5 Things We Hate About Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 22/12/2018 3 min read

Listen, at the end of the day, we love Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s becoming a go-to for many Hollywood editors, and the toolset just gets better and better with each new release.

But, like with any software, there are some things that we just hate about Adobe Premiere Pro too. So, let’s take a few minutes to highlight the little nagging issues and missed opportunities with Premiere Pro. Maybe Adobe will take note and incorporate our grievances into the next version. Here’s hoping! 

Five Times Premiere Pro Failed

1. The Parents Are Away

One of the most important features of Adobe After Effects is the Null and Parenting feature. It’s super easy to create a null layer in After Effects, then parent other layers to it for quick animation of multiple elements.

It’s used in practically every After Effects project these days. Why hasn’t this been incorporated into Premiere Pro? I mean, editors need to animate and set keyframes for multiple layers as well. It seems like a simple time-saver that should be a fundamental in Premiere Pro by now! 

2. Double Upside Down Rainbow 

Has anyone ever noticed that the color picker is upside down? On every other Adobe application that we can think of, the color picker goes from white at the top to black at the bottom. And Premiere Pro reverses it, putting black on the top. 

Upside down color picker


It’s a little thing, yes, but seriously… how about a little consistency here? When you get used to using a set of tools, it completely throws you off to have everything be in another place. Can we just flip the picker already? 

3. Title Fight 

So, Adobe has a really cool feature called Dynamic Link. You may have used it before. It seamlessly moves elements from one Adobe program to another, and when you save them in one application, they’ll automatically update in the other.

For instance, effects shots created in After Effects can be rendered and automatically updated in your Premiere Pro timeline. It makes sense, then, that when you create a title in Premiere Pro with the titler tool and then import your clip into After Effects, that title is there and ready for animation, right? Right? Right?

Nope! You get a black box. Come on, guys! All of this technology. Dynamic Link is all over the place. How hard is this? 

4. Crash Cut 

Okay, maybe we’re imagining this one, but does Premiere Pro crash a lot more than other Adobe applications? We know that Adobe practically rewrote After Effects from the ground up to make it more stable and efficient. Maybe Premiere Pro needs to be next. 

Autosaves are great, but also necessary. No matter how often you save, it’s no fun to be in the middle of an important edit and in the groove, when everything seizes, and the life is sucked out of your workflow as your software crashes. You have to go through the effort of booting it back up again, waiting for your project to load, and hoping you didn’t lose anything critical. 

Of course, no software is perfect, and crashes will happen from time to time, but stability could be improved in Premiere Pro. Just saying. 

5. The Line Blurs… No, It Doesn’t 

The kids these days are all talking about some new thing called Motion Blur. Maybe someday Adobe will decide to include it in Premiere Pro. I mean, it was only introduced in Final Cut Pro 7 years ago. 

Maybe it’s a fad.

For real guys, motion blur is a thing. It’s an important thing. We all know and love it. It’s completely commonplace in After Effects and other NLEs. Let’s get a little motion blur up in here already! 

Okay, we feel better having gotten that off our chests. Thanks for listening, faithful Premiere Pro fans. 

The truth is, we think Premiere Pro might be the best NLE out there for most situations. Everyone has their favorite, but Premiere Pro is a solid choice. We just had to point out that no one or no software is perfect, and there are little things that eat at us on a daily basis.

What about you? Do you have any Premiere Pro pet peeves? Is it the best thing you’ve ever touched? Do you use a different NLE that’s better or worse? Air it out in the comments below. We won’t judge.

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