22 Lively & Jolly After Effects Christmas Titles for Holiday Videos

Premiere Pro 23/11/2021 4 min read

‘Tis the season for spreading joy and holiday cheer — but if you want to do that you’ll want to find the best After Effects Christmas titles. Whether you want something sparkly or elegant, there’s absolutely the perfect holiday title here for you. 

Top-Rated After Effects Christmas Titles

1. Free Christmas And New Year Titles Pack

The Free Christmas And New Years Titles Pack feature 3 full-screen title animations that are perfect for the holiday season. Cute and simple, these titles are perfect for your next eCard. 

Free Christmas And New Year Titles Pack Download

2. Christmas And New Year Wishes

With two holiday-ready titles to choose from the Christmas And New Year Wishes pack is the perfect text-only pack for your next project. Light or dark, there’s a title for any mood. 

Download Christmas And New Year Wishes Now

3. Christmas Titles

Christmas Titles by Vivat features six different fun, elegant titles in snow white. You can add one of these to your holiday-themed project this year. 

Download Christmas Titles Now

4. Christmas Titles And Lower Thirds

Perfect for your next video greeting card or holiday video Christmas Titles And Lower Thirds features a collection of easy-to-use animations. There are 11 templates that you can add to your next project.  

Download Christmas Titles And Lower Thirds Now

5. Merry Christmas Titles 4K

Merry Christmas Titles 4K features 10 holiday-themed animations that are perfect for your next slideshow, commercial, or event video. The style is simple but the animations are fun and whimsical.

Download Merry Christmas Titles 4K Now

6. Beautiful Christmas Titles

Featuring orange and green accents, the Beautiful Christmas Titles pack has 10 full-screen options. It’s the perfect addition to your holiday-themed presentation, event PowerPoint, or eCard. 

Download Beautiful Christmas Titles Now

7. Hand Drawn Christmas Titles Pack

For a more intimate feel, the Hand Drawn Christmas Titles Pack features 12 full-screen titles. With a mix of black and red accents, you can slide these into any project. 

Download Hand Drawn Christmas Titles Pack Now

8. Modern Christmas Titles

Flashy and jolly, Modern Christmas Titles features over 10 different titles that are easy to use and edit. These festive titles are perfect for your next holiday-themed, family-friendly project.

Download Modern Christmas Titles Now

9. New Year & Christmas Titles

If you’re looking for variety, the New Year & Christmas Titles pack features 10 full-screen animations that you can bounce into your next project. While professional, these are fun enough to include in both cartoons and corporate commercials.

Download New Year & Christmas Titles Now

10. Christmas Titles

If you’re looking for something that’s got a little more character to it, Christmas Titles by Elemental is for you. It features 8 different choices from reindeer antlers to holly that you can customize the colors on. 

Download Christmas Titles Now

11. Christmas Titles | Winter Forest

The Christmas Titles | Winter Forest pack has a text fit for royals. With 10 editable text layers, you can add these to your next holiday-themed project whether you want to let clients know you appreciate them or share the yearly review with your staffers.

Download Christmas Titles | Winter Forest Now

12. Festive Christmas Titles

With six magical full-screen title animations, Festive Christmas Titles features easy-to-edit titles. Whether you want to add them to your next commercial project or corporate party slide.

Download Festive Christmas Titles Now

13. Christmas Titles 4k V.2

Modern and sharp-looking Christmas Titles 4k V.2 features 10 white and red full-screen title animations. They are easy to edit and customize for your next commercial or presentation. 

Download Christmas Titles 4k V.2 Now

14. 10 Christmas Lettering

If you’re looking for something stunning and bold, the 10 Christmas Lettering title pack features a variety of options that are hand-drawn. There are a different color and word choices for you to pick for your next project. 

Download 10 Christmas Lettering Now

15. Christmas Wreath Titles

For something that’s elegant and pretty, Christmas Wreath Titles features 10 full-screen editable options. Whether you’re adding these to your next YouTube video or promotion.

Download Christmas Wreath Titles Now

16. Christmas Shine Titles

To inject a little Disney-inspired text into your next holiday-themed presentation, look towards Christmas Shine Titles. There are 9 bright, eye-catching options that can easily be edited. 

Download Christmas Shine Titles Now

17. Christmas Titles

With six different titles to choose from, Christmas Titles by Mirs features elegant holiday-themed text. You don’t need a plugin to use these After Effects Christmas titles 

Download Christmas Titles Now

18. Merry Christmas – Hand Drawn Pack

The Merry Christmas – Hand Drawn Pack features 65 icons, 19 title animations, 8 overlays, and 4 garlands, which means there’s plenty to choose from. Elegant, bright, and cute, these sophisticated holiday-themed titles will be a magical add. 

Download Merry Christmas – Hand Drawn Pack Now

19. Christmas Titles Pack

For more fun and creative options, the Christmas Titles Pack is perfect for your next slideshow, cartoon, or holiday invitation. Whether you want to inject a little snow or cute stockings into your presentation, you’ll find it here.

Download Christmas Titles Pack Now

20. Christmas Set Titles

The Christmas Set Titles feature fun additions like a snow globe, cup of hot chocolate, or a sweater that will add a little character to your project. These eye-catching full-screen titles are perfect for the holiday season. 

Download Christmas Set Titles Now

21. Christmas Snow Titles

Bright and bold these Christmas Snow Titles can give a real splash to your next YouTube video or holiday card. They’re dynamic, colorful animated text pieces that are easy to use and edit. 

Download Christmas Snow Titles Now

22. 5 Christmas Titles

If you want simple, elegant, and professional, you’ll want to take a look at 5 Christmas Titles. There are 5 festive-looking and creatively animated titles that are great for presentations and TV shows.

Download 5 Christmas Titles Now

Whether you’re making your next holiday corporate video or building a Christmas-themed eCard you’ll need to find the perfect After Effects Christmas title. Motion Array is the perfect place to find a cheery, winter background.  

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