Easily Add & End with Echo Effects in Premiere Pro (+5 Sound Effects)

Premiere Pro 13/03/2022 4 min read

Adding reverb to your audio is a fantastic way of building the world of your film. Everything from footsteps to traffic noises will sound different depending on the environment, and Premiere Pro Echo Effects can help make your foley sound effects feel a part of the scene. We will show you two ways to create a completely customizable echo for your audio compositions.

Part 1: Create Quality Echo Effects (Surround Reverb) in Premiere Pro

When you add echo effects to your clips, it is essential to consider the movement and camera position in the scene. Matching the camera position, audio source, and room size can be a little tricky, but the more you practice with different audio clips, the easier it will become.

Option 1: Basic Echo Effect

The Basic Echo Effect adds an overall reverb to the whole of your clips. This type of echo effect is ideal for sounds like footsteps, gunfire, door slams, and even dialogue.

  1. Edit your video and audio in the timeline until you’re ready to add your Reverb effect.
  2. In the Effects panel, search for Surround Reverb and add it to your audio clip.
  3. In the Effects Controls panel, click the Edit button alongside Custom Setup.
  4. Increase the Gain setting to create the echo amount.
  5. Right-click on the audio clip, then choose Audio Gain.
  6. Select the Adjust Gain By option, type 15 in the box, and hit OK.
  7. Finally, decrease the room size to suit the location of your visuals. 

Pro Tip: You can also adjust the Impulse settings to change the size and makeup of the room.

Option 2: End with Echo Effect

Ending a music track with a fade-out is a great way to shorten tracks for your videos. If you’re looking for something a little different, adding some reverb can create a cool echoey finish to your piece.

  1. Edit your video and music in the Timeline; trim the piece to where you want it to end.
  2. Create a cut in your Audio Clip to isolate the part you want to echo.
  3. Move the echo section of your Audio Clip to a new Track.
  4. In the project browser, click the New Item icon, and choose Transparent Video.
  5. Add the Transparent Video to the end of your timeline to give space for the echo to continue past the end of the audio clip.
  6. Go to Window > Audio Track Mixer and select the sequence you are working in.
  7. In the Audio Track Mixer panel, select the downward arrow at the Audio Track 2 setting’s stop and choose Reverb> Studio Reverb.
  8. Double click on the Studio Reverb effect that has been added to the Audio Track Mixer.
  9. In the Studio Reverb Settings panel, increase the Decay and Wet settings until you’re happy with the echo effect.
  10. To add a fade-out to your echo effect, go to the start of Audio Track 2 and click Show keyframes.
  11. Right-click on the Keyframe settings and choose Track Keyframes > Volume.
  12. Using the Pen Tool, add a Keyframe where you want the audio to decrease. Move your playhead to where you need the fade out to finish and reduce the Volume setting.

How to Remove Unwanted Echo

Premiere Pro also has an Echo Remover effect; the success of the DeReverb will depend on the quality of your audio, and it’s best to play around with the settings.

  1. Go to your Effects panel and search for DeReverb, then add it to your track.
  2. In the Effects Controls panel, click Edit alongside the Customize settings.
  3. Adjust the Amount, listening carefully to ensure there isn’t too much distortion; around 40% is a safe bet.

Part 2: 5 Cool Echo Sound Effects to Use in Premiere Pro

Adding customizable echos to your clips is the best way of having complete control over your audio compositions. Still, you can find some incredible sound effects with the echo included, ready to use in your projects.

1. Echoes in Dungeon

Echoes in Dungeon is a set of 6 creepy metallic sound effects with a distant, cold echo feel. The muted sound gives the impression of distance through tight stone tunnels, ideal for spooky background effects for your horror and adventure films.

Download Echoes in Dungeon Now

2. Transitions with Echo Effect 

The Transitions with Echo Effect set includes 8 whoosh sounds with deep, long reverb. Ideal for sci-fi and futuristic battles, the distant Echo gives the feeling of an item passing closely in a vast open space.

Download Transitions with Echo Effect Now

3. Water Drops Echo

The Water Drops Echo set is a chilling collection of 4 drip sounds, with an industrial feeling reverb. Ideal for horrors and thrillers, these sounds create an image of a tap somewhere in a large, empty house.

Download Water Drops Echo Now

4. Metallic Echoes Impact

If you’re looking for the sound of something being knocked over in another room, the Metallic Echoes Impact is just what you need. The set contains 4 fantastic sounds, with sudden impacts and metallic reverb.

Download Metallic Echoes Impact Now

5. Sonar Radar Echo

The Sonar Radar Echo pack includes 6 sounds with varying pitch and tones. The niche SFX could be used for any form of radar effect, from period submarine-based stories to futuristic space set projects.

Download Sonar Radar Echo Now

Premiere Pro Echo Effects are super easy to use and can help you create unique audio mixes for your video projects. Whether you’re adding foley effects to your movie or making a trendy ending to your music video or promo, reverb is a fantastic effect to add to your toolkit.

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