30 Insanely Cool Free & Paid Premiere Pro Intro (Opener) Templates

Premiere Pro 02/11/2021 7 min read

A strong opener sets the stage for a memorable video, and that’s why we’ve picked out some of the best Premiere Pro opener templates available to download in 2020. They’re all super easy to personalize with your own text, images, & video clips. And just in case you’ve never downloaded a Premiere Pro template before, we’ve also included instructions for installing and customizing them. 

But first, let’s take a look at some of the coolest, most dynamic, and interesting opener downloads!

Part 1: Our Favorite 30 Intro Templates for Premiere Pro

1. Free Inspire Travel Opener

Inspire Travel Opener is truly vibrant. Even if you just plug in still photos, this template will bring them to life in a fun way. There are a total of 20 placeholders, so you can squeeze in a ton of content. Altogether, this opener is unique and will really stand out; and best of all, it’s free! 

Free Inspire Travel Opener Download

2. Free Energy Slideshow

Start off your video with a cheerful burst of color, for free! Energy Slideshow is a fresh, vibrant display of full-screen images and bold colorful text. It’ll go great with any fun and upbeat content like vlogs, travel videos, or advertisements.

Free Energy Slideshow Download

3. Free Video Intro Templates

This FREE opener is both contemporary and retro at the same time, utilizing cool vintage projector transitions coupled with sepia tones and cool lighting artifacts. You’ve also got 7 title placeholders to add text to your visual narrative, so this is a fantastic opener for telling a story to your viewers. 

Free Video Intro Templates Download

4. Big Stretch Intro

A colorful and fun way to open your videos, Big Stretch combines color and motion to deliver an energetic presentation that will certainly catch your audience’s attention. Perfect for an upbeat youtube channel or the introduction to a short video, and very little effort is needed to make it look great!

Download Big Stretch Intro Now

5. Elegant Intro

Step your viewers through your content with amazing rhythm as one scene glides to the next. Elegant Intro is a rich, smooth display of photos or videos that is so versatile you can use it for just about any subject matter. It also comes in 3 different aspect ratios so you can cover vertical, horizontal, or square aspect ratios and fit your videos perfectly to any device.

Download Elegant Intro Now

6. Typographic Elegant Intro

This is a nice all-around intro that can be used for any number of subjects. Simply drag your images or video clips in and customize the text layers to quickly produce a video-collage intro that will fit right in with your next project. 

Download Typographic Elegant Intro Now

7. Sport Intro

The Sport Intro is a wild ride, so get ready to send your viewers spinning, sliding, and zooming between your video clips in a blast of production value before launching into your content. It’s also short and sweet, so it really packs a punch! It’s used here for a great sport introduction, but you can customize it for any high-energy content.

Download Sport Intro Now

8. Inspiring Intro

Not just inspiring, this template is also dynamic, impressive, and polished. It’s great for combining imagery with a custom color palette, so if you’d like to charm your viewers while expressing your brand’s style this is the right template for the job. The fast-paced title sequence towards the end gives you a perfect opportunity to reveal your message in an impactful way before dropping a logo or title at the very end.

Download Inspiring Intro Now

9. Slicer Opener

Utilizing the incredible Slicer transition suite, this drag-and-drop template allows you to create a stunning video opening, montage, or end sequence with ease. The slice transitions offer a unique visual aesthetic as you combine your footage together in a rapid-fire arrangement, great for sports, action, or adventure videos. Oh, and best of all? It’s totally free!

Download Slicer Opener Now

10. Drum Opener

Make sure to crank up the volume to fully enjoy the Drum Opener. It’s a rhythmic progression that cuts from one fast clip to the next on the beat with the music. The song–Drum Trailer–is also available to download, and it’s pretty essential to fully capture the power of this intro animation. 

Download Drum Opener Now

11. Hybrid Glitch Opener

An amazing combination of glitch effects, 3D camera motion, and bold title placeholders, the Hybrid Glitch Opener is a fantastic animation sizzle that will stop your viewers in their tracks. It works wonderfully with urban-style videos or other trendy content with modern vibes. 

Download Hybrid Glitch Opener Now

12. Frame Intro

Frame Intro lets your video clips speak for themselves with a slick and inconspicuous template. Its clean design flows from one image to the next and intersperses bold title animations to tell your story. This is a great, non-themed intro that works well with any subject matter.

Download Frame Intro Now

13. New Urban Intro

New Urban Intro never stops moving. It’s so colorful and fast, it will surely keep your viewer’s eyes glued to the screen as it flies from one scene to the next and animates your photos or video clips. The only time this template does slow down is the final logo reveal, which leaves a big impression. 

Download New Urban Intro Now

14. Fast Opener [No Text]

Let your imagery tell the story with this text-free modern intro template. It cuts and transitions between your photos and overlays sprightly geometric animations. Since there’s no text beside the final logo reveal, this template is pretty unique!

Download Fast Opener [No Text] Now

15. Cinematic Opener

Watch your clips creep across the screen in creative patterns with Cinematic Opener. This slow-moving arrangement works well for grungy and dark footage but can be adapted to a number of styles. It can work great for the opener to a movie or show, or even just a cinematic introduction to a YouTube channel.

Download Cinematic Opener Now

16. Hip Hop Intro

Groove to the rhythm with the refreshing style of Hip Hop Intro. Just add your own content and enjoy the stylized production, which you can customize with your own text overlays. An excellent choice for music videos, fashion channels, urban content, and more! 

Download Hip Hop Intro Now

17. Stylish Intro

Pique your audience’s interest with this upbeat and stylish intro template, which reveals sleek cutouts of your images or videos against animated colorful backgrounds. Your photos and clips accent the words, frame to frame telling a story. 

Download Stylish Intro Now

18. Glitchy Opener

Unlike other glitch openers which can be a little bit dark and scary, this one is bright and lighthearted. The glitches are coupled with fun geometric patterns and splashes of color to give your introduction a stylish feel.

Download Glitchy Opener Now

19. Big City Intro

Incorporating exceptional post-production effects like light flares, blurs, and vertical scan lines–Big City Intro tells your viewers “this is a high-value production”. It’s best used with imagery with a lot of contrast and stark lines, so it works especially well in urban settings.

Download Big City Intro Now

20. Quick Dynamic Intro

They don’t call it dynamic for anything! This intro template is all over the place with motion graphics, 3D elements, and cool transitions. If you open your videos with this, your audience will definitely notice–it’s really unlike any other transition template. On top of that, it’s nice and snappy, only 20 seconds; so it’s a great opener for any social media channel!

Download Quick Dynamic Intro Now

21. Abstract Urban Intro

Treat your viewers to the modular dynamic and colorful stylings of Abstract Urban Intro. The complementary cyan and yellow color palette is trendy and looks great, but you can substitute any 2 colors you like. Use this template to open up anything from corporate presentations to school projects! 

Download Abstract Urban Intro Now

22. Stylish Dynamic Opener

Plugin your video clips and be amazed by the energy and power of Stylish Dynamic Opener! It’s so full of energy, it will surely be a high-point in your video; which makes it a nice choice for both introductions and action-packed montages. And of course pay special attention to the climatic ending, where rapid-fire transitions lead up to the big logo reveal, impressive! 

Download Stylish Dynamic Opener Now

23. Dynamic Intro Glitch

There’s so much going on with Dynamic Intro Glitch you’ll have to watch it a few times to really pick up everything, and that’s why it’s such a great intro! Make sure to use this one with bright colorful images to really get the most impact out of the fast transitions. Perfect for high-energy content like sports!

Download Dynamic Intro Glitch Now

24. Future Intro

Don’t forget to strap on your seatbelt, Future Intro is a full-speed twisting and turning race through your video clips. This energy-packed template ends just as soon as it begins, clocking in at only 9 seconds–which makes it the perfect snappy opener for any social media content that needs to open strong and get down to the content.

Download Future Intro Now

25. Opener Intro

Opener intro pairs trendy retro typography with full-motion transitions and color filters. It delivers a strong message that you can customize with 28 editable text layers. A wonderful choice for advertisements, store openings, even promotions, or informational shorts.

Download Opener Intro Now

26. Photograph Stomp Intro

Few openers in this list are as versatile and polished as this one. It is not only full of motion and energy but also comes with its own sound effects included to create a truly immersive experience. Of course, it’s also fully customizable, with controls to adjust the background colors as well as format the 19 available text layers.

Download Photograph Stomp Intro Now

27. Instagram Stories Opener

The special portrait aspect ratio of Instagram stories makes them a particular problem when choosing templates, but no fear! Instagram stories opener delivers a stylish intro sequence designed just for vertical phone screens. Make your Instagram stories next-level with this amazing opener.

Download Instagram Stories Opener Now

28. Media Intro Opener

With cool glass reflections and smooth screen cuts, this intro is great for all projects. Add a touch of sophistication with the simple text effects and graphic animations for your portfolio or travel projects.

Download Media Intro Opener Now

29. Fast Intro

Infuse your videos or photos with fast and energetic transitions as well as dynamic typography animations. Layer your videos and photos together in one neat project to create an awesome and professional animated intro video!

Download Fast Intro Now

30. Punchy Beat Intro

The Punchy Beat Intro is another great design that fuses your media and typography animations with a specific color scheme. Easily drag and drop your footage or images to save time and energy, while getting all the likes you need to promote your next event or your own channel on YouTube.

Download Punchy Beat Intro Now<