits on a bed of white snow, creating a stark contrast in colors.

Download Red Heart Lies on White Snow Now

13. Texture of a Piece of Ice on the Snow

The Texture of a Piece of Ice on the Snow image is everything the title suggests. The piles of snowy ice look crisp and cool as they slowly melt in the sun, the perfect reminder that Spring is on the way.

Download Texture of a Piece of Ice on the Snow Now

14. Trees Covered with Snow

The Trees Covered with Snow image is a striking winter composition with incredible color contrast. Featuring trees leaning under a snowy blanket with a bright blue sky, this image is sure to grab your viewer’s attention.

Download Trees Covered with Snow Now

15. Winter Background

The Winter Background image is a fantastic option for your seasonal greetings but is also an incredible wintery shot for presentations, promotions, and vlogs. The simple foreground shows a snowy pine branch, with a vast depth of focus leading to a wintery lodge in the background.

Download Winter Background Now

16. Winter Snow Background

The Winter Snow Background is the perfect blanket of snow image, with soft indentations and consistent light. Ideal for backgrounds, textures, and overlays, this composition is sure to get your viewers wishing for snow.

Download Winter Snow Background Now

17. Gingerman Snow Angel

Featuring a happy gingerbread man surrounded by a scattering of snow, this cheeky image is ideal for cute and fun branded messages. The dark, grungy background offers room for messaging without distracting from the adorable biscuit man.

Download Gingerman Snow Angel Now

18. Snowfall on Black Background

The Snowfall on the Black Background image is a must-have for any photoshop editing wanting to add snow to a shot. Use a choice of Blend Modes to create unique snowy effects over your messaging.

Download Snowfall on Black Background Now

Part 2: Create Christmas Cards with Snow Background Images in Photoshop

Creating a Christmas Card in Photoshop can be as straightforward or as complicated as you want to make it. Here, we’ll be showing you a couple of crucial Photoshop skills that you can use to create a range of compositions. We’re going to use the stunning Snow on Trees photo with the Snowfall on Back overlay.

  1. Open Photoshop and add your background image by dragging it to the canvas.
  2. Grab the corner of the image, then drag outwards to resize the image.
  3. Drag the image around the canvas to position it, then when you are done hit Return
  4. If you want to resize the image again, hit Cmd+T on your keyboard.
  5. Click on the Title tool in the Tool panel. Click and drag a box over the image area you want to add your messaging.
  6. Type your message into the box, and use the Character panel to adjust your font, size, weight, and color.
  7. Drag the title around the screen until you are happy with the position.
  8. Double click the Title in the Layers panel to open the Effect menu. Look through the effects to see which you want to use – we’re using an Outer Glow effect.
  9. Once you’re happy with how your title looks, click OK to close the box.
  10. Drag your overlay image to the canvas and resize as needed.
  11. Select the Overlay in the Layers panel and go to Layer > Layer Style > Blend Options – the same effects box will open.
  12. In the Blend Mode options, select Screen from the drop-down list. You can use other blend modes, play around with each to see what works best for your image.

Creating stunning Christmas cards can be a lot of fun with so many assets available to download. Whether you’re sending seasonal wishes to your family, friends, or online audience, you can’t go wrong with a bespoke card you’ve created yourself. Now you know how to produce awesome snow images in Photoshop quickly, we look forward to receiving your festive greetings.

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