18 Free Cinematic LUTs for Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro January 29, 2019 5 min read

A lookup table, or LUT, is a helpful way to grab your viewers’ attention, as you wow them with beautiful and cinematic colors. There are lots of free Premiere Pro LUTs online to help with your video editing and achieve the vision of your final product. But instead of sourcing them yourself, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for you all in one place.

LUTs can definitely help you create stylized looks more easily and affordably. We hope you enjoy this list of great freebies that will help do the heavy lifting of your color grading.

Part 1: Free Premiere Pro LUTS You Should Download

The opening moments of your video may be the most important. Here are 18 free Premiere Pro LUTs to help you level up the professionalism and punch of your video project.

1. Free LUTs for Premiere Pro

Check out these Adobe Premiere LUTs color grading options to make your videos look stylish and amazing.

Free Download

2. Free Warm Sample LUT by Ground Control Color

If you’re looking to add a warm and cozy feeling to your video, try this Adobe Premiere LUT.

Free Download

3. Cinematic LUT Pack by AP x 90

Get these free LUTs for Premiere in this convenient 10-pack.

Download Now

4. Free Reign Sample LUT by Ground Control Color

To add some creativity to your footage, grab this Premiere Pro color preset.

Free Download

5. Free 9 Cinematic LUTs by Rory Illidge

Check out these Premiere Pro LUTs to make your video chic and modern.

Free Download

Note: The pack is no longer available for free; however, you can pay what you want above about $10 USD. 

6. Free Edgy LUT Pack

Try out 5 free LUTs in your next video footage. Here’s a great spot to download some free Adobe Premiere Pro LUTs for creating amazing videos.

Free Download

7. Free Color Grading LUTs by Color Grading Central

At Color Grading Central, you can download free Adobe Premiere LUTs to make breathtaking your video projects.

Free Download

8. Free Cinematic LUTs by Steven Van

Enjoy these LUTs and make your video project look more professional than ever.

Free Download

9. Free Carbon Sample LUT by Ground Control Color

For great contrast options without changing your tones, try this free carbon sample LUT.

Free Download

10. Free LUTs Cinematic Color by Free Presets

Download these Adobe Premiere LUTs to make amazing video footage or improve the look of your photos.

Free Download

11. Free LUTs by KG Pro Films

Choose one of these Adobe Premiere LUTs when you’re creating your next video.

Free Download

12. Free LUTs Pack by On1

Check out these free Adobe Premiere LUTs files for adding spectacular colors to your footage. Includes nature, lifestyle, black and white, and more!

Free Download

13. Free 30 Cinematic LUTs by Debrup Travel & Films

If you’re looking for great color options for travel footage, check out these free Premiere Pro LUTs.

Free Download

14. Free 10 LUT Presets by Kamran Brown

Enjoy this free Premiere Pro LUTs package and the colors in your videos pop. You can use this pack in Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro.

Free Download

15. Free Cinematic LUTs by Color Grading Central

Consider this Premiere LUT for your next video project.

Free Download

16. Free LUT by YCImaging

Embrace color grading for your next video using this free Premiere Pro LUT. Perfect for that upcoming music video you’re working on.

Free Download

17. Free Cinematic LUTs Pack by FilterGrade

Take advantage of these great Premiere Pro LUTs package for color grading your video.

Free Download

18. Free 140 Cinematic LUT Pack by Kevin Aryal

Download this pack of Premiere Pro LUTs to help color grade your footage.

Free Download

Part 2: The Best LUTs by Motion Array Creators

Check out some of our favorite LUTs from our great Motion Array creators. Now is the best time to pull the trigger on a membership if you haven’t already. Get access to 100% unlimited downloads on all paid plans.

1. 450+ LUTs by Motion Jungle

For a wide variety of color presets, consider this pack of Adobe Premiere LUTs, which can provide easy-to-use coloring grading for videos, presentations, and more.

Download Now

2. Cinematic LUTs by Alexey P

Select from any of these free LUTs for Premiere Pro to easily color grade your video project.

Download Now

3. 120+ LUTs Pack by Zhoomart

Working on a cinematic project, Instagram video, old-time movie or wedding project? Check out this Adobe Premiere LUTs color grading pack.

Download Now

4. Sports LUTs by Alexey P

Choose any of these dozen Premiere Color Pro presets that provide amazing presets for your video.

Download Now

5. Fashion LUTs by VSDream

Grab any one of these 15 Premiere LUT presets for impressive colors in your next videos.

Download Now

6. Universal LUTs Pack by Niomich

Add a little magic to your video project with these three dozen or so free LUTs for Premiere. They make the perfect starting point for any film genre.

Download Now

7. Urban LUTs by VideoMaker

Urban LUT’s is a pack for your street style video and perfect for travel videos or music videos.

Download Now

8. Cinematic LUTs by Alexey P

Download some of these free LUTs for Premiere Pro to add to your footage or presentation today.

Download Now

9. Modern LUTs by Motion Jungle

Consider these free LUTs for Premiere for your next video project.

Download Now

10. Action Sports LUTs by VSDream

Select these Premiere Pro LUTs will elevate your action sports footage in no time flat.

Download Now

11. Film Look LUTs by Alexey P

Try out this LUT to instantly give your video a modern, classy feel.

Download Now

12. Cinematic Film LUTs by VSDream

For brighter, more saturated footage, choose this Adobe Premiere LUTs package.

Download Now

Part 3: How To Use LUTs in Premiere Pro

It’s important to understand that LUTs are typically used after you’ve completed your color correction. So before you apply your new LUTs, make sure your color correction is completed first. This will help you nail the results you’re after.

Here’s how to get started using LUTs in Premiere:

  1. Download the LUTs to your computer with a clearly labeled folder.
  2. Get into the Creative section and go to Lumetri Color.
  3. Next, import your selected Premiere Pro LUTs
  4. Apply the Lumetri Color Effect.
  5. Adjust the color and intensity of your selected edits using the Intensity Slider

We also have a more detailed Premiere Pro LUTs tutorial if you want a more in-depth understanding.

Part 4: How To Create Your Own LUTs

If you can’t find the perfect LUT in a pre-packaged form, you can create your own simply in Premiere Pro.

  1. Begin by creating a sequence of footage.
  2. Highlight the clip and make changes in the Lumetri Color.
  3. Make any corrections or changes including effects and intensity. We have a tutorial on color correction here if you need some pointers.
  4. To export, go to the Lumetri panel, right-click, and select “Export Cube.”
  5. Name and save the file on your computer.
  6. When you’re ready to use it, import your finished LUTs folder into your video using the steps above. This file is now like any other LUT.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur video producer, free Premiere Pro LUTs can help save you significant time and money when it comes to color grading your footage. Enjoy your new freebies!