Top 30 Spring Facebook Cover Photos & Videos to Spruce Up Your Profile

Photography 22/03/2022 9 min read

One of the things that make Facebook stand out from other platforms is being able to create and add custom personal or business cover photos. And there is no better time to update your profile cover is Springtime! Consider one of these high-quality 24 images with a lot of bright colors and beautiful settings.

Part 1: 24 Colorful Spring Facebook Cover Photos

The best way to impress your followers when using Facebook cover photos is using the correct dimensions, and we recommend adjusting one of the 24 photos to 820px by 360px and to keep all text and graphics in the middle safe zone. It is important to know that Facebook will not stretch and distort your image to fit the cover; it actually crops it. A good rule of thumb to know, more of your photo’s height will be displayed on a mobile device while on a desktop device, it will center and display your photo’s width.

1. Pink Lilac Flowers Blossoming

Use this romantic pink flower blossom setting on your Facebook page cover to create a cheerful setting for your upcoming posts and photos for springtime. You can easily add your logo, branding, or a great title.

Download Pink Lilac Flowers Blossoming Now

2. Sakura Blossoming Cherry Flower

If you are looking for a more calming and pastel color look for your Facebook cover photo, this Sakura blossoming scene is a perfect match. Add some nostalgia and character to your profile and set the tone for the season ahead.

Download Sakura Blossoming Cherry Flower Now

3. Apple Blossom View with Golden Sunlights

Maybe you recently got pregnant or had a wedding or romantic proposal and are looking forward to celebrating and sharing the news. Start by adding this beautiful and soft white apple blossom scene for your profile cover! Your friends and family will for sure know what comes next.

Download Apple Blossom View with Golden Sunlights Now

4. Blooming Pink Flowers

If you just love when springtime comes and the flowers start to bloom, this amazing cover photo is how you can start a personal celebration and excitement. The soft blurs and pink detail create a gentle scene for profiles that use a certain color palette. 

Download Blooming Pink Flowers Now

5. Crocus Bloom in Spring

Love hiking? What about the mountains? Add this photo for your cover on Facebook to get excited about the springtime views and trails you will be exploring. Inspire your friends to join you for your upcoming trips.

Download Crocus Bloom in Spring Now

6. Hello Spring Letters

If you are into graphic design and simple photos, download and add the Hello Spring Letters as your new profile cover. The calm light blue background with small petals and brach of white flowers is what makes this photo your new best cover addition.

Download Hello Spring Letters Now

7. Floral Spring Flowers of Painted Daisies

Add this painted image of daisies for your family event or profile covers. Especially if you have a more artistic family or love sharing about art supplies and crafts. Use it as a background and add your event title or match your color palette to the vibrant green, orange, and white colors!  

Download Floral Spring Flowers of Painted Daisies Now

8. Crocus Blooming on the Alps

Here is another great mountain option on our list to use if you love camping and going on hiking trips. Updating your Facebook cover photo according to the seasons and annual plans you have is a great way to get engagement on your personal or business accounts. For the love of nature, this photo is your go-to!

Download Crocus Blooming on the Alps Now

9. New England Aster

Spring is all about flowers and the start of growth in our gardens. No matter where you are, the New England Aster flowers are one of the more popular plants you will see. If you love pink and purple for your online profiles, you use this as your new spring cover photo. 

Download New England Aster Now

10. Sunflower

Who does not love the scenery of open fields on road trips? How about yellow sunflowers adorning the vast open space to remind us of spring. Then add this amazing close-up of a sunflower as the sun hits the petals, creating a half image of the sun itself. 

Download Sunflower Now

11. Red Tulips Flowers

One of the best things about spring is going to tulip fields and getting lost in beautiful settings full of color. Use this as your Facebook cover to add a fresh layer of warmth and radiance that also helps change the tone of your upcoming new posts.

Download Red Tulips Flowers Now

12. Pink Roses

Another great retro and nostalgic flower option, if you are looking for a romantic look and feel for your profile cover. Evoke a strong emotion and tell a visual story, Add it to your Facebook collection today!

Download Pink Roses Now

13. Butterfly at Lavender Bush

If you are into capturing candid moments in nature, the graceful butterfly amidst lavender is a great option for your next cover photo. Put careful thought into what you would like your friends and followers to feel – this image is definitely for the whimsical at heart.

Download Butterfly at Lavender Bush Now

14. Pink Peonies

Nothing else is of importance on your profile aside from what you choose for your cover photo! If you are looking to freshen things up and upload a new image for spring, do not pass the Pink Peonies. Especially great to use for more rustic, DIY project profiles.

Download Pink Peonies Now

15. Blue Jay on Branch

What is the song of spring, if not birds singing while you pass by a park? And one of the most magical birds to see is a blue jay. If you are a lover of nature, birds, and the outdoors in general, this photo is a great way to enhance your profile cover on Facebook. 

Download Blue Jay on Branch Now

16. Blue Flowers

If you want to take a moment and share a precious memory using your Facebook cover photo for the spring, this close-up photo of Forget-Me-Nots is definitely a perfect way to memorialize a loved one. It was also one of Princess Diana’s favorite flowers – humble yet a glorious spring flower! 

Download Blue Flowers Now

17. Blooming Almond Tree Flowers

If your profile needs to boast a true color of pink, the Blooming Almond Tree Flowers photo is a good fit. You can use it as a background with bold text to share a spring announcement or message. Add it to your Facebook cover photo collection!

Download Blooming Almond Tree Flowers Now

18. Japanese Flowering Cherry

Some like the vintage look of flowers filling the shot, while others enjoy a more natural geometric look. If you are the latter, this circular flower branch of cherry blossoms is exactly what your Facebook cover photo should look like. 

Download Japanese Flowering Cherry Now

19. Bouquet of Pink Tulips on Pink

The simpler the better is a good place to start for most social photos on Facebook. Upload this bouquet of pink tulips to easily frame your titles and logo. It is perfectly designed for Springtime, Easter, or Mother’s day posts.

Download Bouquet of Pink Tulips on Pink Now

20. Butterfly in Grass

One cool way to showcase the start of the spring season on your Facebook profile is a fully grown butterfly in the center. Give your profile a colorful, warm-toned look with a faded vibe to get a contemporary twist for your profile cover on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Download Butterfly in Grass Now

21. Blooming Pink Tree Branches

Looking for a simple and elegant spring setting with a soft gradient to white? Upload the Blooming Pink Tree Branches photo to add a whimsical vibe to your Facebook profile and make sure your springtime posts match your new style.

Download Blooming Pink Tree Branches Now

22. Violet Tulip Field

Capturing flowers is an art form and close-up shots really bring out the luster of their tones and hues. For spring, tulips are a great way to showcase your favorite season on your Facebook profile. If you like purple tones then this photo should be in your collection.

Download Violet Tulip Field Now

23. Seashells and Hydrangeas

Springtime also calls for trips to the beach and lakes, the smell of the ocean, and collecting shells. If you are looking for a creative setting of seashells and flowers, this cover photo will fit right in. Definitely useful if you use a blue tone palette for your profile!

Download Seashells and Hydrangeas Now

24. Spring Wreath with Flowers

Fall in love with spring all over again, as you use this simple flower wreath background and cover photo. Use this spring-inspired photo within your Facebook posts and main profile image to impress your audience. Add a layer of beauty and sophistication!

Download Spring Wreath with Flowers Now

Part 2: 6 Cheerful Spring Facebook Cover Stock Videos

When planning the design of your Facebook cover videos, don’t have too much text or too much going on as it might look too sloppy. Consider also adding a color overlay to darken the background to contrast your bold titles to easily read the text. And it is smart to add some branding, icons and follow a cohesive color palette with a few colors.

1. Apricot Branch with Flowers Blossoming

Upload this creative and detailed time-lapse of an apricot branch blossoming on your Facebook cover as an interactive video for your spring posts. Your profile will engage and inspire your friends and followers to keep a closer eye on what you will be sharing.

Download Apricot Branch with Flowers Blossoming Now

2. Apple Tree Flowers Blossoming in Park

If you are looking for a clean and sleek flower video to use for your Facebook cover, stop and take a look at this footage. You will not be disappointed with the sunlight brushing on beautiful white flowers, welcoming all your viewers to celebrate your spring news and updates.

Download Apple Tree Flowers Blossoming in Park Now

3. Lilac Blooming in Sunlights

Similar to the pink flower photos above, this short clip features a smooth movement as the sun peeks through blossomed flowers, to showcase what a beautiful season springtime is. Add elegant texture and detail to your profile and personalize it with a stylish title.

Download Lilac Blooming in Sunlights Now

4. Blooming Coltsfoot Flowers Time Lapse

Photos cannot convey as much as a video can, so this amazing time-lapse of the moment flowers bloom under the sun is what spring is all about. With its cheerful yellow colors, this Facebook cover video will surely impress and invite more followers to check out what more you have to offer!

Download Blooming Coltsfoot Flowers Time Lapse Now

5. Pink Peony Flower Blooming

For art lovers, there is nothing more pleasing to the eye than the perfect contrast colors working together. Featuring a bright blue background with a bright pink flower blooming, this video is a perfect match for the bold Facebook accounts that need a fresh cover video!

Download Pink Peony Flower Blooming Now

6. A Spring Note

If don’t have time to put a lot of work into your Facebook cover video, then this short stock clip with the cursive Spring title will do the trick. Personalize it with your logo and add a color grade to perfectly match your profile color palette.

Download A Spring Note Now

If you are in need of a fresh way to make a great first impression with your followers, using high-quality cover photos or videos will go a long way. As the first thing any visitor to your Facebook page sees is your cover photo, it sets the tone and encourages people to follow you. And of course, take time to change up your profile cover for different occasions, holidays, seasons, and upcoming events, but do not forget to keep it up to date. Make sure to follow the correct sizing for the optimum placement so that your Spring cover photos don’t show off-center.