Motion Array Wrapped 2022: Top 18 Downloaded Photos for Creatives

Photography 15/01/2023 5 min read

As we start off a new year, it’s essential to get inspired to try out new photo designs or creative social media posts. One great way to get started is to look at what was popular and what brought some hype the previous year. Check out some of our top downloaded photos to explore ways to capture a different angle or develop your photography style and compositions.

1. Aerial View Of White Sand Near The Sea

Ariel view of trees next to a white sandy beach next to the sea

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Whether you’re creating a tropical theme social post or need a summer background for a party invite, this white sand and sea aerial photo is a perfect choice. The shot has a cool angle that you can use both horizontally and vertically.

2. Row Of Cypress Trees In A Field

Row of cypress trees in a field on a sunny day

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Who doesn’t love a summer road trip in Europe? Open fields with endless golden wheat waving in the breeze. The simplicity and elegance of this photo fit perfectly with any travel video or poster.

3. Peak Of Mountains At Sunset

Mountain peak at sunset

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It’s that perfect hour of the day when the sun is setting and hits the mountain peak for a beautiful silhouette of nature. This photo would make for a great cover for a video or opener in a hiking or sports theme.

4. Roccella Ionica City During Sunset

The city of Roccella Ionica on the coast at sunset

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The 4th most downloaded photo on our list features a beautiful scene with a city basking in the last light from the sun. The wide shot will work well for your Facebook or LinkedIn cover with ample space for text. 

5. Long Shot Of Harvest Wheat Field

A wheat field ready for harvest

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This is another simple, postcard-like shot that’ll work great as a transition photo. With a touch of nostalgia, this long-shot field photo is an ideal option for agriculture, farming, tourism, and travel themes.

6. Footsteps On A Beach

Footprints in the sand along a beack with buildings on a cliff face in the distance

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What’s more romantic than a distant island beach shot? This elegant photo draws you in to invite viewers to look deeper and longer. Use it in your next slideshow for weddings, proposals, anniversaries, or family events.

7. Milky Way

Milky way star system

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The 7th picture on our list is a beautifully shot, awe-inspiring image inspiring awe of the Milky Way. You can use it as an overlay to add to your sky photo or create a great cover image for documentaries, promos, or slideshows about space.

8. Woman Stretching At Basketball Court

Woman stretching on a basketball court

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If you’re working on a sports project and need a creative photo that doesn’t depict a face, this full shot of a woman stretching on a basketball court is pretty cool. Try adding it to your sports or fashion promos.

9. Beautiful Pink Clouds At Sunset

Pink clouds at sunset

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A romantic fairytale-like shot with pink clouds is a great wedding or baby shower invitation image. This photo is a great title image for Valentine’s Day or use it to celebrate romantic moments and special occasions in slideshows.

10. Light Blue And Yellow Background

Light blue and yellow ribboned textured background

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If you’re looking for a more abstract image for a background, this leaf-style textures photo is one of the more unique shots in our list. Definitely a must-use in your next fall or outdoorsy projects with a trendy design and unique combination of bright colors to distinguish them from others.

11. Video Editing Timeline

Video editing timeline

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Promote your video editing and tutorial channel easily with this editing timeline image. It can also be used as a transition between different sections within your educational videos. 

12. Office Desk Working Space

Office desk working space with a laptop, notepad, pencil and phone

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Working on a business project? A simple desk design with ample text space makes this image a useful background image for your titles. It can be added to your videos that relate to office work or used as a slideshow design theme.

13. Neon Glowing Rectangle Frame Palms

Neon glowing rectangle frame among palm trees at night
Neon lighting palms and abstract shapes composition.

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This photo is part of a series of neon geometric shapes with strobing effects that can be used as a glowing retro background. It can also be used as a Facebook cover with a cool title or as a backdrop for product promos.

14. Grunge Grey Stone Texture

Grunge grey stone textured background

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Create a mysterious background for your spooky titles in your next horror or Halloween project. It’ll also work as a grungy background for black-and-white title clips and transitions between scenes.

15. White Brick Wall

White brick wall texture for background

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Use this simple yet detailed wall image to showcase photo frames or grunge graffiti effects for your videos. It can also be used to feature logo intros, product promos, broadcast graphics, and animated gifs.

16. Gold Bokeh Glittering Awards Background

Gold on black glittering awards background

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This is a great image to use in your celebration and luxury content and luxury with golden glitter particles on a black background. This classic style can also be used for special party invitations for anniversaries or themed parties.

17. Blue Stone Texture

Blue stone texture for background

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The colorful polished stone texture image is a great screen to use as a transition in your short clips. Use it to animate 3D logo intros or animated brush strokes backgrounds to display eye-catching designs at the beginning or end of your videos.

18. Crinkled Paper

Crinkled paper texture

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This crinkled paper photo is a great template to use in collages or explainer video backgrounds. You can create cartoon doodles or graphics, as well as an overlay to put a crumpled paper look on your footage or other images. 

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next shot or want to use creative images in your videos, this amazing list of our most popular stock photos in 2022 is a great place to begin. Create great videos faster than ever before with quality photos and impress your viewers this year. 

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