How to Change Fonts in MOGRTs in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 20/12/2018 < 1 min read

In this tutorial, we explore the method of changing fonts in motion graphics templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. Until now it has been seemingly impossible to change fonts in .mogrt files, but we’ll show you step-by-step how to make it happen! 

Changing Fonts in Motion Graphics Templates

Step 1: Change the File Type

The way we go about changing fonts is by re-creating the .mogrt file as an After Effects file. Once you’ve changed the file type, you can then change the font within After Effects.

Step 2: Export the File from After Effects

Once you’ve changed the font in After Effects, you’ll want to export the file with the changed font as a .mogrt. Then upload the template back into Premiere Pro. You will see the change immediately.

While this is a roundabout cycle that doesn’t exactly seem inefficient, we are confident at this point in time that this is the best method for changing fonts.

We hope you found this tutorial on how to change fonts in motion graphics templates helpful. If you’re looking for great motion graphics templates, we have a huge selection that will help kick off your creativity and improve your workflows.

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