Improve and Enhance Your Client Video Review System

Post Production 24/06/2020 4 min read

Of all the stages of video production, perhaps none of them feel as pressing as the client video review. As you go through the revisions process with your client in post-production, it’s your last chance to bring all of the elements together into a beautiful video that meets their expectations and criteria.

That’s why it’s so important to build a client review process that allows efficient communication between your team and your client. In this article, you’ll learn some of the tips and tools that will help you to improve your current review workflow and make sure that your client is on board, too.

Part 1: How to Manage the Client Video Review Workflow

The first step to better feedback is nailing your workflow, and making sure your client finds it easy to navigate, too.

Step 1: Submit Your Video through a Review System

The first step in getting easy-to-manage feedback from your client is uploading it on your chosen tool that will make the process easier, and sending your client the link. 

  1. Check out video feedback management systems such as Motion Array’s Review to get you started.
  2. When you have selected your tool, upload the latest cut of your video.
  3. Share the link to the uploaded video with your client.
  4. Send an FAQ file about your chosen tool along with the link to the video. Try to include some editing jargon and techniques. This will keep them informed about the process and enable them to provide clear feedback. 

Step 2: Add Collaborators Provided by the Client

You can, and should, think about sharing the video with other collaborators ready for feedback on each editing stage. Easy sharing between multiple stakeholders is sure to keep your client happy.

  1. Consider uploading two versions of the same video cut. One for internal review, and one for external review.
  2. Once the video has been uploaded, share the correct link to the latest cut of the video with other collaborators and stakeholders, too.

Step 3: Get the Feedback In and Organized

This is when platforms like Motion Array’s Review really shine. They will speed up the feedback process, keep it organized, and more efficient, and it’s intuitive for your client to use. 

  1. When your client, or team, has a piece of feedback, they can pause the video and leave a comment.
  2. Each comment will appear as a marker on the video’s timeline, making it easy for you to scrub through and find where you need to make a revision.
  3. When you have a fully compiled and agreed list of revisions, you can mark each comment as complete.
  4. Alternatively, you can respond to feedback with real-time comments if you need to discuss or ask for additional details from your client or collaborator.
  5. When feedback is compiled and revisions are executed, you can upload the new cut of the same video to the same workspace. This makes it easy for your client to keep track of and navigate to the latest version of the project every time.

Step 4: Finalize the Approval

When you’ve been through all of the stages of revisions, now comes the important part of making sure everyone is in agreement and signing off the project.

  1. Make sure that all stakeholders have agreed that they are satisfied with the final version. This can take some discussion, but remember to focus on your initial brief and those project objectives.
  2. If you’re using Motion Array’s Review when the client is happy with the version of the video they can click on the Approve button.
  3. Upload the final version of the video in full resolution so the client can download it. If you’re using Motion Array’s Review, remember to check the setting allowing downloads of this version of the video!

Part 2: 4 Tips to Consider for Your Next Client Video Review

These tips will be as valid for your client and for you. As you know, half the job of having a smooth revisions stage is making sure that the client is on board and engaged with the process.

1. No More Long Email Threads

Maybe in other projects, you’re used to seeing endless threads of emails when deciding on revision rounds. Consider that when using a video feedback tool like Motion Array’s Review, half the work of organizing your notes and updates is already done for you. You can manage so much communication from the platform itself, that you don’t really need to touch your email.

2. Watch the Video from Mobile Devices

Watching updated cuts of your video from your mobile device is not only useful, but it’s also practical. More and more videos will be consumed via mobile devices. Plus, if you’re using a client video review system that can handle feedback communication via mobile, like Motion Array’s Review, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress when you’re on-the-go.

3. Extensive Internal Review Process 

Before sending the next cut of your video to your client, make sure that you and your team have your own process for sharing feedback internally. The chances are you’ll be able to come up with better solutions as a team than individually, which ultimately means you’ll be showing the client a better product.

 4. Easily Download the Final File

Have you ever had a client receive the finalized version of your video, only to see them publish the wrong version? Hopefully not, but instead of relying on your client to manage multiple versions of a similar video file, it may be better to manage the feedback process online via your chosen tool. Then, when the final cut is approved, lift the download restrictions on your video so your client can save the final file to their computer. 

After reading our tips and tricks, you should understand the methods to organize a more efficient client video review process. Hopefully, you’ve understood the benefits of using a video review tool, and you feel empowered to go into your next project with the knowledge to make the feedback process smoother. Not to mention, this should help you to create better final videos as a result.