28 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Photos & Background (Photo Ideas)

Photography 08/02/2022 9 min read

Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday after the festive period, and creatives will always be looking for romantic-themed images to create their next content campaign with. Hearts, roses, blossoms, candlelit dinners – you name it, it’s great for social media, letters, and other love-struck designs. Here are 28 of our picks of Valentine’s day photos perfect to use as background images.

1. Red Hearts On White Fur

Soft, luxurious white fur, two shiny red hearts snuggling up, and beautiful glittery lights in the background. This image sells the feeling of romance in a few key colors and would be great to illustrate a Valentine’s Day product.

Download Red Hearts On White Fur Now

2. Valentine Red Paper Heart On Pink

Sometimes the simplest images are the most effective. This is a straightforward pattern of red folder paper hearts on a pink background. The negative space makes it perfect for designing text to overlay messages on the image.

Download Valentine Red Paper Heart On Pink Now

3. Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

White, glowing hearts surround a pretty Happy Valentine’s Day message on a card in the center of the image. Try using this image in an e-card or social media post to celebrate the special occasion.

Download Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Now

4. Laughing Lovers

This royalty-free stock photo of laughing, kissing couple is perfect for marketing Valentine’s Day products. They’re standing against a brick wall holding a red heart-shaped balloon, with space to the side to design text.

Download Laughing Lovers Now

5. Valentine’s Day Background

A felt, patterned heart, resting on a white surface beside a bouquet of red roses. This clean, simple image says a lot in a little and includes negative space for designing text to the side of the heart.

Download Valentine’s Day Background Now

6. Gift Box And Red Heart

This royalty-free stock image is a picture of a red model heart and an enticing red gift box. With plenty of red glitters and sparkly lights in the background, it’s a luxurious, romantic image perfect for a social media post.

Download Gift Box And Red Heart Now

7. Valentine Kiss

A young, happy couple kiss each other while holding a red paper heart up to the camera. The heart is the focus of this image, with the couple out of focus in the background. It’s a simple image but conveys a lot of emotion.

Download Valentine Kiss Now

8. Red Roses

Red roses, leaves, and blossoms are scattered over a pink background in this beautiful, spring-themed image. Use this as a header image, a background image, or incorporate it in your Valentine’s day social promo videos.

Download Red Roses Now

9. Romantic Table Setting With Pink Roses

Nothing says romance quite like a set table with ornate cutlery, beautiful flowers, and a crisp, white tablecloth. If you’re designing an invitation to a romantic dinner, this image is perfect for including on the invite.

Download Romantic Table Setting With Pink Roses Now

10. Selfie Of Happy Kiss

A young guy and a girl kiss, masked by a heart-shaped lollipop, and the guy takes a selfie at the same time. With a natural, wood-colored background, this image might be useful to illustrate a message in a blog or feature article.

Download Selfie Of Happy Kiss Now

11. Cozy Valentines Day Together

This royalty-free image features a young couple sharing a red blanket, each holding a heart on a stick up to their eye. The domestic setting is warm, cozy, and comfortable. It can be a perfect couples date night invitation at home, or a blog post sharing fun ways to spend time together on Valentine’s day!

Download Cozy Valentines Day Together Now

12. Top View Of Happy Couple

A young man and a young woman share a smile while laying on the floor covered with red, paper hearts. It’s the embodiment of a romantic image, so try using it in your Valentine’s Day-themed content.

Download Top View Of Happy Couple Now

13. Pink Pastel Frame

Set against a pink background, this white ornate frame can be used around any other image. All you need to do is choose a photo to composite into the border, and you’ve created an instant floral decor for your favorite romantic image.

Download Pink Pastel Frame Now

14. Sushi Rolls For Valentine’s Day

Do you love sushi rolls? This beautiful image features beautifully arranged heart-shaped sushi on a plate, set against a clean white background with negative space for text. It would fit perfectly on a romantic, food-themed invitation.

Download Sushi Rolls For Valentine’s Day Now

15. Valentines Day Dinner Table

Here’s another romantic dinner table, this time with an empty plate just waiting to be served some delicious Valentine-themed food. The table is set with a red gift, a bottle of champagne, plus some red hearts!

Download Valentines Day Dinner Table Now

16. Expressing Love To Soulmate

Looking for a romantic yet playful photo to use for your new February promos? Download this royalty-free image of a couple holding a card over their face for use in your new upcoming Valentine’s day projects.

Download Expressing Love To Soulmate Now

17. Calendar With Hearts

14th February is, of course, Valentine’s day, as illustrated in this royalty-free image of a wooden calendar surrounded by pink hearts on a red background. Use it in your creative, romantic projects on the first or last slide.

Download Calendar With Hearts Now

18. Red Hearts On Pink

The photo says it all – red hearts scattered on a pink background with a red model wire heart in the center of the image. Incorporate this image in your content designs themed around Valentine’s day.

Download Red Hearts On Pink Now

19. Gifts And Hearts

Looking for a simple yet detailed romantic video opening image? This image features a beautiful wooden surface decorated with Valentine’s day materials, including a rustic title and some wrapped gifts laid out with paper hearts.

Download Gifts And Hearts Now

20. Powdery Roses For Valentine’s Day

Download this beautiful royalty-free photo of some powdery roses to celebrate Valentine’s day. Use this as a background for your blog, social media post, or other romance-themed content creation. 

Download Powdery Roses For Valentine’s Day Now

21. Beautiful Woman Holding Love

Picture this: a young woman holding a champagne glass and an inflatable word ‘love’ in front of a red background, smiling at the camera. Perfect for sending some love to your best friends, family, or even co-workers! Easily add your message or poem in the red space.

Download Beautiful Woman Holding Love Now

22. Valentine’s Greeting Card

Looking for a photo that would fit the short message you want to send? How about this bright, colorful image with pink and summery light colors! It is a great way to share a great Valentine’s message with your friends, family, and even your social channel.

Download Valentine’s Greeting Card Now

23. Surprising Her With Gifts

This royalty-free image is a snapshot of the moment before a lovely romantic surprise! This is what dreams are made of when setting up a romantic dinner with your significant other. Download it now to use in your Valentine’s day-themed content to promote luxurious items!

Download Surprising Her With Gifts Now

24. Dark Romantic Background

In contrast to some of the images on this list, this royalty-free picture is a deep red background punctuated with some hearts and red candles. Use the negative space to design your own message and customize the image for your own content.

Download Dark Romantic Background Now

25. Romance

It is the simple details that win your beloved’s heart on the day of love! Focusing on the sweet pink roses on the table is a great way to remind someone to not forget to bring flowers on the first blind date. Perfect to use in your next video and post online!

Download Romance Now

26. Background Of Pink Rose Petals

This beautifully textured background of pink rose petals layered on top of each other is perfect for incorporating with your romantic content designs and text.

Download Background Of Pink Rose Petals Now

27. Valentine’s Day Background

Create a glamourous day of love video for your loved one! Use this photo in your social media post ready to go, share with everyone how much you love your partner in life! It has all you need for the perfect message: champagne, glasses, and pink roses rest on a brightly colored pink background, punctuated with the text ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

Download Valentine’s Day Background Now

28. Celebrating Valentines Day With

This is a classy photo perfect for company valentine wishes for their employees as well as online social posts. If you are offering sales discounts or reminding your users of your upcoming specials, this photo of a seated outside a cafe, holding hands on a romantic date is perfect to create the feel of the perfect gift!

Download Celebrating Valentines Day With Now

Part 2: Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas Photographers Should Try

Are you a photographer working with a couple on Valentine’s Day to create some stunning photos? There are a few tried and tested techniques when it comes to taking romantic photos, and here are some of the best.

1. Recreate First Date

Did the couple meet in a park? On a train? In a cafe? Try going back to the first place they met and recreate that moment that they will remember forever.

2. Capture Favorite Activity 

What do they look like doing together? This is a deeply personal moment to them, as it likely embodies who they are as a couple. Is it going for a walk in the woods? Making dinner together? Or something more ambitious like mountain biking? Whatever it is, it will be unique to them.

3. Casual & Romantic Indoor Moments 

These are the moments that relationships are made of. Spending time with each other away from crowds and devices, in private.

4. Use Candlelight

Electric lights can be harsh and don’t do much for the romantic vibe. Try using candlelight instead, creating natural contrast and softening the scene.

5. Make it Black & White 

Shooting monochrome lets you focus on the core fundamentals of your photography: light and shadows. It will force you to look at the scene differently, and work with accentuating the shapes and the contrast within it.

6. Capture from Behind 

Hiding the couple’s faces and shooting from behind is a challenging technique but one that puts the focus on the atmosphere and emotion of the image rather than the models.

If you’re looking for inspiration for royalty-free Valentine’s day photos, look no further than this list of ready-to-go images to download and use in your marketing or social media posts. There are plenty to use straight away or add to your existing designs. If you’re looking to shoot your own valentine photos, consider some techniques guaranteed to get the most out of your scenes, such as shooting by candlelight, shooting in black and white, and thinking carefully about how to position your models.

If you are looking for additional resources to complete your Valentine’s day videos, here are some amazing romantic video templates, romantic music, as well as dramatic music!