Create Cinematic (Star Wars) Hologram Effects in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 16/08/2021 4 min read

If you’re creating any futuristic or sci-fi-based project, knowing how to create a good hologram effect can be super handy. Fortunately, this simple yet effective look can be made from scratch in Premiere Pro, and we’re going to show you how.

Part 1: Basic Hologram Screen Effect in Premiere Pro

The basic hologram effect can be used for various compositions and can be applied creatively to your projects. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to add a basic watch screen hologram, but this technique can be used for much more.

To create this effect, you will need a clip of a performer reacting to the hologram screen; this can be pretty tricky to time up, so it helps if you plan what you want on the screen beforehand.

  1. Import your screen recording and performer clip to the project and place it on the timeline, with the screen recording on the top of the stack.
  2. In the Effects & Presets panel, search for Crop and add it to your screen recording. Go to the Effects Control panel and crop any unwanted edges from your clip.
  3. Play through the timeline, editing your screen recording to time with your performer clip.
  4. Select all of the screen recording clips and Right Click > Nest.
  5. Search for RGB Color Balance in the Effects Panel and add it to your nested sequence. Decrease the reds and add to the blues and greens to achieve the color you need.
  6. Add a Wave Warp effect, and in the Effects Control panel, adjust the Wave Type to Smooth Noise.
  7. Change the Wave Direction to 0 and the Wave Speed to 5.
  8. Add the Effect Drop Shadow and change the Color and Softness settings to create a look you like.
  9. Search for and add Basic 3D from the Effects panel; adjust the Swivel and Tilt to fit your scene.
  10. To create the In and Out animation, place your playhead where you want to complete the In animation, click the Stopwatch icon to add keyframes to the Scale and Position settings.
  11. Move the playhead backward along the timeline to where the screen is ‘activated’ and adjust the Scale and Position settings to where the activation occurs.
  12. Repeat the keyframing process at the end of the screen animation to move the effect off.
  13. Select clip and Right-click > Nest.
  14. In the Effects Control panel, reduce the Opacity to 50%.
  15. Using Cmd+D or Ctrl+D, duplicate the nested sequence.
  16. In the Effects Control panel, for your duplicated sequence, change the Blend Mode to Color Dodge, decrease the Opacity to 25%.
  17. Add the Gaussian Blur effect to the duplicate and adjust the settings until you’re happy with your finished look.

Part 2: Star Wars Hologram Effect in Premiere Pro

Creating the Star Wars style hologram effect uses many of the same techniques as Part 1, with a few additional effects. For this effect, you need to have filmed your performer on a green screen so that the background can be removed in the process.

Step 1: Chroma Key Green Screen

Firstly, you will need to set up your green screen footage and remove the background; the more time you spend getting the shot right during filming, the easier this step will be to complete.

  1. Add your clips to the timeline with your green screen footage at the top of the stack.
  2. In the Effects panel, search for the Ultra Key effect and add it to your green screen clip.
  3. Using the picker, select the green in your shot to remove it, and change the Output to Alpha Channel.
  4. Fine-tune your key using the Choke, and Soften controls. Change the Output back to Composite.
  5. Right-click on the green screen clip and choose Nest.

Step 2: Create the Hologram Look

Creating the right hologram look will depend on your footage and the color styles you have chosen. Most holograms are shown in blue or green color, but you can select a color scheme that best suits your project.

  1. Add the RGB effect and play around with the color properties until you are happy with your look.
  2. Add the Venetian Blinds effect and set the Transition Complete to 25%.
  3. Change the Direction to 90º and adjust the Width and Feather settings until you are happy with the look.
  4. Move the playhead to where the hologram effect begins, and create a keyframe for Width and Transition Completion.
  5. Move halfway through your clip and adjust the Width and Transition Completion settings.
  6. Go to the end of the hologram and copy and paste the first set of keyframes to the end.
  7. Finally, Nest the sequence.

Step 3: Animate the Hologram

The last step is to create some movement for your hologram effect; your hologram needs to look like it’s made of light, so there are several effects to add.

  1. In the Effects panel, search for Noise and add it to your hologram. Adjust the settings to create a soft grain to your effect.
  2. Next, add the Wave Warp effect; set the Wave Type to Smooth Noise and the Direction to 0.
  3. Adjust the Wave Height, Width, and Speed to suit your composition.
  4. Ensure the playhead is at the start of the hologram effect, then create a keyframe for the Wave Warp Phase setting. 
  5. With your playhead to the end of the hologram, adjust the Phase setting; the higher the number, the faster your effect’s movement.
  6. To complete the look, play around with the Blend Mode and Opacity settings to see which works best with your scene.

Bonus Premiere Pro Hologram Templates

1. Hologram Titles

Hologram Titles is a sleek and stylish template containing 7 unique designs. Projecting your titles through a laser-style light, your messaging is formed with a trendy neon glow, giving the feel of a cinema projection. These fun title compositions are sure to grab your viewer’s attention.

Download Hologram Titles Now

2. Lower Thirds Digital

If you’re looking to give your lower thirds a slick futuristic feel, this Premiere Pro template has a lot to offer. There’s room for names, occupations, and other key on-screen information that needs to be displayed. Dynamically animated, this is perfect for interviews, news updates, sports highlights, and so much more. 

Download Lower Thirds Digital Now

Creating hologram effects from scratch gives you all the control over the look and style of your composition. Whether you’re making a tech-based presentation or a sci-fi feature film, impressive effects can grab an audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression. For additional eye-catching effects in Premiere Pro, learn how to create ghost effects and flicker effects