Learn 2 Cool Bass Shake Effects in Premiere Pro (Tutorial + Templates)

Premiere Pro 03/06/2021 5 min read

If you’re a music or events video Editor, this is the tutorial for you; a step-by-step guide to Bass Shake and Screen Pump Effects in Premiere. These modern movements are super easy to create and can take your music-based projects to a new level, so let’s jump in.

Part 1: Create the Bass Shake Effect

A Bass Shake effect does what the name suggests; it shakes your footage in time to the Bass in the music. Fortunately, in Premiere, we don’t need to change your footage or stock video in any way, as this effect can be achieved using Adjustment Layers.

  1. Edit your footage on the timeline.
  2. If you are creating multiple bass shakes, it can be helpful to watch through your video. creating Markers (Press M on the keyboard) for where you want your effects to be. 

Tip: Open up the Audio editor to see the waveforms and you should quickly identify the bass notes.

  1. In the Project browser, right-click and select New > Adjustment Layer.
  2. Drag your Adjustment layer to the timeline, and position over one of the bass markers.
  3. In the Effects Control panel, find Gaussian Blur and drag it to your Adjustment layer.
  4. In the Effects Control panel, change the Blur Direction to vertical, and increase the blur amount until you are happy with the look. 
  5. Check the Repeat Edge Pixels box to remove the edging from the frame.
  6. On your keyboard, press C to access the Blade tool, and cut the Adjustment layer into sections a few frames in length.
  7. Remove every other section of the Adjustment layers until you are left with a repeating pattern of 3-6 adjustment elements. This will give the effect a pulsing style.
  8. Finally, starting with the second Adjustment layer section, decrease the Blur amount for each section by -5 more than the last. So if your first effect has a Blur amount of 50, the second would be 45, then 40, and so on.
  9. Highlight all of the Adjustment layer sections in the timeline, right-click, and select Group. Once grouped, you can copy and paste the effect to the rest of your timeline.

Note: You can also use the Directional Blur effect to create a slightly different look. However, this effect does not include the Repeat Edge Pixels option, so you will always have the black bar around the edges.

Part 2: Learn the Screen Pump Bass Effect

A Screen Pump effect involves scaling up and repositioning your clip for a few frames to feel that the screen is pumping in the same way a subwoofer would. You can use the Screen Pump effect on its own or with the Bass Effect for various looks.

  1. Choose the point in your footage that you want to add a Screen Pump. Keep in mind the beat of the music and make sure it flows. 
  2. Select the clip in the timeline and find the Position and Scale settings in the Effects Control panel.
  3. Click the stopwatch icon next to each setting to create your first keyframe.
  4. Using the right arrow key, move forward 6 to 8 Frames.
  5. Scale up your clip slightly, and reposition as needed.
  6. Move forward another 6 to 8 frames. In the Keyframe Editor, highlight the first 2 keyframes for Scale and Position, press Cmd+C or Ctrl+C to Copy, and Cmd+V or Ctrl+V to paste.
  7. Playback the effect and adjust the timing as needed in the Keyframe Editor.
  8. To duplicate the effect, highlight all the keyframes in the Keyframe Editor and press Cmd+C or Ctrl+C.
  9. Move the Playhead into the position you want the next Screen Pump to start, and press Cmd+V or Ctrl+V to paste in the effect.

Part 3: Create a Cool Text Effect with Screen Pump and Bass Shake

The Bass Shake and Screen Pump effect can be used for more than just your footage; you can use them on text, graphics, and photo elements as well from our variety of stock photos. Let’s look at a simple way to create a trendy text effect with what we’ve covered in parts 1 and 2.

  1. Edit your footage and add a Text layer above it. Change the style of the text and the duration of the layer until you are happy with its placement.
  2. Go to the start of your Text layer, and in the Effects Control panel, create an Opacity keyframe.
  3. Using the right arrow key, move forward 5 frames and create a second keyframe. Go back to the first Opacity keyframe and change the setting to 0.
  4. Repeat this simple process at the end of your Text layer so the element fades out.
  5. The next step is to create the Bass Shake effect. Follow the steps in part 1 to make your Shake Adjustment layer.
  6. Cut the Shake Adjustment layer into two small clips, a couple of frames longer than your opacity transition.
  7. Place the Adjustment layer sections over the start and end of your Text layer to act as the transition.
  8. Go through your Text layer, applying the Screen Pump effect using the method in part 2. If you are using Screen Pump on your footage as well, make sure you time the effects up.
  9. Finally, highlight the Text and Adjustment Layers in the timeline, right-click and select Group. You can easily copy and paste the title across your timeline and change the text as needed.

Part 4: Top 5 Bass Shake Effect Resources for Premiere Pro

If you don’t have the time to create your own bass and screen pump effects, there is no shortage of Premiere Pro templates online that you can customize to your needs. We’ve put together our top five ideal templates and presets for music video editors.

1. Zoom Bass Presets

The Zoom Bass Presets give you trendy Screen Pump effects with just a couple of clicks. The movements are dynamic, fast, and bouncy, with a range of effects to the scale, position, and rotation of your clip.

Download Zoom Bass Presets Now

2. 35 Hit Presets

The Hit Presets pack contains 35 effects in seven categories and is helpful for a range of music, action, and sport-related content. The screen pumps and shakes work fantastically with action elements in your projects.

Download 35 Hit Presets Now

3. Bass Zoom Presets

If you are looking for bass power that fills your whole screen and perfectly matches your footage to the beat, the Bass Zoom Presets are exactly what you need! Use it in your next sports action clips or DJ dance promos. 

Download Bass Zoom Presets Now

4. Future Bass Opener

The Future Bass Opener is a modular project containing 35 media and 34 text placeholders. This vast project will enable you to create longer-form content with all the screen pump and bass shake effects and transitions you could need.

Download Future Bass Opener Now

5. Hit Presets

Including 27 effects, the Hit Presets pack is a trendy and modern collection, ideal for music and events videos or action-related content. The beautiful effects include RGB Glitch Screen Pumps and swift Bass Shake transitions.

Download Hit Presets Now

The Adobe Premiere Pro bass shake effect is simple to create but looks impressive to the viewer. Using this popular and modern effect, you can help pull your audience into the music and flow of your video. If you want some ideas for this fun Premiere effect, check out these popular camera shake effects you can download today.