240 FREE & Premium Lower Thirds For Premiere Pro + DIY Tutorial

Premiere Pro May 9, 2019 9 min read

You’ve spent hours shooting and editing your independent documentary, marketing promotion, or another cool video project, and you’re ready to be done. A final touch that will help elevate your video to professional quality is incorporating lower thirds. Don’t fret though! Simply download these Premiere Pro lower thirds templates and make light of this final work.

We’ve put together this list of top downloads, which can be easily added, edited, and customized in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Be sure to take a look at these amazing templates!

Part 1: Top Premium Premiere Pro Lower Thirds Templates

1. 16 Modern Lower Thirds V2

Grab one of these 16 animated, hip titles from this lower thirds template for your video project today. Enhance any program with professional, yet easy-to-modify, animation, text, and images.

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2. 12 Typography Lower Third

Check out this great collection of lower thirds and full-screen animations. This set of 12 titles comes with handy text and image placeholders making customization a snap. Incorporate these modern and stylish lower thirds into any presentation, video, or YouTube program.

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3. 6 Glitch Lower Thirds

These awesome lower thirds titles make it easy to create unique and edgy glitch effects. Choose from 6 stylish titles, ready and waiting to deliver amazing lower thirds to your project.

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4. Creative Call Outs In 4k

Perfect for any project these lower thirds call out templates pack provides a modern, minimal and geourgeous look. This pack comes with 9 unique animated titles for you to choose from. Just select your choices, edit to make it your own, and drag and drop into your video for professional results.

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5. Neon Lights Lower Thirds Templates

Looking for something a little more unique? Try this neon lower thirds templates. Customize colors and text with a quick click or two, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

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6. 12 Lower Thirds Minimal

Looking for an amazing way to wrap your video project with lower thirds? This set of 12 titles gives you everything you need to produce a high-quality final product. Use the placeholders for text and images to make your lower thirds incorporation even easier.

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7. Universal Lower Thirds

Need a stylish, elegant lower third to finish off that awesome video project? Incorporate one of these animated titles to help your project stand proudly against the competition.

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8. 15 Stylish Lower Thirds

This stylish, modern template provides 15 animated lower thirds options for your video projects. Easily incorporate moving text into your corporate video, presentation, or indie film project, and make it a smashing success.

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9. 12 Smooth Lower Thirds

Check out a dozen lower thirds animations on this Premiere Pro template. This set of downloads offers a clean, sophisticated look, certain to boost your video production to professional levels.

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10. 15 Animated Lower Thirds

Simply drag and drop any one of these 15 cool lower thirds titles onto your timeline, and voilà, you’re finished. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a little help or an expert trying to save time, this template is here to help.

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11. 9 Dynamically Animated Lower Thirds

Clean and tidy, this lower thirds template provides you with 9 titles that will boost your video to the next level. Use these titles easily in Premiere Pro or After Effects to add dynamic animation to your project.

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12. 12 Lower Thirds V.5

Check out this lower thirds templates for a dozen trendy titles. Simply download, edit, and use them on your YouTube video, sales presentation, or cutting-edge film. Easy as pie.

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13. 12 Professional Lower Thirds

For a clean, crisp look, check out one of a dozen dynamic titles from this lower thirds template. These will add an element of professionalism to any video project with a simple download, a few edits, and a render in Premiere Pro.

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14. 12 Bold Lower Thirds

Make your video stand out from the competition by incorporating any one of these dozen beautiful titles. This lower thirds template delivers a modern, trendy look to your titles, credits, or other final video requirements.

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15. 16 Elegant Lower Thirds

If you’re seeking a clean and modern look for your video presentation, commercial, independent film, or web project, take a look at these lower thirds templates. Changing color, images, and text is easy and fast, making a professionally polished product within reach.

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15. 12 Square Lower Thirds

For a smooth, modern look, check out one of these dozen titles from this Premiere Pro lower thirds template. Make your video, presentation, or indie film pop with great additions from this download.

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17. YouTube Notifications

Download this all-in-one pack that contains everything you need to create magnificent lower thirds. You get icons, subscribe panels, like panels, and bonus lower thirds in this complete template. It’s ready and waiting for your video project.

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Part 2: FREE Premium Premiere Pro Lower Thirds Templates

Free Lower Thirds Quote Pack For Premiere Pro

The Free Quotes Lower Thirds pack for Premiere Pro is perfect for your next project. The minimal and elegant titles contain 6 quotes and it is very easy. to customize. Change the text and colors with just a few clicks.

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Free Lower Thirds Template For Premiere Pro

Free 15 Customize Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro is a template that features 15 unique, creatively animated lower thirds. Simply style them to match your own brand with the full color controller.

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Part 3: How to Edit Lower Thirds Templates in Premiere Pro

Lower thirds are an essential part of producing a professional video. In the past, you may have needed a graphic designer to add this component into your program, but with Premiere Pro, it’s simple to do it yourself. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Start by creating the text for what you want to display. This may include a name and company or something similar.
  2. Size it and place it on your screen. Typically, text appears on the bottom left, but you can place it where it seems most appropriate for your project.
  3. Change up the color and font of your text to match your style.
  4. Add some extra touches by creating a solid layer of color for a backdrop or include a fade or dissolve effect.
  5. You can also animate your text by positioning the sliders within Premiere Pro and select the speed of the animation.

For a deeper dive into how to edit lower thirds templates in Premiere Pro CC, check out this tutorial.

Part 4: How to Create Custom Premiere Pro Lower Thirds

In part 4, we’ll walk through how to edit and animate Premiere Pro CC lower thirds. You’ll find out how to create them with no other apps needed, and learn about all about using templates in your video projects.

Essentially, lower thirds are the perfect way to add some context to your production. Whether you’re introducing a speaker or setting a scene’s location, you’ll see lower thirds as an extra bit of detail that brings a video together.

Make sure to watch the video tutorial below for a guided tour in editing these templates in Premiere Pro!

How to Create Lower Thirds in Premiere Pro

Even though Premiere’s primary focus is for sequencing, adjusting footage, and cutting together clips, it also has built-in graphics tools. That means that you can easily use Premiere Pro for lower thirds without the help of separate apps like After Effects or Apple Motion.

1. Find the Type Tool

To get started in adding a lower third to a Premiere Pro project, you need to start by finding the Type tool.

As you probably already know, Premiere Pro has some preset workspace setups that bring different tools into focus. When you start to add lower thirds, you can switch into the Effects workspace to bring the needed tools into the simplest arrangement.

Premiere Pro Graphics Workspace

Find the Type tool at the bottom of the app and click on it. Alternatively, press the letter T on your keyboard.

Add Lower Thirds Text

Now, click anywhere on the canvas to start adding it to your video. You’ll see a red box created, and you can start typing to add your text to the project.

2. Customize the Text

The default text might not be the font that you had in mind, or even in the proper position on the video. Luckily, it’s easy to customize the default text.

First, let’s make sure that the text is in the proper position — the name of this type of graphic is a lower third, after all. That means that it should sit in the bottom third of your canvas.

If the bottom third of your canvas just doesn’t work with text, you may want to consider putting it at the top — but the important part is getting it out of the way of your footage.

Click on the Selection Tool (arrow above the Type Tool you used earlier), then click and drag to reposition the text into a better spot on the canvas.

Now, you can tweak the font and size that you’re using for the text. On the left side of Premiere, you’ll see an Effect Controls panel with the settings to control the appearance of your text. Choose a new font, scale, and text color from the options you see.

Update font

3. Add an Image and Background

Most Premiere lower thirds overlays will benefit from a background or image as a complement to the text. That might serve as a way to include your logo, or simply a background box that will set your text apart from the video footage.

You can also add a background rectangle behind the text. A simple, solid color rectangle can be more than enough to set your text off in the video. Go to the Graphics > New Layer > Rectangle to start drawing in your rectangle. Click and drag it on your canvas to add it.

Add new rectangle layer

Now, you can control the rectangle’s color from the Effect Controls menu. Use the color chooser to change the rectangle. That’s it! You’ve set the stage perfectly for your lower third.

Next, you might want to drop in an image. As you may already know, a logo in the form of a transparent PNG will work well here. In the example below, you’ll see the logo dragged onto the project panel and then placed it on the canvas.

You can control the size and scale of the logo on the Effect Controls panel. Specifically, you can tweak the scale and position sliders to get the logo to the size and spot for the logo.

Add Logo

To wrap this up, nest the text and image layers on the timeline so that they stay in lockstep while working with them. Shift-click on the two layers, then right-click and nest them so that they stay grouped together. This will come in handy on the next step.

4. Add Effects and Animation

Right now, you’re probably noticing that the lower third is pretty static: it stays on the canvas for the length that it’s set on the timeline. But you can also animate it so that the lower thirds shifts and changes over the course of the clip.

First, notice on the timeline that the nested clip has a duration; that is, it’s on the timeline for a specific period of time. Just like any other clip, you can grab the handles and adjust that duration as needed to control how long the lower thirds is in your video.

You may also want to change the opacity of a lower third. It helps to see the keyframes of a clip so that you can control how it changes over time. To do that, grab the handle below the track and drag it to increase the track size.

Increase track size

With the track selected, start by decreasing the opacity to 0% on the Effect Controls panel. Now, pull the handle ahead on the timeline, to the part where you want to fade the lower third in.

On the Effect Controls panel, add a keyframe by clicking the small diamond-shaped icon. Then, pull the opacity up to 100%.

Add keyframe

Pull the timeline ahead to another point on your timeline. Add another keyframe, then pull the timeline all the way to the end and add a final keyframe, pulling the opacity down to 0%. Now, you’ve created the fade-out effect.

There are other controls that you can adjust from the Effect Controls panel. The concept is the same: add a keyframe, change a video setting, and adjust it from one keyframe to the next to animate your clip.

Notice in the screenshot below that the four keyframes work together to fade in, then fade out the lower third.

Lower thirds final keyframes

5. Save as a Template

If you’ve put in the hard work of building your Premiere Pro lower thirds from scratch, you might want to save the style so that you can re-use it in future projects. You can do this by saving the style as a reusable template.

First, start by saving your project under a new name. Then, work on deleting all of the elements except the lower third layers. That would include any other footage, text, or graphics. You want to reduce the file with just the essentials that you want to keep.

Now, you can simply open this project up in the future and copy and paste the nested lower thirds layer over to your new project. Presto!


Now that you’ve gotten a little introduction to how easy it is to use Premiere Pro lower thirds templates, start selecting your favorites. Several are free to download while others are available as part of a subscription package. Simply pick the ones that reflect your project and use the easy customization tools to make the lower thirds unique to your professional video project.