5 Video Editing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Post Production 03/08/2019 3 min read

People say we are entering a golden age of podcasting. Breakthroughs like Serial and WTF with Marc Maron have brought in huge audiences, and now more content producers are creating quality podcasts in just about every category.

Welcome to our ongoing series on great podcasts for creatives. In each post in our series, we’ll highlight several podcasts in a topic related to production, creativity, or design. We’re going to kick it off with podcasts for video editors.

Whether you are a professional film editor or you just have to edit together a presentation from time to time, there is something here for everyone. Today we are highlighting 4 general editing podcasts plus 1 for good health…..literally.

1. The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room is a long-running interview series hosted by Gordon Burkell. Burkell is the creator of The Art Of The Guillotine Network which is, in his words “A community-driven source for post-production information.” In The Cutting Room, Burkell interviews video and film editors ranging from people like Kelley Dixon (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) to Dan Lebantal (Ant-Man). They talk about life in the business, how it is working on specific projects, and related topics.

The Cutting Room has been putting out quality content since 2008, so you’re bound to find something interesting in here. Episodes come out multiple times a month and you can subscribe from the Art Of The Guillotine website or on iTunes.

The Art Of The Guillotine Website

The Cutting Room on iTunes

2. That Studio Show

That Studio Show is a great industry roundtable podcast covering everything from audio basics to archival and storage, to workflow techniques. The team behind That Studio Show calls it the “longest-running post-production show.” It’s apparent that they know what they are doing and they put together a solid show every time. The revolving slate of guests keeps things interesting with fresh perspectives in each episode.

That Studio Show is produced, not surprisingly, by That Studio who makes music, effects, and plug-ins for a variety of post production needs. So rest assured, they know a thing or two about the topics they cover.

They also do a great job of presenting extensive show notes on their website. Head over there or to iTunes to subscribe.

The Studio Show Website

That Studio Show on iTunes

3. The Terence & Philip Show

No, this isn’t a show about two cartoon characters with gastrointestinal issues. Terence and Philip are two post-production industry vets who like to get together and talk about what’s new and what’s happening in the world of video editing and post.

These two have a lot of valuable insight and strong opinions on everything from conferences like NAB to production budgets and industry hassles. Expect lively conversation and honest opinions about many of the tools you are probably already using or perhaps thinking about trying. Close to 70 episodes in, they still haven’t run out of things to talk about.

Subscribe from their website or on iTunes.

The Terence & Philip Show Website

The Terence & Philip Show on iTunes

4. Digital Production Buzz

Digital Production Buzz has a bit of a larger scope, not just covering editing but also all other aspects of production in the digital age. The episodes are professional and consistent. Digital Production Buzz comes out weekly and in fact, can be watched live from the digitalproductionbuzz.com at 6 PM PST every Thursday.

DPB is a great place to hear all of the industry news mixed in with commentary and interviews. Everything from tips and tricks to expert opinions make their way into the program. As well rounded as you can get. This one has something for almost anyone in production. Head to their website for lots of extras like the interview archives. Or sign up for the podcast on iTunes.

Digital Production Buzz Website

Digital Production Buzz on iTunes

5. Fitness In Post

Fitness In Post is a show created by editors and for editors, but it’s not about editing. Unless you count editing your waistline.

Fitness in Post is the brainchild of Zack Arnold who edits the hit TV series Empire. Zack realized that so many editors work long hours without moving from their chairs. And he realized that lifestyle is unhealthy.

So he built a website and podcast around helping to stay healthy while living the life of an editor. Check out this podcast for healthy recipes, exercise advice, and general lifestyle tips. Your body will thank you.

Fitness In Post Website

Fitness In Post on iTunes

There are tons of great podcasts out there covering the spectrum of creative endeavors. These are just a few of the choice podcasts for editors. We’d love to hear your favorites and your thoughts on our picks. Leave us a comment below.

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