10 Amazing Premiere Pro MOGRTs You Need in 2022

Premiere Pro 18/06/2022 3 min read

At Motion Array, you will find a ton of Premiere Pro MOGRT offerings to help you create even better videos. 

Simply put, a MOGRT (motion graphics template) is a nice, neat file containing an entire motion graphics animation that can be used in Adobe Premiere Pro or Rush. This makes it easier for you to edit animated graphics without having to go into After Effects and create them from scratch. 

Here’s our list of favorite MOGRTs that you absolutely should check out. If you’ve committed to upping your video editing game this year, motion graphics templates will go a long way toward helping you achieve that goal. 

Top MOGRTs to Download Today  


1. Essential Title V3 

There’s no reason to have boring and static titles in your videos. This pack of motion graphics titles consists of 30 sleek options, with choices from classic and elegant to bold and in-your-face. Simply drag and drop your selected title onto your project, change your text, and you’ll be good to go. This pack also includes a video tutorial. 

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2. Digital Glitch Titles 

Sometimes elegant and smooth isn’t what you need. Glitchy, twitchy, and offbeat is what you’ll find in this 16-pack of titles. Whatever you’re editing, there’ll be a suitable funky title for it in this lot. Use one of these in your social media vids, vlog, presentation, or opener for a travel, sports, action, or lifestyle project. They’re unique and will definitely take your vid up a level. 

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3. Titles Elegant Cinematic 

If you need titles (and credits) for a film, this is the collection for you. You can really make these your own by customizing not only the text but also the font and colors. They’re very elegantly animated and would look great in your next professional video. Films, TV shows, commercials, promotions, trailers, and corporate events would benefit from this tasteful MOGRT pack.

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4. Brush Transitions Pack 

Here you’ll find 25 stunning brush stroke transitions that bring a real artistic feel to an edit. You also have full control over colors, so you can really integrate these into your projects in a very creative way. 

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5. Shape Transition Pack

The 40 different transitions you’ll get when you download this stash are bright, bold, and striking. You’ll have full control over all the colors, and the stark lines and speedy movements make for an eye-catching effect. The brightness and fun feeling of these graphics lend themselves to videos full of joy, happiness, and adventure. Travel, action, and social media videos would enjoy the pop of color and style these bring. 

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6. Ball & Square Transitions 

These cartoon-like transitions are fresh and funky, completely color-customizable, and super simple to use. Drag and drop them onto your timeline between your relevant bits of footage, and your project will take on a fun, playful feel. 

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Backgrounds & Elements 

7. Animated Backgrounds & Stories 

Instagram stories have never looked so stylish with these modern, almost hypnotic, animated backgrounds. On top of that, you can choose from 15 unique and eye-catching moving text compositions. They’re so easy to use, that you’ll find yourself posting stories more often, and getting more views—because these are super fun not only to edit but also to watch! 

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8. Vertical Scenes Stories Collection 

With this collection of 10 impressive vertical story scenes, your video will stand out effortlessly! Save yourself time and gain some new followers with this pack of fun, quirky stories. 

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9. Overlays Constructor 

This is a treasure chest of overlays, and you’ll find yourself coming back to this MOGRT again and again for different edits. There are 5 MOGRT files in this download, with a whopping 126 different animations for you to choose from. You can get seriously artsy with these, and achieve a new look for every scene using just this one template. 

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10. Web Search Social Logo 

Promote your brand and grow your following with these eye-catching social media and search icons. This fantastic template should be a staple for all video-makers. It’s easy to set up, and your audience won’t miss it when the brightly colored social media icon of your choice pops up on the screen in your video. 

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How To Use MOGRTs In Your Video Projects 

The beauty of MOGRTs is that they are really quick and easy to use. Just download the ones you want, import them into Adobe Premiere Pro, and then add it to your timeline where you want it to appear in your video. 

Once it’s on your timeline, you can then customize it to your liking on the Essential Graphics panel. Check out this tutorial for a more in-depth explanation of how to get started with motion graphics templates. 

Motion graphic templates are a godsend for any video editor who wants to save time and effort and still produce high-quality work. We hope you enjoy using our top Premiere Pro MOGRT picks. They’re stylish, simple and versatile, and an almost effortless way to take your videos to a whole new level.