Meet the 24 Top Female Instagram Influencers: Hot Accounts to Follow

Premiere Pro 06/03/2022 6 min read

Did you know that Instagram is actually a predominantly female-led platform? The stats show that over 84% of influencers are female compared to only 16% of male influencers. On this women’s day in 2022, why not check out some of the most inspiring women on Instagram to take inspiration from for your own content and who knows, even collaborate with! Let’s dive straight into the top 24 most popular female social influencers out there.

The list is in no particular order and you will find amazing filmmakers and creatives, to great moms with comedic skills or great at advice and travelling, and not in the least great style and make up tips, as well as entrepreneur advice. There is just so much to celebrate on women doing what they love and thriving at it!

1. iJustine

Followers: 1.6 Million

In a heavily male-led industry, iJustine is killing it with her tech reviews, unboxing videos, and unfiltered love of Star Wars and gaming culture. She does everything with a smile on her face and her videos are a joy to watch.

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2. HallieTut

Followers: 23,700+

Hallie Tut is an artist, filmmaker, and VFX wizard who has a very distinct style and use of color. She plays with light to make awesome surreal photos and her video edits are slick and seamless.

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3. Jessica Iliana

Followers: 41,300+

Jessica Iliana is a filmmaker, DP, and model who uses Instagram to showcase her BTS and final shot comparisons. She also uses Instagram’s grid style to design cool layouts for her posts.

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4. Erin McGoff

Followers: 20,700+

Erin McGoff is an NYC-based filmmaker and video editor, and while prominent on Instagram has nearly 2 million followers on TikTok as well. Amongst her vlogs and personal posts are some handy tips on how to make a living as a freelance filmmaker.

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5. Ana Lily Amirpour

Followers: 29,100+

Ana Lily Amirpour is a British-born film director based in LA, known for her 2014 horror A Girl Walks Home At Night. Her account is one part a personal blog and one part an inspiration board for her work. 

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6. Amma Asante

Followers: 23,300+

Another female director smashing it right now is Amma Asante, who directed 2013’s Belle. Check out her Instagram page to get a sense of what inspires her and what she’s been up to recently with her newest projects.

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7. Emily Canham

Followers: 714,000+

Emily Canham is a British YouTuber and influencer, sharing updates on her life, outfits, food, makeup, and travel. She’s the epitome of female Instagramming, leading a glamorous, aspirational lifestyle in the city.

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8. Estee LaLonde

Followers: 689,000+

Estee LaLonde is all about wellbeing, self-care, and living your best life. Her posts are mainly focused on her travel adventures and a lifestyle community she runs for “self-reflection and self-care”.

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9. Giovanna Fletcher

Followers: 121,000+

The author, podcaster, and proud mother – Giovanna runs the community Happy Mum Happy Baby, created and designed to unite mothers. She also happens to be married to Tom Fletcher, the singer of McFly and a prominent Instagrammer himself. 

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10. Binky Felstead

Followers: 1.5 million

Blinky shares her parenting journey with the world, via her personal account but also through her parenting business and community Bloss, designed to inspire and inform new parents.

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11. Christina Najjar

Followers: 1.1 million

Christina Najjar, or as she’s better known, Tinx, is a lifestyle podcaster and influencer known for her sense of humor, and her content is a blend of sketches, fashion shoots, personal updates, and memes.

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12. Joanna Goddard

Followers: 252,000+

With a husband and two boys in Brooklyn, Jo Goddard is living her best life. For her, life is about simple things: family, friends, flowers, freshly baked bread, and good food. Her audience loves it! And yes, her 252,000 followers can’t be wrong.

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13. Liz Koshy

Followers: 19.5 million

Actress, TV host, and YouTube creator – Liz Koshy have racked up millions of followers pretty quickly thanks to her excellent content and radiant personality. She’s an inspiring influencer with plenty of projects on the go, and always something to share.

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14. Louise Pentland

Followers: 2.9 million

This colorful, family-oriented vlogger is searching for the good life and finding it in her children. An author and content creator, this influencer with nearly 3 million followers is a spark of joy in her audience’s lives.

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15. Niomi Smart

Followers: 1.4 million

Niomi is a radiant fitness and lifestyle influencer with a passion for yoga, beauty, fashion, and empowering women. She lives an aspirational lifestyle of exotic holidays, indulgent selfies, and opulent photo shoots.

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16. Lilly Singh

Followers: 11 million

The Canadian comedian and actress Lilly Singh started out on YouTube where she was one of the platform’s highest-earning stars. Today she’s acting, presenting, writing a book, and sharing the details of her life on Instagram.

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17. Celeste Barber

Followers: 8.8 million

Celeste is a hilarious comedian who posts jokes, sketches, and mocks the rich lifestyle of popular female influencers from models to actresses and singers. She’s great, talented, and if you need a real and wholesome laugh today, you need to join the 9 million people already following her!

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18. Happy Grey Lucky

Followers: 355,000+

This young blogger’s motive is simple: creating beautifully designed photos of beautifully designed lives and celebrating motherhood. Her children and partner feature heavily in her posts and showcase interior design other people can only dream of.

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19. Kayla Itsines

Followers: 14 million

Kayla is all about fitness! Her posts focus on exercise inspiration, nutrition, abs, and she’s also the co-founder of Sweat, a personal training program. She’s a hard-working woman leading the way in Instagrammable content.

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20. Joanna Gaines

Followers: 13.5 million

Joanna likes to be a little more down-to-earth with her content, showcasing her garden and inspiring a new generation of foragers. She’s the co-founder of Magnolia, a lifestyle brand, and even has published recipe books that focus on homegrown, local ingredients.

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21. Travel Mad Mum

Followers: 101,000+

How do you see the sights and live a fulfilling life while being a busy mother to your children? Travel Mad Mum, with her newborn twins, shows you exactly how this inspirational content is designed to get mums out and about.

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22. Rosanna Pansino

Followers: 4.3 million

Rosanna is self-described as a “YouTuber, Baker, NYT’s Best Selling Author, Host of ‘Baketopia’ on HBO Max!” She loves baking, and that comes across in her content. She also loves her family and fashion.

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23. Emily Henderson

Followers: 964,000+

Emily Henderson is a stylist absolutely killing it right now, as you can see from her immaculate Instagram posts. Her interior designs are flawless and if ever you fancied making yourself jealous with house envy, she’s the one to follow.

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24. Marie Forleo

Followers: 659,000+

Marie is one for aspiring entrepreneurs to check out. She’s a New York Times bestselling author and her posts are packed full of tips ranging from productivity and wellbeing to starting your own business.

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There’s so much inspiration to be gained from these incredible female Instagram influencers and something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for interior design tips, parenting advice, business suggestions or just want to take the time to enjoy some perfectly curated content, all of the top 24 influencers are smashing it and we can’t wait to see what they do next. Happy International Women’s Day!