Migrating Video Projects from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 25/11/2018 2 min read

We know that plenty of you love Final Cut Pro. And you should work with the software that best suits your needs. But we also know that some users have switched from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro after some consideration.

This can pose a few problems if you are in the middle of a video project, or if you have older projects that you need to revisit. Well, it may seem to pose a problem, but it’s actually pretty easy to migrate your files over from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro. Today, we’ll show you how in this short tutorial.

Part 1: Migrate from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro X Migration

Final Cut Pro X Migration works in a similar fashion, but an extra step is needed to convert the .fcpxml file to .xml.

Start by opening your project in Final Cut Pro X. And again export using File > Export XML. Then save your file where you want it.

Next, you’ll need to use a conversion tool called XtoCC. Note that this conversion tool is priced at $49 in the Mac app store.

Using XtoCC, you can open your .fcpxml file and resave it as a .xmp file. Then you simply follow the same steps as above to import into Premiere Pro CC.

The first thing to note is that Final Cut Pro 7 will export a standard .xml file that Premiere Pro CC can access. However, Final Cut Pro X generates a .fcpxml file which needs an extra step before Premiere Pro CC can access it.

Final Cut Pro 7 Migration

This one is pretty easy. You need to first open your project in Final Cut Pro 7. You just need the project file. You can relink the media later if need be.

To export a certain sequence, select that sequence first. Or you can deselect all sequences and just export the entire project.

Then click on File > Export > XML. When the dialogue box opens up, keep the default for Apple XML Interchange Format Version 5. Save the project and you should be good.

Migrating from FCP to Pr

Next, you’ll simply open a project (or create a new one) in Premiere Pro CC. Then click File > Import. Locate your generated .xml file and open it.

All of your data should show up in the same hierarchy. If your media is in the same place it was when you generated the .xml it should all show up. Otherwise, you can relink your footage as needed.

Part 2: Troubleshooting Tips

Although the .xml format is generic and reads across multiple platforms and various software, it’s not perfect. Sometimes certain effects and plug-ins don’t translate properly. Note that you should be able to get your edits and sequences, but you may have to do a little work to get everything back to the way you had it.

This isn’t always an exact science, but if you find that you need to migrate old projects from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro, these steps are the easiest way to go about it.

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