Top 6 Online Video Editing Platforms Roundup 2022

Post Production 01/03/2022 9 min read

For professional editors, the idea of editing with an online platform may be out of the question. But there are some reasons why you may be interested in it. If you don’t edit all of the time, maybe you don’t want to pay for a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, or for free-standing software. Or maybe you just need something on the go when you don’t have your own machine available.

There have been a bunch of online editing platforms launched in the last few years, and some of them have pretty good features, at least for simple edits, and quick jobs. Think more in the lines of iMovie than Final Cut Pro.

We’re going to round up some of the better platforms, both free and paid, so you have an idea of where to turn if you are in need, or just looking for something new to try.

Online EditorPricingFeatures


+ Canva Pro from monthly at $12.99 or annual at $119.99
+ Canva Enterprise (contact team)

**Non-profit and Education pricing available

– Edit on iOS and Android
– Templates, stock photos, designs
– Crop & Trim
– Auto-resize
– Background remover
– Team accounts
– Canva Courses


+ Creator from monthly at $9 or annual at $72
+ Business from monthly at $19 or annual at $156
+ Business Platinum monthly at $39 or annual at $324

– Trim & Loop
– Templates
– Text to speech
– Green Screen
– Unlimited video exports
– Unlimited cloud storage
– Screen recording
– Webcam recording


+ Plus at $4.99 per month or $47.88 annually
+ Movie Producer at $9.99 per month or $95.88 annually
+ Business at $129 every 3 months.

** Education prices are also available.

– Crop & Trim
– Merge Clips
– Transition & Effects
– Text & Graphics
– Collaboration
– No Watermark
– Real-Time Voice Recording
– Slow Motion & Fast Forward Videos
– Admin Panels


+ Pro from $89 per month to annual price at $228
+ Pro+ from $197 per month to annual price at $828

– Crop & Trim
– Templates
– Privacy Control
– Commercial Use Rights
– Royalty-Free Music and assets


+ Monthly from $9.99 to $39.99
+ Annual from $59.88 to $239.88

**Non-profit and Education pricing available

– Crop & Trim
– Templates
– Screen recorder
– Green screen
– Meme maker & GIF creator
– Use between devices
– WeVideo Academy

YouTube Studio Editor

with YouTube Studio account

– Crop, Trim & Split
– Add Thumbnails
– Add End Screens
– Add an Audio Track

1. WeVideo

WeVideo is one of the premier video editors online. Not only can you edit in your browser, but you can also edit on iOS and Android if that’s something you want to do. WeVideo even gives you the option to start a project on one device and pick it up on another. This might be useful if you want to start editing on your phone or tablet while on the go, and then pick it up on your browser when you get to a computer.

  • The WeVideo platform has a bunch of features outside of editing like transformations, color keying, and animations. But don’t expect the animations to be super customizable.
  • They let you save your video project to your desktop while hosting your files in the cloud so you can access them anywhere. Of course, a good internet connection will help with larger files.
  • There are 4 pricing packages for WeVideo, including a free option. Each has a different level of features, different levels of storage, and different amounts of videos you can publish per month. We will mention the monthly costs below but it is also important to note that you can save 50% off by getting the annual plans.
    • On the Free plan, a user can publish 5 minutes of video a month, and store 1GB of files. That’s not a ton, but it could be useful for short videos without a lot of clips. You are limited to exporting in 720p with this option.
    • The other packages include the Power plan at $9.99/month, which is the next one up from the Free plan with several additional features. Here you can export up to 30 minutes of video over whatever time period you want. You get 2GB of storage, premium features, and they remove the watermark that appears on free videos. You are still stuck with the 720p video though.
    • The premium versions of WeVideo are the Unlimited at $15.99/month and Professional at $39.99/month plans with 1080p and 4K Ultra HD output and all of the premium features. The main difference is the less expensive version gives you 5 hours of video output a month with 20GB of storage, whereas the $69 version gives you unlimited storage and output, plus a few extra features.

All in all, WeVideo has a lot to offer for a little amount of money or even no money for some uses and you can take advantage of the WeVideo academy resources. It might be worth trying out the free version to get a feel for the controls and features before jumping into a full account.

2. YouTube Studio Editor

Perhaps you’ve heard of YouTube. It’s only the biggest online video platform in the world. While most of us use it on a daily basis to watch videos, and share videos, a lot of people may not know that you can edit videos on YouTube as well through their video editing platform.

While this feature is totally free for all YouTube users, don’t expect a lot of flares here. The YouTube video editor is a basic tool that lets you splice video clips that you’d uploaded to create something new. You can grab clips and lay them in a basic timeline, trim them, and add audio to create your new video.

  • There are a few additional features like filters, which are color correction presets that YouTube has created, auto-fixes for color, lighting, brightness, and contrast, and a few other tools like image stabilization, rotation, and pan and zoom.
  • While it’s not the ideal solution for someone that wants a lot of customization, it can be a great way to cut together a quick reel or to combine videos with a few trims. And it’s totally free with no upload limits.

For additional resources to create YouTube videos, you can also check out the free Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

3. Canva

If you are looking for a little simpler and fun way to create videos online, using templates and adding your own content, Canva is a great option for beginners. They are not only known for video editing, as they offer designs for posters, flyers, business cards, Facebook covers, Instagram stories, and more, as well as helping you organize your plans with a creative content planner.

Once you sign up with the new Canva Pro, you can invite up to 5 team members to work on your design projects. Start with your brand kit and make sure you follow your color requirements. Once you start using different elements, you can use the background remover feature to easily make custom designs for your video covers as well as presentations or other visuals. They also offer a very cool resizing feature that makes sure you meet the correct requirements for Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook.

Canva offers 2 account options depending on what you need to accomplish with your team or as a freelancer.

  • The main option is the Free plan for individuals or a smaller team just starting off their marketing initiatives. You mainly get 5GB of cloud storage, access to 250K free templates, plus over 100 designs for marketing tasks, free photos, and graphics.
  • The other account option is Canva Pro, which offers 100GB of cloud storage with over 100 million stock photos, videos, audio, plus over 600K of templates and the ability to save them. You also get full access to the top features mentioned above – background remover, auto-resize, saving 100 brand kits, and the social media content planner. You are looking at $12.99/month or $119.99 billed annually.
  • If you have a big team, you can also contact Canva’s sales team for the Enterprise plan offerings.

Similar to WeVideo, you can also take advantage of the Canva Courses that help you become a better designer and unleash your creative side!

4. Clipchamp

Acquired by Microsoft, Clipchamp made a strong entrance into the online video editor world. With its main focus on creating amazing social videos that look professional, it also offers easy-to-use tools to help even the most amateur marketing person take a stab at publishing content online without hesitation.

What makes this platform at first glance very interesting and worthwhile is its focus on creating a Facebook video ad in just 3 simple steps! With the seamless ad maker option, it will for sure help start off many business accounts on the right track. The system also offers great templates for promos and intros online – this includes stock photos, videos, graphics, motion titles, and even audio, just to name a few. Let’s not forget to mention that you can upload and loop your videos and GIFs for a creative masterpiece without any editing experience.

Clipchamp offers several amazing pricing options to choose from that would benefit any freelancer or marketing team.

  • The Free Basic account option offers a simpler setup at only 480p video outputs which is pretty low by today’s standards! As well as basic video editing tools, plus screen and webcam recording.
  • The next best account option for individuals or teams is Creator, starting at $9 per month or $72 annual fee, offering unlimited video exports at 720p outputs with unlimited cloud storage and unlimited access to audio stock.
  • If you are looking for an option for a team and offer services, the Business account is your best bet. Similar to the Creator option, you get unlimited video exports but now at 1080p outputs, and also full editing access to include your brand kit with your own font and logo – no watermarks. You are looking at dishing out about $19 per month or $156 per year.
  • And if you are looking for full access to all the features for your business team, including all premium video templates, check out the Business Platinum account. The pricing is pretty reasonable at $39 per month or $324 per year – especially if you are producing a lot of content daily or weekly!

Using any platform means a bit of a learning curve, so like other sites, Clipchamp has a great Training center, as well as access to the Clipchamp Community on Facebook for creative inspiration and valuable discussions.

5. Powtoon

Speaking of YouTube, Powtoon is another option on the market as a solution for video creators and brands looking to make things like whiteboard videos or animated explainer videos, as well as business vlogs and promos.

Unlike the more traditional editors in the batch, Powtoon is built around video templates. They supply the creator with a set of themes for what they call shows. The themes have built-in graphics, with spots for video, images, and audio.

The result is a more slick video than some content producers may be able to produce on their own, and the library of free assets is helpful for some users. But the switch off is the lack of complete control of the edits that you may get with another online platform or a traditional NLE. Also, you don’t get total control over what you do with your video.

  • The creator can choose to upload files from their computer, a cloud service, or they can search sites like Flickr and Giphy within the application for the material. They drop in the assets that they want which will be edited into place automatically as the show is created. They also offer background replacement if you have shot on a green screen and want to key your footage.
  • Showbox will automatically publish to various sites for you like YouTube and Facebook, but you can’t download your video and take it with you.
  • Powtoon offers a basic Free account with up to 3-minute videos and up to 100MB storage with Powtoon branding only. Your next best option for more flexibility is the Pro account that offers up to 10-minute videos, up to 2GB storage, can use your own branding, and upload your videos for commercial use. These options come at a little steep monthly pricing at $89 or better yet, $228 billed yearly.
  • On a higher level, you can choose the Pro+ account that offers up to 20-minute videos with unlimited premium exports, and 10GB of storage. If you have robust YouTube and social media accounts and a larger following, this option is your best bet! You are looking at $197 billed monthly or $828 billed per year.
  • You can also get education pricing and resources perfect for the classroom.

Gain more experience using Powtoon with extensive tutorials, webinars, and guides. Compared to the other options mentioned in this list, the platform easily integrates with over 10 leading sites, apps, and content providers.

6. Loopster

Loopster is another online platform that works a little more like a traditional video editor. With Loopster, you can upload all of your clips and edit them in a timeline that you be familiar with if you’ve ever edited it in a major editing program.

Loopster has some additional features like transitions and speed controls, but they don’t come with the free version. While Loopster gives you more control than some of the other online editors, it’s not packed with as many features as WeVideo for example.

There are several pricing packages for Loopster depending on what you want to accomplish.

  • The Free version only allows for a 10-minute timeline, 1GB of file storage, it adds a Loopster watermark, and it only outputs 480p video which is pretty low by today’s standards.
  • The paid tiers offer a lot more options! You get the extra features like clip speed control, audio recording, and text and graphics. You also get 1080p output with all paid tiers and various file storage and timeline length upgrades. There are a total of 4 paid tiers ranging from $4.99 per month to $129 every 3 months.

These are just a few of the various online video editing packages available. We should mention that while researching this article, we found several online video editing solutions that had shut down or been purchased by other companies. But there will likely be several more options as time goes on, as storage gets cheaper, and as internet speeds increase.

None of these packages will take the place of a good, professional NLE. But they may serve a purpose in a pinch or for a user who doesn’t want to dive into the world of professional editing.