31 FREE & Paid LUTs for Premiere Pro

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A lookup table, or LUT, is a helpful way to grab your viewers’ attention as you wow them with beautiful and cinematic colors. There are many free Premiere Pro LUTs online to help with your video editing and achieve the vision of your final product. But sourcing them yourself can take a long time. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for you all in one place.

LUTs can definitely help you create stylized looks more easily and affordably. We hope you enjoy this list of great freebies that will help do the heavy lifting of your color grading.

Download free Premiere Pro LUTs

If you’re a student, a hobbyist, or just starting out with video editing, there’s no reason that LUTs should break the bank. Thankfully, there are many free options out there. Here are 18 free Premiere Pro LUTs to help you level up the professionalism and punch of your next video project.

1. Free LUTs for Premiere Pro

Check out this variety pack of Adobe Premiere LUTs color grading options to make your videos look stylish and amazing.

Free LUTs for Premiere Pro Download

2. Hollywood LUT Color Pack

If you’re looking to add a professional top-notch film look, these 74 Hollywood LUTs are what you need! All Hollywood movie lovers can now level up their videos with these easy-to-use color grades.

Download Hollywood LUT Color Pack Now

3. Free Cinematic LUT pack

Get these free cinematic LUTs for Premiere in this convenient 10-pack.

Download Free Cinematic LUT Pack Now

4. Free Reign sample LUT

Grab this Premiere Pro color preset to add creativity and a cinematic touch to your footage.

Download Free Reign Sample LUT Now

5. Free Cinematic LUTs pack

Check out these Premiere Pro LUTs to make your video cinematic and modern. Create eye-catching videos that will impress all your followers!

Download Free 5 Cinematic LUTs Pack Now

6. Free Edgy LUT pack

For grungier projects, try out these five free edgy LUTs.

Free Edgy LUT Pack Download

7. Free Color Grading LUTs

At Color Grading Central, you can download free Adobe Premiere LUTs to make your video projects breathtaking.

Download Free Color Grading LUTs Now

8. Free Cinematic LUTs

Enjoy these cinematic LUTs and make your video project look more professional than ever.

Download Free Cinematic LUTs Now

9. Free Carbon sample LUT

For great contrast options without changing your tones, try this free carbon sample LUT.

Download Free Carbon Sample LUT Now

10. 16 Free Adobe Premiere LUTs

Choose one of these 16 Adobe Premiere LUTs when you’re creating your next video.

Download Free 16 LUTs Now

11. Free color LUTs pack

Check out these free Adobe Premiere LUTs for adding spectacular colors to your footage. This pack includes nature, lifestyle, black and white, and more!

Download Free LUTs Pack Now

12. Free 30 Cinematic LUTs

If you’re looking for great color options for travel footage, check out these free Premiere Pro LUTs.

Download Free 30 Cinematic LUTs Now

13. Free Cinematic LUTs

Consider these cinematic Premiere LUTs for your next video project.

Download Free Cinematic LUTs Now

14. Free LUT

Embrace color grading for your next video using this free Premiere Pro LUT. Perfect for that upcoming music video you’re working on.

Download Free LUT Now

15. Free Cinematic LUTs Pack

Take advantage of this great Premiere Pro LUTs package for color grading your video.

Download Free Cinematic LUTs Pack Now

Part 2: The Best Motion Array LUTs

Check out some of our favorite LUTs from our great Motion Array creators. Best of all, you can access every single one of them with a single Motion Array membership. All paid plans include 100% unlimited downloads.

1. 450+ LUTs Premiere Pro

For a wide variety of color presets, consider this pack of Adobe Premiere LUTs, which can provide easy-to-use coloring grading for videos, presentations, and more.

Download 450+ LUTs Premiere Pro Now

2. Cinematic LUTs

Select from any of these cinematic LUTs for Premiere Pro to color-grade your video project easily.

Download Cinematic LUTs Now

3. Instagram LUTs Pack

Working on a cinematic project, Instagram video, old-time movie, or wedding project? No need to look any further! Download this handy Adobe Premiere pack with 22 amazing social media LUTs.

4. Sports LUTs

Choose any of these dozen Premiere Color Pro presets that provide amazing presets for your sports footage.

Download Sports LUTs Now

5. Fashion LUTs

Grab any one of these 15 Premiere LUT presets for impressive colors in your next fashion video.

Download Fashion LUTs Now

6. Universal LUTs Pack

Add a little magic to your video project with this large universal pack of LUTs for Premiere. They make the perfect starting point for any film genre.

Download Universal LUTs Pack Now

7. Urban LUTs

Urban LUTs is a great street-style pack, perfect for travel videos or music videos.

Download Urban LUTs Now

8. Cinematic LUTs

Download some of these cinematic LUTs for Premiere Pro to add to your footage or presentation today.

Download Cinematic LUTs Now

9. Modern LUTs

Consider these modern LUTs for Premiere for your next video project.

Download Modern LUTs Now

10. Action Sports LUTs

Select these Premiere Pro LUTs will elevate your action sports footage in no time flat.

Download Action Sports LUTs Now

11. Film Look LUTs

Try out this LUT to instantly give your video the look of having been shot on film.

Download Film Look LUTs Now

12. Cinematic Film LUTs

For brighter, more saturated footage, choose this Adobe Premiere LUTs package.

Download Cinematic Film LUTs Now

13. Travel LUTs

These 10 LUTs are just perfect for travel videos or music videos. Easily apply these to radically change the color grading and look of the clips within your project.

Download Travel LUTs Now

14. Wedding LUTs

This pack contains 10 LUTs for creating your new modern and elegant videos for your next wedding project. Works with any software that supports .cube LUT files.

Download Wedding LUTs Now

15. Black And White Color Grades

Use these amazing 20 Black and White LUTs to give your video projects a professional look with little effort. Just drag and drop the LUT to your video to add fantastic black-and-white color grading.

Download Black And White Color Grades Now

16. Chromatic Color Grades

This pack of drag-and-drop color-grading LUTs is perfect for films, social videos, presentations, and more. It will instantly add style to your videos.

Download Chromatic Color Grades Now

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a video editor, or just experimenting with color grading, our curated selection of free and paid LUTs for Premiere Pro can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your projects. From cinematic color presets to specific thematic styles, these LUTs provide both beginner-friendly options and professional-level enhancements to meet diverse creative needs. Dive into our collection, experiment with different looks, and elevate your video content to capture your audience’s attention with stunning visual storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LUT, and how does it work in Premiere Pro?

A LUT (Look-Up Table) is a preset that maps specific color values to alter the color grading of video footage in Premiere Pro, helping to achieve a desired visual tone quickly and consistently.

How do I install LUTs in Premiere Pro?

Check out our blog “How to Create Cinematic Videos Using LUTs in Premiere Pro (Tutorial)” to learn how to install LUTs in Premiere Pro.

Can LUTs be used on all types of footage?

Yes, LUTs can be applied to any footage in Premiere Pro, but the effect may vary depending on the original colors and lighting conditions of the footage.

Are there specific LUTs for different video styles or themes?

Yes, there are specific LUTs designed to enhance different video styles or themes, such as cinematic, vintage, or documentary looks, helping to set the right mood or aesthetic.

How do I know which LUT to use for my project?

Choose a LUT based on the visual style and mood you want to convey in your project. Testing a few options on sample clips is often helpful to see which LUT best complements your footage.