The Best 10 Alternatives to Wipster for 2020

Post Production 29/04/2020 6 min read

For many professional editors, one of the biggest headaches is the client review process. Whether you are working for a corporate client or creative director, edits will likely need to be reviewed by someone. A big problem is how this feedback is given and organized, which is where Editing Collaboration Platforms such as Wipster come in. In this article, we’re going to be looking at the top 10 alternatives to Wipster to help you work out which is the best for you and your team.

Part 1: What is an Editing Collaboration Platform?

An Editing Collaboration Platform is an online file sharing and review system, specifically built for the post-production process. As you will soon see, there are differences between each platform, but they all offer the same; space you can securely upload and organize your edits, that your clients can comment on in an organized and constructive way.

Part 2: Top 10 Tried & Tested Alternatives to Wipster

Many of these platforms offer different packages that are scalable depending on the size of your team, the number of projects, or the size of the space you need. It can be challenging to compare prices and packages for all sizes of business, so here we are looking at each platform’s‘ Small Team’ package.

1. Motion Array’s Review

Motion Array’s Review is a clean and intuitive take on a collaboration platform that is perfect for freelancers and independent filmmakers. Review is built specifically for all-round resourceful users, and when you look at the complete package they offer, you can see why.

Motion Array’s Review is not just an editing review platform; with the subscription, you also get access to a Marketplace of stock footage, sound effects, music, plugins, and motion graphics templates. And even a Portfolio website builder all in one. With Motion Array, you can find the assets to create your film, upload it for review and feedback with your own logo and domain upfront and center, and publish your final piece directly to your portfolio, at $29.99 a month. It’s a bargain. 

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2. is incredibly similar to Wipster, in both its functionality and its ease of use. Among editors, has a loyal user base and receptive development teamwork with users to improve the tools available. wins out when it comes to cost, at $10 per month less per month for a single user; it is considerably cheaper annually. Furthermore, the Pro package includes up to 25 Collaborators, people who can join individual projects to work with you as a member of your team. This makes great for Marketers who work with a team of Freelancers on different projects.

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3. Vimeo 

You probably know Vimeo as a video hosting platform and Youtube’s main competitor, but behind the scenes of Vimeos paid service is a pretty powerful edit review system. Vimeo lacks the dynamic flow of Wipster and can feel a little clunky to use. Additionally, file management is lacking the clear organization of others on this list.

Unsurprisingly, a benefit of Vimeo is the archive storage and channel functions, allowing you to finalize an edit and publish directly to your audience on Vimeo. And, projects with small team Vimeo far out do Wipster in terms of affordability. 

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4. LookAt

LookAt is an incredibly impressive platform in the range of reviews you can achieve from within the space. The video review system is similar to Wipster, albeit not as slick, but the real power comes from the 100+ file types it supports, including PSD, AI, PPT, and HTML.

LookAt is an excellent platform for working on a single creative project involving on and offline editors, animators, and designers. The creators focus heavily on their mobile app version, which is one of the best out there.

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5. Hightail

Hightail is a video collaboration platform that can help you with the entire production process, not just your editing. The combination of todo list, file organization, and review allows you to organize your production scripts, storyboard, and releases.

At a similar cost per user to Wipster, the additional tools may make Hightail one to consider. However, it is the unlimited storage capacity that makes Hightail the better value of the two.

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6. GoProof

GoProof considers itself a proofing and collaboration tool, which makes sense given the variety of files you can review through the platform. Unlike Wipster, GoProof ties in completely with Adobe Cloud, providing a reviewing solution across Premiere, Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

For large scale marketing, GoProof can help bring creative teams together, but the bespoke package and lack of pricing details on their website can be off-putting.

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7. Review Studio

Review Studio is another platform that aims at bringing creative teams together through a centralized review system. For Marketing Agencies, this can be a real bonus, as you can gather feedback on web designs, graphics, photos, and video all in one place.

Cost-wise, Review Studios is over double the monthly price of Wipster; however, if you have a team of 3-7 people, Review Studio is far more cost-effective.

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8. Kollaborate 

Kollaborate is an impressive platform that looks and feels very similar to Frame and Wipster. The real power comes from the seamless integration with Digital Rebellion products, including Post Haste, CinePlay, and Pro Media Tools.

Kollaborate comes in at a modest $25 per month for five team members, giving you far more flexibility that Wipster. However, the 60GB upload limit might cause a bit of a headache when working on multiple projects.

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9. Cospective

Cospective offers the most professional and comprehensive platform on this list, and you pay for what you get at a whopping £99 per month for two users. Wipster is aimed at marketing agencies, whereas Cospective products are aimed at the Hollywood big boys.

Cospective is a sleek and dynamic platform but comes at a high cost. The packages offered fit creative film making perfectly, as you can build a package with as many team members as you need for the length of your production.

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10. Symu 

At just €10 a month, Symu is a bargain for freelancers; those who deal directly with clients when it comes to managing reviews and feedback. Compared to Wipster’s massive 250GB storage, the 1GB you get with Symu may leave you wanting more, but for short, quick turn around projects for solo editors, Symu is a great option.

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Part 3: How to Select Your Alternative with Many Unknowns?

You need to ensure, as with any investment,  you are spending your budget wisely. Many of the plans are more cost-efficient with a yearly upfront payment, and you don’t want to sign up for a year of something that doesn’t suit your needs. Here are our top tips to remember when choosing the review platform for you.

Decide on your main team/company objectives

If you are working as a part of a team, it is important that you work to find a platform that works for everyone. Consider what you want to achieve from the platform you choose; is it a simpler editing process, better communication between team members, or just to ensure clients are all giving feedback in the same way. Once you know the objectives of each team member, you can narrow down the list.

Plan out a Review Process with your team

The great thing about editing collaboration platforms is that they allow you to achieve a consistent and structured review process. Post Production can be run in the same way across different projects with different teams and clients. Before you choose the platform, plan out your review process, consider it from both your teams and your client’s point of view.

Budget and Cost

Carefully consider if the review platform you are considering is within your budget; 

  • Is the space big enough to handle your workload?
  • Can you add enough team members/collaborators/reviewers to the package?
  • Are there any extra costs for multiple projects/clients?
  • Consider your potential workload; does the platform allow you to grow?

Remember, once you have integrated the platform into your workflow, it can be a huge task to change to a new platform.

Read User/Customer Reviews

Other users are a great source of information. While you may be able to glean the facts of a platform, such as cost, functions, and space, from their website, they are rarely going to point out any problems. Read reviews, or ask in an editor forum for users’ opinions, and they will be happy to share any problems they’ve had with the platform.

Request a Demo/Free Trial

Some of these platforms offer free trial periods and demos to show you the behind the scenes before you buy. Use any free time you get to test run a short project from start to finish. Ask a team member or friend to act as the client and get to grips with how the product works.

Many of the edit review platforms will work similarly, and may even look quite similar in their design. The key differences are how the managed workflow in terms of team members, collaborators, and reviewers. Now you know 10 top alternatives to Wipster, you can begin to work out what you need in the perfect system.